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The Millionaire's Mistress by StarsDance1989
The Millionaire's Mistressby StarsDance1989
Violet Rhys sat back and watched helplessly as the only guy she's ever loved was ripped away from her and forced to marry Hollywood golden girl and former best friend, S...
  • love
  • silverrecords
  • austin
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D.O.L.L. (BoyXBoy) by Aoi_Demon
D.O.L.L. (BoyXBoy)by Tammy
Rowan is the son of a noble, and he has an older brother named Sebastian. The two have been together ever since Rowan was born, and have been inseparable since. But on...
  • duke
  • bxb
  • soft
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Together Through Thick and Thin by LavenderPlays
Together Through Thick and Thinby Lavender
So my old book got deleted cuz im an idiot so the first chapter will be a summary. Hope you enjoy!! ------------------------- Two girls become best friends and pregnant...
  • preganant
  • silvia
  • nextgen
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The Costello Twins and Me by mackLOVEtacos
The Costello Twins and Meby M.A.C.K.
Cameron and Asher Costello. The most powerful twins in Europe and the owner of the biggest hotel industry. Now that they have expanded to the US, the Costello twins star...
  • cameron
  • twins
  • silvia
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CARELESS. [EDOARDO INCANTI] by hufflepuff-able
CARELESS. [EDOARDO INCANTI]by ✧・゚: *✧・゚:*   
in which she couldn't care less and he was careless. ( skam italia s1 )
  • garau
  • edoardoincanti
  • gio
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Nashi X Storm by VegetarianPanda
Nashi X Stormby Gale~Chan
Nashi, shes in love with Storm. Storm, He's in love with Nashi, but will their rivalry allow them to love?
  • nextgeneration
  • moreships
  • nash
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Misión - CONCLUÍDA by xxlittlefairy
Misión - CONCLUÍDAby f
O que se esperar quando dois agentes que aparentemente não se suportam, são colocados juntos em uma missão a qual tem que atuarem como casados? Nessa missão, a agente N...
  • silvia
  • navarrosalinas
  • cia
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Cuando me enamoro 2 by AmorXLaliter
Cuando me enamoro 2by Wandiz 2403
Diez años despues Jeronimo y Renata viven el amor que siempre quisieron, ellos en la bonita y rodeados de sus 5 hijos... Marina, Milena, Rafita(10 años), Roberto(9 años)...
  • jeronimo
  • juan
  • navarritas
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PEQUEÑOS COME LIBROS by mariannabiancci
lena valenti elisabet benavent megan maxwell olivia ardey jennifer armentrout silvia valeria griegos
  • jennifer
  • maxwell
  • griegos
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DESIRIOUS. [EDOARDO INCANTI] by hufflepuff-able
in which edoardo incanti can't make her fall for him. ( skam italia s1 - )
  • incantava
  • love
  • skamita
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[editando] una nueva dragneel (fairy tail y tu ) segunda generación by hermanas-del-alma
[editando] una nueva dragneel ( luz mari
____ una chica hija de la poderosa familia kurijama su familia y sirvientes odian a los magos pero ella los adora y ella aprende magia sola sus magias principales son hi...
  • tail
  • dragnnel
  • rayita
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The Unknown Dragneel Children ▶ Next Gen • Fairy Tail (✖) by -ThoseStories-
The Unknown Dragneel Children ▶ ☁☀☁
A young girl named Nashi Luna Dragneel and her brother Luke Igneel Dragneel are both the children of the secret couple Natsu and Lucy Dragneel. After Lucy and Natsu go o...
  • elfman
  • evergreen
  • nashi
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Sala Samobójców by Drakestopher
Sala Samobójcówby Jahvie
The Suicide Room
  • dominik
  • suicideroom
  • salasamobójców
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Kingdom of Love by Carmenloves
Kingdom of Loveby Carmenloves
Eveline is net achttien jaar geworden en haar stiefmoeder huwelijkt haar uit aan de koning van Recain. Drake, de koning van Recain, heeft een ziekte waardoor hij een mas...
  • vampire
  • hoofdstuk
  • 001
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The Mind Grimoire -A Black Clover Fan-Fiction. by Sarah_Cray-Cray
The Mind Grimoire -A Black Sarah_Cray-Cray
My name is Luzumi. (Pronounced-Luzeoomi) I come from the poor orphanage in the clover kingdom and have two best friends called Yuno and Asda. I want to change the world...
  • vannessaaa
  • silvia
  • golden
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Chat Piłkarski |Inazuma Eleven| by _Kimyo_
Chat Piłkarski |Inazuma Eleven|by αкυмα
Książka robiona dla śmiechu i nie należy brać jej treści na poważnie. Charaktery postaci mogą zostać przekoloryzowane, pokazane na opak lub być bardzo odbiegające od ory...
  • mark
  • piłka
  • przekleństwa
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Arranged Marriage with a baby by fluffybunnypillow
Arranged Marriage with a babyby fluffybunnypillow
This is the re-written book of Arranged Marriage with a baby new and improved I think you'll like it a lot more than the other one.
  • short
  • seth
  • caryer
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Different (Fairy Tail New Generation. Nash x Sylvia) by Nash-Luke-Dragneel
Different (Fairy Tail New Nash Luke Dragneel
18 years have pass since the best Fairy Tail ships we're cannon Now the new gen is here but 2 stood up the most. it was: Nash Dragneel and Sylvia Fullbuster Nash is know...
  • silvia
  • dragneel
  • fairytailnewgeneration
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enamorado de un fantasma segunda temporada fred x freddy by error555666vidal
enamorado de un fantasma segunda Oritizi Vidal
segunda temporada de enamorado de un fantasma weys HABRA NUEVOS AMORES. habra yuri.
  • fredxfreddy
  • scott
  • pesadillaxrealidad
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next genaraion high school by azhar19455
next genaraion high schoolby azhar19455
next generation high school when something happens very exciting
  • nash
  • gale
  • rosemary
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