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Chaahat by periwinkle_98
Chaahatby Shivani Joshi
Starts from Akash and Payal's wedding track but has a major twist. Peep in to know more.....
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College Life ✔️ by Bella9211
College Life ✔️by Bella
The story is about Devakshi but characters are mixed from other serials as well. And I hope that u u all will love my new story ❤️❤️ This is a random cover , I will ma...
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The First Baby- A Shraman Story by zindagiwrites
The First Baby- A Shraman Storyby Zindagi
Shravan is out on a mission to prove something to Sumo. Will they get what the want? First baby? Happy EDKV Anniversary everyone.💕💕 #1 edkv #5 proof #3 edkv
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When I Decided to Divorce Her by arulpirai
When I Decided to Divorce Herby arulpirai
He decided to divorce her.... Then....
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EDKV - ONCE MORE by infinity-squared
EDKV - ONCE MOREby infinity-squared
Continuation of EDKV with our character Shravan and Sumo. The story starts begins the morning after Suman's marriage with Aditya is called off and Shravan saves Sumo's l...
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Shraman - one shots and two shots by shraman_2301
Shraman - one shots and two shotsby shraman_2301
One shots and Two shots series of our beloved Shraman! CONFESSION - One Shot THREE QUESTIONS - One Shot HAPPY BIRTHDAY LOVE - One shot PREGNANCY - Two shot TUJHE KITNA C...
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Shiv Pandav Vikramadhitya _ The Skywriter Of Chalukian Dynasty (Completed ) by arulpirai
Shiv Pandav Vikramadhitya _ The arulpirai
Shiv Pandav Vikramadhitya. ..aka Shravan _ The crowned prince of eastern chalukya. ..His bitter wars and love war to expand his dynasty bloom into a fan fiction he...
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TRUST by lizzy1299
TRUSTby lizzy1299
She knew it was unlikely he would trust her. But she still went ahead and laid her heart bare infront of him knowing very well that he had the power to break her; becaus...
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Contradiction & Reality by ahajnal
Contradiction & Realityby ahajnal
"I didn't lose you. You lost me. You'll search for me inside of everyone you're with and I won't be found." - R.H.Sin * * * Summary: An event of a dark ni...
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In the World of Confusion - A Shraman Story by zindagiwrites
In the World of Confusion - A Zindagi
Shravan comes back to India after 10 years still with the same pain and insult in his heart but also a passion to take revenge. But where is his victim? Now that's how...
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Shraman Songs Series (SSS) by Namikisbae
Shraman Songs Series (SSS)by Anokhi pathnaik
A series of songs which are meant for our one and only shraman. HIGHEST RANKING #2 - Songseries (20.05.2020) #25 - Lovesongs (20.05.2020)
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Meant To Be Yours by cute_writer23
Meant To Be Yoursby 🦋
Meet Shravan Malhotra & Suman tiwari too individuals immensely in love with each other have to part their ways but united by destiny. Will their love ever be able to reu...
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Our Twisted Destiny!!  by manan_pani_hamesha
Our Twisted Destiny!! by manan_pani_hamesha
Not all love stories starts happily and might end bad ... there are ups and down.... trust and betrayal...... Read this story to know how and where does destiny take...
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Shraman  Short Stories  by cutietanu
Shraman Short Stories by TaNyA
This will be a series for shraman short stories and people who know English and hindi can read it freely haa So peep into the store guys Stories 1) YEAH...
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It's All About Trust  by Aanya1999
It's All About Trust by Ananya
Love....its all about trust....when we love someone we trust them with our life.... Without trust their is no love... Shraman love and their trust on each other made th...
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Manan Shraman story.. Lots of Masti😀😀 Dhammaal 😁😁 Siyyaapa 😁😁 Mocksss 😂😂😂 For pic credits Instagram and GOOGLE IS HERE
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Blessing In Disguise by Namikisbae
Blessing In Disguiseby Anokhi pathnaik
Shravan Malhotra the most eligible bachelor in Delhi is the epitome of perfection. He wants everything to be perfect. But this is not the only facet, on the other side o...
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MANMARZIYAN  by crazypiya
MANMARZIYAN by Crazypiya
two poles apart confused people...tied by fate will they fall in love.. and be able to realize that they are #ekdujekewaaste?? Here I present u my 3rd story based on the...
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TU AASIHQUI  by cutietanu
So hello guys wassup Okk I'm here with my new story TU AASHIQUI actually is a family drama here in my book It will decipt around the EDKV and TU AASHIQUI sta...
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Beyhadh Hai Ye Meri AASHIQUI by Sonarika78
Beyhadh Hai Ye Meri AASHIQUIby Sonarika
Three strong characters - Maya Mehrotra, Siddhant Sinha and Ragini Gadodia A love triangle. But not an usual one. Which one of them will win in this game of love? ######...
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