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Search & Seizure (Brendon Urie Fanfiction) by iwriteficsnotragedy
Search & Seizure (Brendon Urie Eliz
You have a health problem that you desperately try to hide from Brendon--until you can't. What happens when epilepsy comes back to haunt you? (Top 100 in panicatthedisc...
Attention Seeker✔️ by cuddlepilefics
Attention Seeker✔️by cuddlepilefics
Minho had a bad day and just wanted to escape into his headspace. However, he didn't manage to slip and decided "fake it till you make it" would surely work. H...
mha sick fics (angst) by emo_the_emu
mha sick fics (angst)by bowie
Requests open this is me projecting my emetephobia into a fics btw and when I project that's when I become talented.
Larry One Shots by leahn949
Larry One Shotsby leahn949
Just a few Larry one shots, but they are a little bit longer than the usual ones. TRIGGER WARNINGS WILL BE POSTED BEFORE EACH STORY SO PROCEED WITH CAUTION
Stomach bug by Malikook96
Stomach bugby Malikook96
A stomach bug decided to join the well deserved holiday of the BTS members. Some are worse off than the others.
Kpop Sickfic/Angst by iTookJiminsJams23
Kpop Sickfic/Angstby iTookJiminsJams
This is basically a compilation of sickfic and angst stories about kpop idols. There are stories about NCT, ATEEZ, The Boyz, Stray Kids, etc, etc. The stories will be u...
I Believe In You by NealsNeen
I Believe In Youby NealsNeen
Neal almost drowns during a heist. Peter saves him and is too angry to see or believe that his consultant really isn't feeling too well a day later. "Neal always di...
A Painful Secret (a DIARY OF A WIMPY KID fanfiction) by erziegler00
A Painful Secret (a DIARY OF A Emily Ziegler
Rodrick is sick, but he doesn't show it. Can Greg help him before it's too late? *This story takes place during the time gap between the 2nd and 3rd Wimpy Kid movies. Ho...
Obey Me: x reader scenarios by knightfelix
Obey Me: x reader scenariosby knightfelix
Fluff and sickfic scenarios for Obey Me! ♡ all the demon brothers + Diavolo, Barbatos, Solomon, Simeon! ♡ gender-neutral reader
Heroes of Olympus/Magnus Chase Sickfics by Escapist_Author
Heroes of Olympus/Magnus Chase Anna
This is just a collection of different sick fics, my ultimate weakness, about our favorite demigods and Norse einharjar. Most stories will only have one part but we'll...
txt one shots - hurt/comfort/sickfics by fruityappledreams
txt one shots - hurt/comfort/ <3
A growing collection of different one shots abt txt. Feel free to leave your requests! - no x reader - key: 🥀angst 🪴sickfic ⛅️hurt/comfort 🐰soobin 🦊yeonjun 🐻beomg...
Chronically Ill Tsukki by PurplishWrites
Chronically Ill Tsukkiby PurplishWrites
Tsukki has been chronically Ill since middle school but when he finally goes to Karasano he decides to hide his illness from his teammates. Will the rest of the team fin...
Broken and Sick by Zayniac420
Broken and Sickby Zayniac420
Niall's leg is broken while he is sick with a fever and tummy ache. Enjoy! <3 Requested book too.
One Direction Sickfics by 94ALWAYSKIWIS
One Direction Sickficsby aryan/avi
Title says it all :) Comments are appreciated and I read all of them. Disclaimer - I would never want any of them to fall ill, my life revolves around them. These are ju...
The Salvatore brothers sickfics by Everythingiwanttobe
The Salvatore brothers sickficsby Everythingiwanttobe
Title pretty much gives it away. This book was accidentally taken down so I had to start over and reupload
One direction kidfics sickfics by Ckiwii
One direction kidfics sickficsby C
These are some one shot stories about One Direction families with their kid(s) being sick. This is not ageplay. If you're not into this then simply don't read, hate will...
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One Direction Sickfics by lilycflynn
One Direction Sickficsby lilycflynn
Lacey Tomlinson Payne. Little sister to Liam. Twin sister to Louis. Her brothers may act all tough and protective, but actually they all need each other in their worst m...
Larry One-Shots and Sick/hurt Fics by itsgonnabemay5
Larry One-Shots and Sick/hurt Ficsby itsgonnabemay5
This is my book of fluffy Larry One-shots and sick/hurt fics. (Okay, mostly just sick and hurt fics). ;)
Fluffy P1Harmony oneshots by cuddlepilefics
Fluffy P1Harmony oneshotsby cuddlepilefics
Cute P1Harmony sickfics and littlespace oneshots