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Trying to impress Matt by xxitunes22
Trying to impress Mattby xxitunes22
Rain is desperate for Matt to see her as something more than his best friends little sister. Though, she would never admit that to anyone. However, what happens when Mat...
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double-sided || sequel to lead singer  by shorty_the_surgeon
double-sided || sequel to lead ummm
She left college for him and for his band, expecting a big break. But the journey was... a bit different than they expected.
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Two Sided {Jimin Ambw} by Tearsfillthesky
Two Sided {Jimin Ambw}by Bre
Park Jimin is a young college student who has a two sided life at night he is JM working at Half star who has this whole side protrade were he's the most sexest dancer a...
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One Sided (Sabo x Reader) AU [Discontinued] by TheLittleBrownLegacy
One Sided (Sabo x Reader) AU [ Legacy
A girl with extremely special powers becomes a target of the World Government. In order to ensure your safety you are sent to The Academy (A.K.A. Devil Fruit Academy), a...
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Broken Relations (ON HOLD) by RumanaGhanchi9
Broken Relations (ON HOLD)by Rumana Ghanchi
A Samaina FF- Naina's first husband dies leaving her shattered, a few months later she gets married to Sameer, will she be able to get over her first husband, and accept...
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A symphony alone  by stelleofdevoid
A symphony alone by Lexis4u
A rose that's burned in the presence of nothing, it's me grace to a graceless disgrace. I'm smiling here with tears in my eyes, the snow is falling do you see me? If not...
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More Sweetness In My Life (Zane~Chan/One-sided Zene) [COMPLETED] by BDemonicBiatch
More Sweetness In My Life ( BD
Highest Rank #12 in Zene Zane and Kawaii~Chan start getting very close and start to develop feelings for each other and Gene comes back to Zane wanting to fix their rela...
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Falling + p.j.m  by syeobie
Falling + p.j.m by 디비디비딮 ™
" I just wish we both fell together. Instead I was the only one. " Life's not a fairy tail.There won't be forever afters.There won't be an ending until...
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Silent Wounds 💘 💔 by WayVehindNCity
Silent Wounds 💘 💔by 𝙹𝙺
I felt the sad moments ruining my world. As I keep it making worse, Do you even know? This is what your existence does to me, Every time I saw your face. The arrow that...
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Deformed wings by Cooooollllboyyye
Deformed wingsby Cooooollllboyyye
Keith hates his wings he doesn't show them everyone has there speculations about them then shit hits the metaphorical fan because on a mission Keith doesn't make it out...
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Remember What We Had *Sequel to Remember the Rules* by NeverleaveNeverland
Remember What We Had *Sequel to NeverleaveNeverland
It's been twenty eight full years since the Dark Curse was cast over then Enchanted Forest. Twenty eight full years since Lily was taken to Storybrooke. Caught up in the...
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Shy Girl's Fantasy by jilliart
Shy Girl's Fantasyby Jilliana Cañas
Random write up's about a certain girl's fantasies. WARNING: MULTILANGUAGE
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Hyung | vkook/taekook ff by taeblis
Hyung | vkook/taekook ffby taekandy
"Do you like anyone?" He feels his heart beat when his Hyung answers. "How about I teach you how to properly treat a woman." A Taekook/Vkook fanfict...
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High School: One Sided Love Story (One Shot) by xxKatieKate18xx
High School: One Sided Love Katie Kate FuFu
Kiera, the girl who is in love with the school's playboy. Jacob, the boy who is in love with the school's average girl. Both of them believes that they're in the one sid...
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[Mabel] Dad Mistress, My Wife by thornHearts143
[Mabel] Dad Mistress, My Wifeby LovingDied Thorns
[#675 chicklit] [ #465 GeneralFiction ]si Mabel ay isang empleyado ng isang kompanya. bilang isang secreatary ng boss nila. ng isang araw bigla sinugud sa hospital ang t...
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One sided love by sopsayfin
One sided loveby sopsayfin
I fell head over heels with someone who would never feel the same as me. However, in the scheme of life I can't find it in myself to care. This pain I feel deep down due...
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Next To You (One Shot Story) by Elle_Jacinto
Next To You (One Shot Story)by Elle Jacinto
"I fall in love with him. Too bad, he can never be mine." -Alexandria Shane Lee No Plagiarism. All Rights Reserved 2013
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Seesaw ; v.min by julia_nessa
Seesaw ; v.minby nessa | slow uds
"Long time no see" A story were two guys with opposite standards and labels met in an unfortunate way. VMIN AU
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Unrequited Love by Hashack11
Unrequited Loveby Forever Inspired
My pen glides over the paper saying all I never could, my thoughts race filling the paper with all the things I haven’t forgotten. You may have but I can promise you thi...
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One Sided Love (boyxboy) by EverythingIsPerfect
One Sided Love (boyxboy)by Sami Jo
Jeremy Carter and Ryan Lucas have been best friends, connected at the hip, since they were little. One day when they were in 8th grade, Jeremy tells Ryan that he's gay...
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