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Best anime and shoujo manga !!! by lycosv
Best anime and shoujo manga !!!by lycosv
List of recommended anime , manga , manhwa and manhua !!! * I don't own the pictures
Hanakotoba by CryinOutLoud
Hanakotobaby Sophie
Hm... it seems as though I have been reincarnated into one of my favorite shoujo manga series called Hanakotoba: Language Of The Flowers. It was by my favorite mangaka o...
I Became the Villainess, So I Decided to Ignore the Main Characters by onemindonly
I Became the Villainess, So I ʕ •ᴥ•ʔ
The Duke's daughter Clementine La Rouge suddenly fell ill. When she woke up, I had inhabited her body?! 'What's with this? I...transmigrated into a shoujo manga?' Yay...
Shoujo and Romance Manga Recommendation by SEVENTEENXO
Shoujo and Romance Manga No Dahyun, No Life
Looking for shoujo and romance manga? I'll recommend you awesome mangas i've read. I've got 431 in my bookmark list, some are read and most are unread. Shoujo manga reco...
Always Be With You [End] by gracetohir
Always Be With You [End]by tetsu_xd
Ai is a member of Quartet Night .Ai is very good at music, he likes to play music but..? He always feel there's something missing inside him. Not long after that he meet...
Manga Recs by Lilyphonic_
Manga Recsby Lilyphonic_
Yes, I'm doing it. I'm finally making a manga reccomendation book. Feel free to read it, coming from a shoujo manga fan.
Shoujo Manga Recommendations  by xiaoling_466
Shoujo Manga Recommendations by xiaolingx56u
hey guys so this is basically a compilation of all the mangas I've read so far based on highschool romance! If you're interested in reading manga, please check it out.
"Together Forever" Was What You Said, But Now I'll Say it to Someone Else by CakeByTheClouds
"Together Forever" Was What You Raen Lee
Ria Skye is a young girl of few words. Average and reserved, she has never had much excitement in her life - but that changes when she enters Snow White Academy, a consi...
Sweet Saviors volume 1 sample by joanamhill
Sweet Saviors volume 1 sampleby joanamhill
Miyuki Kobayashi has just moved to Tokyo from Osaka to start her career as a manga-ka for the shoujo magazine Pink Ribbon. Armed with only minimal knowledge of how the w...
Short While: Shoujo by leguchi
Short While: Shoujoby leguchi
One-shot stories. Love is exciting. Love is great. Love is hard. But no matter what, the adventures will never leave your mind. Follow the stories of first love, h...
Regret by uratauta372
Regretby Tsukiuta
Aku tahu, kata maaf saja tidak akan bisa mengembalikan semuanya. Tidak bisa memutar waktu. Kututup wajahku dan menangis lagi. Kali ini, aku memang ingin menangis... ...
dipinto - me by pyonsuke
dipinto - meby 🍭p🍭
a little art book, from me to you✨
Yes, you heard that right. Isekai Manhwa Fanfictions for all of you thirsty manhwa readers out there. It's either your ship wasn't canon; or you're just so hungry. Eithe...