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Hired by the Billionare by IMyourNUMBER1GIRL
Hired by the Billionareby SASSYLOVER
"I know this is a stupid question but Venice Halsey will you be my fake girlfriend?" He is the heir of the world's biggest hotels... She is just an average te...
Blake. by pinkskywriter
#2 pinkskywriter
Bianca Cook was tired of boys. She'd had her heart broken one too many times when Blake Carter takes an interest in her. Slowly but surely, she falls for his gorgeous ha...
Guys💖🔥 by peachyspring97
Guys💖🔥by peachyspring97
This book will help you chose your leading male for your story! These are some guys that I think are cute, hot and so on but you might not think so yeah! I hope you en...
Treasure Me(ComingSoon) by OneFnger_2wrds
Treasure Me(ComingSoon)by Aviaonna
The 'mistake','freak of nature'. That's the words Natalie Jones hears everyday.She tries to ignore it but sometimes it's to much. If they would just try get to know her...
Unknowingly by imalwaysdreamin
Unknowinglyby imalwaysdreamin
The school's bad boy had been dared, and he was never one to not honour his dare. "Make Abigail Faye your Girlfriend," the guy said with a challenging gaze. &q...
Rogue by CoolestLamestName
Rogueby CoolestLamestName
*3 Years Ago* Roman was a proud werewolf. Next in line for the Alpha position, he was determined to be the greatest and richest Alpha on the North American continent. B...
Project Rewrite by Charlene_DL
Project Rewriteby Charlene de Leon
Athena Marie Greene is an ordinary girl having a not-so-ordinary life. After staying off the radar for two years after her parent's death, she was given a chance of rewr...
How To Make His Knees Weak by taylorrrr4
How To Make His Knees Weakby TAY :)
Violet Kelly is your average, everyday, boring girl. Well, slightly above average and boring... You will always catch her at frat parties on the dance floor or getting a...
Purpose by YouGiveMePurpose_
Purposeby YouGiveMePurpose_
Ava Parks, a shy and awkward 16 year old girl comes face to face with the new boy at her school in the most embarrassing way. When Ava is walking home she is completely...
My boyfriends my mate by Asmart15
My boyfriends my mateby Asmart15
"you have to tell her,man"said my younger brother take. "what?what am I suppose to tell her,hey I am a vampire and you are my pack's Luna" "you...
One Night Only by Queen_Tahne
One Night Onlyby Queen_Tahne
Four women, four different lives, only connections they share are their friendship and their belief that romance is not for them. They have their different reasons behin...
Starting Over by PeacefulSerendipity
Starting Overby PeacefulSerendipity
After her move to New York City from a small town in Mississippi Priestly D'Orsay and her father find a new start, in a new place, all on their own. A little disclaimer...
Más allá del corazón 🅼 (Pausada) by VMDarkparadise
Más allá del corazón 🅼 (Pausada)by VMDarkparadise
Jeanine Roberts nunca pensó lo que sería convivir con un chico nuevo en su escuela. Kyle Oliver sabía que vivir con cualquier chica, lo único que le traería serían probl...
The Bad Ass Next Door by FarehaQU-12
The Bad Ass Next Doorby Fareha Quddus
"I am Natalie Dare. A normal teenager, who sucks at social life, gets good grades and like most other girls.... fancy the 'Famous Guy' So you can say that...
Everyone has a secret by poompaloompa3467
Everyone has a secretby
Four kids. One School. Four different groups. One big problem. Four Big Secrets. There's always been something about Eastwood. The secrets that are hidden in the school...
The Girl Who Runs Away by LoveTheBookworm16
The Girl Who Runs Awayby Love
Emma Collins. A normal 16-year old. good grades, pretty and has actual manners(maybe not so typical). seems perfect right? But there's always a catch. She runs away,when...
The Walls of Paragon City  by annhan2000
The Walls of Paragon City by Ms Peanut Potato
Welcome to the Great City Of Paragon A city with the vision of perfection with its high built walls and tight security system, you can call this your new Home. found by...
Trapped in a Fantasy  by tarinwrites
Trapped in a Fantasy by Tarin S. Ahmed
"Do not test my patience, Evangeline", Alex commanded with his deep, soothing voice, cornering her with both his muscular arms. "You do not want to know w...