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Girl Problems [Kuroko no Basuke Fanfiction || NijiAka] by BlattMaster
Girl Problems [Kuroko no Basuke Blank Book
What if a certain redhead in the Teikou Basketball team turns into a "she"? Let's see how will that certain redhead deal with certain girl problems...
Song of light (Crow x Reader) by Clari_girl
Song of light (Crow x Reader)by Clari_girl
Midi City, full of music and great bands and theres Branded Rock Record. Great musicians just as ShinganCrimsionz and Plasmagica and you so happen to fall into the hands...
Kuchizuke Diamond [Nijimura Shuuzo] by cyberwriterfuyu
Kuchizuke Diamond [Nijimura Shuuzo]by cyberwriterfuyu
[Pairing: Nijimura Shuzo x Reader]: As kids, there were promises that were made but forgotten. Now that years past, things were changed. You suffered through so much ord...
One shots (Show by rock boys x female reader) by sunriseloveislife
One shots (Show by rock boys x The outcast
Bunch of show by rock boys x reader (Girls only) I'm only making these because we need more Show by rock!!! love Just request anything and I'm doing it! I'm talking abou...
A Gun & Kunai [Naruto Fanfic] by imchigon
A Gun & Kunai [Naruto Fanfic]by imchigon
[Old Title: Mafian in a Ninja World?... Great. Changed: Nov. 5, 2013 at 5:14 pm] Year: 2033 Place: Japan The name's Kenji. Kenji Moriyama. I was your typical, internat...
Show By Rock - Deleted Memories [Shu☆Zo x reader x Crow] by jf512274
Show By Rock - Deleted Memories [ Sakura
What happens when (Y/N) falls into Sound Planet and finds out secrets that she never would have thought to come true?
A Different Kind of Game [Kuroko no Basuke - Various x Reader] by BlattMaster
A Different Kind of Game [Kuroko Blank Book
What if they play a game? A different kind of game.... the infamous game called "Love" --------------- Basically just a oneshot collection with these adorable...
Show by Rock!! Preferences by hiccuplovver
Show by Rock!! Preferencesby hiccuplovver
THERE AREN'T ENOUGH OF THESE Includes: Rom Yaiba Aion Crow Shu☆Zo Kai Riku
Kuroko no Host Club by bellariztoh
Kuroko no Host Clubby b e l l a;
For the upcoming Culture Festival held in Teiko, the Teiko basketball club has decided to open a host club, the main hosts being the Generation of Miracles. Let's see ho...
Hypnotic 「Akashi Seijuro」 by AlexisOraiz
Hypnotic 「Akashi Seijuro」by Alexis Oraiz
[DISCONTINUED] (I am sorry) Hypnotic was the perfect word to describe him. His heterochromatic eyes are slowly luring me into his deadly trap. The way he looks at me mak...
brighter than a star (Shuzo x reader) by sunriseloveislife
brighter than a star (Shuzo x The outcast
You move a lot to see a lot of city and there personal music, Loving music is who you are which is when a childhood friend said you should join the trichronika tryouts...
Rainbow in the Sky (Nijimura Shouzo x OC) *discontinued* by Aoi_chii
Rainbow in the Sky (Nijimura Aoi-chii
For Haizaki Shizuka who had led a very different life from his brother. She's the type of girl who awaits her prince charming. Her favorite color though, is different fr...
Savior by IreneCallista07
Saviorby Irene Callista
Kuroko no Basket Fanfiction Every lost person has a savior. Aoki Maeko was alone. The only person she had left said goodbye. Until she met Kiyoshi Teppei, a strong-will...
Similar (Haizaki Shogo x OC) by Aoi_chii
Similar (Haizaki Shogo x OC)by Aoi-chii
Nishijima Kasumi is a second year student studying at Fukuda Sōgo Academy. She decided to focus on her studies, now that she's in high school since she did badly when sh...
DISCONTINUED. by akashi_ryuuki
#15 koharu
please read the rewritten one. this is discontinued.
1000 Years by Cre8Fanfics
1000 Yearsby Cre8Fanfics
A songfic between you and Nijimura Shuzo! :D There should be 2 - 3 parts.. I hope you enjoy!
Raindrops (Kuroko no Basket fanfiction series!!!!) by DancingLeaf16
Raindrops (Kuroko no Basket DancingLeaf16
"Everybody wants happiness, nobody wants pain but you can't have a rainbow without a little pain" The times when the generation of miracles were growing were...
Drizzle [Nijimura Shuzo] by BlattMaster
Drizzle [Nijimura Shuzo]by Blank Book
[Nijimura x Reader] It was storming outside when you heard a continuous loud banging on your door. You were going to ignore it but then you heard his voice. Shuzo. You w...
Unpaired hearts - The 4th Gen  by VivianBlue7
Unpaired hearts - The 4th Gen by Vivian Blue
Mabel, Nick and Shuzo are best friends. But are in a love triangle. Mika, Shuzo's cousin is involved in this love triangle. Find out who loves Mabel. ♡Pure fiction and...
Not Lost [NijiHai] [MayuBro] by reraibussu
Not Lost [NijiHai] [MayuBro]by reraibussu
Mayuzumi membuntuti Haizaki untuk sebuah LN, tapi yang dia temukan malah.../ "Oi kalian para pecundang! Keluarlah! Aku akan menghabisi kalian semua hahahahahahahaha...