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Poda- An Anirudh Fanfiction *under Editing* by book_worm_I_am
Poda- An Anirudh Fanfiction * Suba Me
"Nillu di" ( wait girl) "Mudiyathu da" (I won't boy) "I love you di" "Poda" This is a love story between a normal girl Y/N and th...
The War ❤ vs 💰 by VIJIMIRA
The War ❤ vs 💰by Mira
The War.... ❤vs💰..... In this world... There are two most powerful things which can be defeated only by each other.... 1. Love created by God. 2. Money created by huma...
A Not-So-Desi Love Story by just_lipshika
A Not-So-Desi Love Storyby Lish
You really don't know what to expect in life when you suddenly move across continents into a place where you don't know anyone else. It's the same for Shruthi. But her...
The Curse  by mathu_writes
The Curse by Maathu
Join the journey of Dhanush and Yathusha who discovers the hidden secrets behind their reincarnations.
Angel Wings For A Dèmön by michaelmccaslin
Angel Wings For A Dèmönby Dark Wolf
Damion was a special child, a troubled child. No one really could understand him so they shunned him out. When they finally know who he and what he's capable of they wan...
 Train To My Marriage by Aashika98
Train To My Marriageby Penfairy
When two souls united by nature come together ,yet unable to recognise that they are made for each other!.... Could destiny change their lives into a marvel? Every coin...
My Hollow thoughts by yanika4u
My Hollow thoughtsby Yanika :)
Writing poetry is a wonderful way to jumpstart your creativity and hone your writing skills. I wouldn't have dared write this sentence, much less declare myself a poet...