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Homestuck Boyfriend Scenario by Moon-Of-Death
Homestuck Boyfriend Scenarioby MoonOfDeath
This is mostly the Beta trolls but if you want to request someone you can.
Signless x Fushia Blood! Reader by _Just_a_Ghost_
Signless x Fushia Blood! Readerby Bipolar-By-Nature
A fanfiction based off of Andrew Hussie's Homestuck. I do not own Homestuck, the cover photo, or any of the characters except Sybil and the reader.
A Slave To Love ((GHB X Reader)) by Solmatronic
A Slave To Love ((GHB X Reader))by Solmatronic
This is my first X reader!! And there arent many stories with the GHB being with the reader. Though they all have reader be a slave, this ones different.
~TLC~ (motherly!Reader x various trolls) by MistressOfTheVoid
~TLC~ (motherly!Reader x various Mistress
Your troll friends aren't used to your 'human illnesses' so it's up to you to nurse them back to health. (cover art isn't mine. It belongs to
Karkat's Lessons by KarkatVantabulous
Karkat's Lessonsby Karkat Vantabulous
Karkat visits Kankri in the dream bubbles, expecting a long lecture in triggers, but instead he's helped into realising who he was meant to be, and exactly how important...
Homestuck Headcanons by fl4m1ngc0m3t
Homestuck Headcanonsby Dapper Dominik
I thought I'd work on this since I've got writers block at the moment. (Image belongs to McSiggy.)
Signless x Reader by savingCapricious
Signless x Readerby CapriTheBunny
This is a story about The Signless (ancestor of Karkat Vantas from Homestuck) and you, the reader. Not all stories come to happy endings.
Last Night by thepitifulyou
Last Nightby alien
You, the Signless, and Psiioniic spend your last night together, and it's far from pretty.
The Thirst for Mutant Blood by liquid_nitrogen
The Thirst for Mutant Bloodby Rocky McKenzie
Vampirestuck Lots of ships will be in this fic. If you'd like one to be in it please don't hesitate to send me a message or leave a comment. There's a large amount of ch...
Mutants and Highbloods by janamatrix
Mutants and Highbloodsby Janamatrix
This story is a fanfic where The Grand Highblood (GHB) decides at the last moment.. he wants signless alive. But why? Figure out reading this.
From the Walls of the Disciple by petty102
From the Walls of the Discipleby Mavis M
yea this is crappy homestuck fanfiction i hope you're fuckin happy me
The guardian (Homestuck) by TheGuardian99
The guardian (Homestuck)by Madison Carter
The guardian is a sea dweller troll who escaped dualscar and the empress. Follow her as she travels on the land desperate to keep the fact she is a sea dweller hidden.
A deadly deal with a creature  (davekat) by Alpaca-san
A deadly deal with a creature ( Olivia Cooney
((Derse dreamers are demon's in this story and Karkat, Kankri, Nepeta, & Meulin are part demon [cause of signless and decipple] but Meulin & Nepeta where killed by a hun...
(Signless x Disciple) Stay with me. by Undyneismylife
(Signless x Disciple) Stay with Timely's_Broken_Heart
We follow a small part of the love story between The Signless and The Disciple. (Some OC's will be added if you want yours to be shown put in a comment and they could b...