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The Downfall Has Its Perks by UniversalBri
The Downfall Has Its Perksby brirex200
"It hurts." My voice was weak and full of pain. The only emotion that I've showed in a very long time. "Don't worry, baby, we got you. Just hold on until...
  • shura
  • love
  • rinokumura
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Ao no/Blue Exorcist one-shots and lemons! (Requests are always welcome!) by Leti611
Ao no/Blue Exorcist one-shots Leti611
Hey! first story! at least on this website and done completely by myself anyways so pls no hate! Thanks!
  • anime
  • ryujisuguro
  • aonoexorcist
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Freed (Ao no exorcist depression) by theredreaper_
Freed (Ao no exorcist depression)by theredreaper_
How would you feel if the people you love the most, betrayed you? that's exactly how Rin felt. He was known as the famous 'Spawn of Satan', he was bullied by his classma...
  • angst
  • blue
  • exorcist
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Fairy Exorcist by Otakusdreamwolrd
Fairy Exorcistby Otakus Dreamworld
A fairy tail and blue exorcist crossover!
  • shiemi
  • rin
  • fairytail
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The Purple Flame (A Mephisto Pheles/Blue Exorcist Romance Novel) by jaidawson
The Purple Flame (A Mephisto Julia
Judi Rilegeki, daughter of one of the most dangerous demons of Gehenna, wakes up at True Cross Academy surrounded by the Cram School Students. Gaining friendship and pro...
  • blue
  • blueexorcist
  • yukio
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Satan's Daughter (Ao No Exorcist/Blue Exorcist Fanfiction) [Re-Writing Progress] by Tehyne
Satan's Daughter (Ao No Exorcist/ Renée
Leah Okumura is new at True Cross but accepted like she was there all the time, especially of Rin, which get shocked that she signed into the Cram School as well. But wi...
  • truecross
  • exorcist
  • assiah
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RHG Boyfriend and Girlfriend Scenarios by SPICY_MEMEZ
RHG Boyfriend and Girlfriend ιη ℓgвтq+ ωε тяυsт
ok, ok , hear me out.....I just was bored first of all , Second , I might probably be the FIRST one to ever write this ! MAYBE !! IF IM NOT IM SORRY !! RHG fans !!! if y...
  • yupia
  • yoyo
  • shura
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Blood Bonds Us All by Geckos9
Blood Bonds Us Allby Geckos9
  • azazel
  • amaimon
  • truecross
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rosa dorada (caballeros del zodiaco y tu) by tt2105
rosa dorada (caballeros del tt2105
una nueva oportunidad un nuevo desafio una nueva diosa primero mi amor
  • camus
  • shura
  • aiorios
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izuku de virgo by toumasama
izuku de virgoby toumasama
izuku fue abandonado por no tene kosei y maltratado por su amigo bakugo cuando un dia un hombre de cabello amarillo con los ojos cerrado lo encuentra
  • izuku
  • athena
  • shaka
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In the Darkness We Walk Alone by Melancholic-Lotus13
In the Darkness We Walk Aloneby Lotus
Rin Okumura, the son of Satan, believed not much was going to get worse. Of course, he knew the demon side of his life would be worse but he never expected his human sid...
  • kirigakure
  • yukiookumura
  • shura
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Bon x reader Lavender by VictoriaEmerald
Bon x reader Lavenderby PearlCore
One day a new student joined the Cram School. The new girl had a white cat-bat as a familiar and wanted to become a great exorcist and her name (F/n) Lavender. The other...
  • xreader
  • lavender
  • okumura
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Demonic Possession (Yandere! Rin Okumura x Reader) by KiraTypes
Demonic Possession (Yandere! Rin Kira
Rin thought he was head over heels in love with Shiemi Moriyama, who was as oblivious to Rin's feelings as Rin was to basically anything. Then, a new transfer student j...
  • exorcist
  • blueexorcist
  • konekomeru
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The Twins of Death (Blue exorcist)  by VibraniumPanda
The Twins of Death (Blue exorcist) by Kyndall
Ryan and Rianne are twins. They were born in Gehanna when there mother, Death herself, ran away. They lived a normal life until they turned about 10. Satan killed there...
  • shiemi
  • yukio
  • blueexorcistfanfic
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Rhg/dojo duelist notes  by KasheaThomasKing
Rhg/dojo duelist notes by Kashea Thomas-King
little notes i make when creating stories. enjoy. :D
  • clans
  • shura
  • alfa
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the devil within....  by yukio_uchinaki
the devil within.... by hybrid_witch
What if rin was king of the seven heavens?, wouldn't that be great?,well in this story he is, kinda OP rin...
  • astaroth
  • blueexorcist
  • izuo
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(Depressed!) Rin by Lil_Crazy_Psycho
(Depressed!) Rinby McKalee Gibbs
A boy named Rin is 15 years old. His whole life, he has been made fun of because of who his parents are. His younger twin even told him to die or turn himself into the V...
  • depression
  • bullying
  • izumo
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Blue Exorcist Truth or Dare by XxBecca29xX
Blue Exorcist Truth or Dareby Anime lover SAO
This is a truth or dare story, you can give me truths or dares, NO SMUT! This takes place before they went to Kyoto and this refers to my other book 'Demon King's Shatte...
  • demonkings
  • bon
  • konekomaru
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Fallen (A blue exorcist fanfiction) by Rin_SatanSpawn
Fallen (A blue exorcist fanfiction)by Rin Okumoron
Amare is the daughter of the fallen angel Stella and a human being. At the age of twelve she gets back her power, and keeps it hidden from the world, living like a norma...
  • blueexorcist
  • girlxgirl
  • fallenangel
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la hija de odín(shun y tu) by lucifergirl10
la hija de odín(shun y tu)by luci
Odín tuvo una hija pequeña, las oculto del mundo ósea en su cuarto del palacio, la única que saben de su existencia es Hilda de polaris y lyfia, Odín la había escondido...
  • aioria
  • amor
  • seiya
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