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Where Are You Hiding? (A Rainbow Six Siege Story) by Vortex9651
Where Are You Hiding? (A Rainbow Vortex
He's mysterious. He's secretive. He's dangerous. Jun "Wrath" Geong is motivated to kill by an unknown source or cause, but he's determined... And determination...
Arachnophobia (Rainbow Six Siege X Reader) by notreallyatago
Arachnophobia (Rainbow Six Siege Atago
This is a multi-POV thing im writing, I enjoy writing horror so I intend to use as much elements of that as I can. Anyways the main character has a name idk what I want...
Timeless Ghosts (Rainbow Six Siege Story) by EchZero
Timeless Ghosts (Rainbow Six EchZero
What Crow did was only the beginning... now the new generation will be tested againsts this new threat that will change their lifes and the help who came from a differen...
Dead Silence by Erron_Blacc239
Dead Silenceby Grandmaster
A former Japanese clan member, now turned mercenary, is part of Nighthaven. After an incident that leaves him without a voice and a burned face, he becomes vengeful on t...
White Sniper (Rainbowsixsiege) by WhiteMaskBomber
White Sniper (Rainbowsixsiege)by WhiteMaskBomber
A mercenary with outstanding marksmanship is hired by the WhiteMask Organization. Will he survive this life?
Kings & Queens & Vagabonds | The Darkling by margoshanson
Kings & Queens & Vagabonds | The tess
"you want freedom, I can grant it to you." "do not give me hope. that is a luxury I cannot afford." *** {S&B...
Rebellious Angel by Angie8177
Rebellious Angelby A. C. Laris
It all began with a promise While his good friend lay in his arms dying, the last words that came from his lips were "Please find Brienna and take care of her.&quo...
The Other Bosak by Wutthefreck
The Other Bosakby Wutthefreck
Y/n was always looked down upon. He was always was the person no liked or cared about. His father always abused him and was forcing him to join the military. Y/n's only...
The Wasp And Two Flowers - Zofia Bosak X Male Reader X Ela Bosak by StrmDominatr
The Wasp And Two Flowers - Zofia
My take on Zofia's husband. You are a very close friend to the Bosak sisters since young. With them as company,you got the dream to help others.Attraction takes a long...
Sierra: Rainbow Six Siege X Male Spartan Reader by Jackal2Guud
Sierra: Rainbow Six Siege X Male Jackal2Guud
After accidentally traveling back in time, Spartan Y/N joins Team Rainbow in their fight against the white masks. HALO X RAINBOW SIX
Rainbow six siege nokk x reader by thepoopcollector
Rainbow six siege nokk x readerby thepeacekeeper
Y/n who is a former Jaeger Corps operative is called upon rainbow. There he meets an old "friend" both have been given a second chance and it must be taken. I...
Bosak legacy (A Rainbow Six Siege Story)  by EchZero
Bosak legacy (A Rainbow Six EchZero
What if Zofia and Ela have a little brother that joins team rainbow, they will work with him as he is hiding something from them that is torturing him.
The New One [An R6-Siege FanFic] by TheMaximus2K
The New One [An R6-Siege FanFic]by Max
Lethal. Hidden. Most of all, Silent. These are words that describe *******, a renowned freelancing "operator" whose works and skills have peeked the interests...
Ghost (A Rainbow Six Siege Story) by Vortex9651
Ghost (A Rainbow Six Siege Story)by Vortex
Y/N Castellano known as Ghost in the field was born in the United States, his parents were killed in front of him by the terrorist organization known as the White Masks...
Rainbow Standby For Titanfall (Rainbow Six crossover) by Lollerflock
Rainbow Standby For Titanfall ( Lollerflock
Disobeying an order and chasing down a rival pilot didn't go how it usually does. Now instead of being in the Frontier I'm somewhere called Earth. If it wasn't for that...
Outcast (Ela Bosak x male reader) by JWB05WHU
Outcast (Ela Bosak x male reader)by JWB05WHU
I don't know if anyone will even read this but this is my first story. (Just keep that in mind) Enjoy!
R6S: Ready or Not | [ 1 ] by Folkzone
R6S: Ready or Not | [ 1 ]by ǝuozʞloℲ
From a daft start, to a more serious series turn of events. Y/N "Cormack" L/N, a British SAS Operator of Rainbow has dedicated himself to protect, to serve, an...
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Be My Princess [Editing] by dandan101
Be My Princess [Editing]by Danielle
Kiara's been an orphan for as long as she can remember. A promise made to her as a little girl by a then very young prince is all she holds on to as she dream of a be...
Everlong (Dokkaebi x OC) by voidspectre
Everlong (Dokkaebi x OC)by Spectre
정 올리버, or Oliver "Ollie" Jeong, was born and raised in America. Despite being of Korean descent, he served America proudly. 5 years after the beginning of his...
Crow's Faith (Rainbow Six Siege Story) by EchZero
Crow's Faith (Rainbow Six Siege EchZero
wally thach callsign "Crow", a soldier that joins team rainbow as he wanted to find the man responsible for murdering his father.