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24 visits || SOOSHU by nosoyapril
24 visits || SOOSHUby april
A doctor and a super idol walk into an ER, they hate each other. (They're perfect for each other). SOOSHU Converted Original story by ©GucciAspirin
flashing yellow (constant green) | sooshu by shujinbei
flashing yellow (constant green) | shujinbei
soojin is single and upset with that fact. shuhua owns a pub and works there as a bartender something goes wrong (or exactly how it should)
Empire | sooshu by neverland_078
Empire | sooshuby chippie
It's hard to be a mafia boss, especially when your own people are doubting your leadership and trustworthiness. And in exactly this situation Seo Soojin is finding herse...
Darks And Lights✔ by Yoojung_08
Darks And Lights✔by JinJin🍒
There is two groups in school which is the most popular groups called darks and lights. The members in DARKS is beautiful they are known as playgirls since they just fli...
I don't know (IDK) || SOOSHU ft. Mimin by nosoyapril
I don't know (IDK) || SOOSHU ft. april
This story is not mine. I converted it because sooshu fits the story perfectly. I hope you enjoy this fic as much as I did :] - Funny & fluffly Original story by ©K...
24 Dates || SOOSHU by nosoyapril
24 Dates || SOOSHUby april
A doctor and a super idol start dating each other. It's kind of a mess, but it's kind of perfect. (Sequel to 24 visits) SOOSHU Converted Original story by ©GucciAspirin
My Happy Little Pill (Mimin fanfiction) by MyeonRamyeon
My Happy Little Pill (Mimin MiyeonCho24
Minnie is stuck on the dark place,she need to get up every morning to continue her dark life. She's not laughing nor smiling, she have friends but even her friends can't...
[One Shots] : + by zuenyo_
[One Shots] : + y.shby zei
Yeh Shuhua x Seo Soojin "I'm single.. just thought you should know" "When did you learn how to flirt?" : Different short stories per chapter : Just...
flower | sooshu one shots by soojinsblues
flower | sooshu one shotsby bitch
- a collection of sooshu one shots.
Fateful Encounters || Persona 5 x Reader by uzuitrash
Fateful Encounters || Persona 5 🌸 nerdy_li🌸
Transferring into a new school is never easy, but you soon find yourself in a whirlwind of school life and a love life you never could have imagined in your wildest drea...
Love Like That  by Sooshu_Verse
Love Like That by SooShu_Verse
Yeh Shuhua, Seo Soojin Love like that.... Meeting in the internet ...Moving together in real life Is love forever ? Well is worth to try...
Persona 5:The World by Dreadfuljoy
Persona 5:The Worldby Dabi AU
What would you do if I told you all there was another Metaverse user even before Akechi started and Someone more Powerful than the phantom thieves.that Person is Y/n &qu...
east of eden | (g)i-dle by BLUEHYUCKS
east of eden | (g)i-dleby blue!
i fell in love with an angel. and i'm a fucking demon. + lowercase intended | © BLUEHYUCKS 2020 | NO REPOSTS | started: 19/05/2020
Shh... Bite Your Tongue |:|Jensoo|:| by BlinkOnceRedluvDab
Shh... Bite Your Tongue |:|Jensoo| The Potato
|~~~Jennie~~~| Her mother died when she was young, died in a mysterious way. She wanted to know who or what did it. However, she fell for a little trap. A trap called lo...
cure | shujin by lcvehanjisung
cure | shujinby cherr
Soojin found Shuhua who cured her traumatizing past
your loss, not mine | Sooshu by shuhualoml
your loss, not mine | Sooshuby YHSH
She remembers how she felt like when Shuhua returned the all the parts of her heart she'd given her. She remembers that she had already lost Shuhua - right in that momen...
no air ; x by pixieshu
no air ; x y.shby .
Wherein Shuhua confesses to Soojin with lyrics.
University of Magic: The Beginning [Sooshu] by SuperiorCaptain
University of Magic: The StillSane
(COMPLETED) Coming from a high rank family. A University where abilities, skills and leadership are important. Soojin happens to meet a very mysterious girl who also h...
instead of the classics | oneshot collection by shujinbei
instead of the classics | shujinbei
happy families are all alike; every unhappy family is unhappy in its own way. however, there are more happy ones. idle shots: sooshu, mimin, yuyeon
(G)I-DLE Dorm by Sooshu_Verse
(G)I-DLE Dormby SooShu_Verse
DORM LIFE, DEEP SECRETS, TMI's, SooShu, MiMin, YuYeon... Relationships that went Wrong, Obsessions.. what is the life in (G)I-DLE's DORM???