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UNSTABLE RIVALS (The Series Of Destiny#1) by kthywrites
UNSTABLE RIVALS (The Series Of kth
After years of being healed she finds herself relapsing in the same old place they first met. She was locked up with the wound the first guy she ever loved gave. They pr...
I Think He Knows (Lover Trilogy #1) by mayariisabella
I Think He Knows (Lover Trilogy #1)by mayari
Book 1 of Lover Trilogy Maris Amore Villaruel is a hopeless romantic. She grew up watching and reading romantic movies and books, that eventually moulded her beliefs in...
Sincerely, Yours by soliarium
Sincerely, Yoursby glyndel
At 10:00 p.m., Ashanti realized that she needs to create digital art for her performance task that is due at midnight. At 10:10 p.m., Joaquin an aspiring UST leapmed st...
Above The Sky Limits (SHS Series #3) by zandriaah487
Above The Sky Limits (SHS Series frootees
Desiree Mendoza, a competitive student from ABM always wanted to be on top. She always aim for high grades and perfect performances along with her dreams on becoming a C...
Reticent by nadiacymantha
Reticentby hope
How far Enzriel Ezekiel would do just to get him noticed by the beauty and brain but reticent Symantha Kendra who only cares about maintaining her high grades, fangirlin...
An Eternal Flame by aceviell
An Eternal Flameby Lost Somewhere
Aimi Yajima doesn't care about Dwight Maximus Walterson's attitude toward her. She just did nothing but ignore it and continue to bother him. Never in her life has she h...
Unfailingly Yours (The Youth #6: Kyxian & Bettina) by FilthyRichGirl
Unfailingly Yours (The Youth #6: bia
paredes & cuevez | an epistolary Wherein Bettina, a grade 12 STEM student, gets cheated on by her first boyfriend... Amidst the first heartbreaking experience, her frien...
Intertwined (An Epistolary) ✅COMPLETED by seoulphia
Intertwined (An Epistolary) ✅ serene
INTERTWINED - an epistolary. Aleatha Renielle is one of the most cheerful student of PUP. She's a Senior High Student from Humanities and Social Sciences. Until that da...
Retrouvaille by solistre
Retrouvailleby A Y I S H
An Epistolary. | Cielo & Nico
Our Story || Lenrisa by Crishhontiverse
Our Story || Lenrisaby arian_vcfxz
(nag iisip pa si otor pang description 😁)
Unexpectedly Lucky by theladykeeper
Unexpectedly Luckyby Karhyl
Max Dale Reyes, a senior high school student from Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM), smart, rich-kid but a shy type person who met Eden Kate Rodri...
JungHae FF by Quasi-Sabaw
JungHae FFby Johan 🍠
A fanfiction based my OTP JungHye.
Treasure My Heart (Gomez #1) by cllasj18
Treasure My Heart (Gomez #1)by Andy
Maurie Hevrea Zolina views herself as someone who does not act decently. Hevrea sleeps at her classes, laughs hysterically, and is never determined to have a future. In...
HUMSS Phenomenological Research by BinibiningMesArt
HUMSS Phenomenological Researchby Mes Art
PRACTICAL RESEARCH Humanities and Social Sciences 11 Research Title: "Perceived Cognition and Continuum Vaccine Hesitancy Among Minors Amidst the Fight Against Co...
In Denial Heart (BL) by ajaxmov
In Denial Heart (BL)by jax
Aydin Stuart likes someone. But what if he founds out that the she is actually a he?
Yep! I'm his fan by binibiningnatatangi_
Yep! I'm his fanby Binibini
My imagination became reality, what should I do?
Short Horror Stories  by SOHOS_
Short Horror Stories by SHS
Some of these stories are based on true story but also myth added. No real names are revealed. I wrote based on my and others experiences. I use 'I' in most of my stori...
Betrayed and Slain by LereWorks
Betrayed and Slainby Maureen
The saddest thing about betrayal is that it never comes from your enemies, I got betrayed by my family, friends and the person I loved. Do you believe in second chance? ...
Almost a Love Story by Kresha_ya
Almost a Love Storyby Kresha
A girl who immediately likes someone at their first meet again... A STORY WRITTEN BY Kresha_ya