Its Just a dinner....behir one shot by Bellaa80346
Its Just a dinner....behir one shotby Bellaa80346
Here the story starts when mahir decides to take a chance with there relationship and not to give up so he invite Bella for a dinner.........
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Gaara X Reader: Buried Beneath The Truth |Re-Written Version| by zombielover8469
Gaara X Reader: Buried Beneath zombielover8469
If she met that red-haired boy and became close to him, her mother feared that it will bring out the side of (Y/n) that was far buried beneath the truth of the (L/n)s'. ...
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Recueil One Shot | Johnlock by 221marvelstreet
Recueil One Shot | Johnlockby Lou
Comme l'indique le titre, c'est un recueil de One Shot Johnlock, n'hésitez pas à me donner des idées en dm !
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Food Fantasy  by witchysenpai
Food Fantasy by witchysenpai
Let's put the "Fantasy" in "Food Fantasy". (character X reader) Sometimes sweet, (🎀) sometimes lewd,(😉) sometimes lemon (😈) Let me know what you'd...
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Ethma: A Love to Remember: One Shots by pja11212
Ethma: A Love to Remember: One pja11212
Some one shots of Ethma. Yes I ship them and I really think they're together. Probably none of these go along to their real lives but if you want a chapter type story (n...
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Total Drama One-Shots! by Dani_Fandom
Total Drama One-Shots!by Dani \(^o^)/
I am really bored and really like this show so feel free to request one shots! I'll try to update whenever I can but school is busy so don't be upset if I don't update e...
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Gee and Frank with Kids by YouTube-Inception
Gee and Frank with Kidsby YouTube-Inception
Furthered on from my 30 day one shot challenge for day 3. Gee and Frank meet again as parents. That's basically it lol
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A different kind of hero by Naruto-Dragneel
A different kind of heroby Naruto Dragneel
My teacher walked around handing back our career choices to make any last minute changes. As soon as he handed me mine I got to work erasing pro hero. My dream school wa...
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Naruto oneshot  by HunterWaters0
Naruto oneshot by Hunter Waters
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Happy Birthday ! ~Chapitre Anniversaire~ by Vinsmoke_Mymy
Happy Birthday ! ~Chapitre ☆.•*~Mymy~ *•.☆.•*미리 암*•.☆
Ici, mon cher abonné, tu pourras me demander n'importe quel One-Shot que tu désires ! Je t'offre ceci en cadeau d'anniversaire ! Tu pourras me demander n'importe quel pe...
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Jameden OneShots by Jamedenshipper1
Jameden OneShotsby 💜Didi💙
Just short stories about the best ship on YouTube! Ok I'm sorta stealing this from the wonderful author @brookisbroke01 so if you want to read actual good one-shots then...
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Blackshear by thesupernaturalTeen
Blackshearby the supernatural Teenwolf Mer...
The Blackshear siblings where always known as the 'dangerous' siblings.
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OS Serie/Film (yuri) by LoveStories264
OS Serie/Film (yuri)by LoveStoriesGirls
Plusieurs OS de séries ou film Couples Lesbiens plus spécifiquement : Choni, Emison, Clexa... Si vous avez des demandes particulières vous pouvez le mettre en commentai...
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Detroit: Become Human OneShots by lazy-aplaca
Detroit: Become Human OneShotsby Alpaca
REQUESTS: OPEN Detroit: Become Human oneshots/ships! (Feel free to leave a request, and I'll do it as soon as possible! ❤️)
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"Kapag tinamaan ka,tinamaan ka."
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Jeden Dzień. - One Shot by Wilczuuuu
Jeden Dzień. - One Shotby Wilczuuuu
Dzień sądu. Na sali krzyczałem aby dali mi najgorszą z możliwych kar, jednak nie spodziewałem się kary śmierci. Moje przerażenie zostało zauważone jedynie przez moją ma...
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Gaynastic (boyxboy)  by shouko_nishimiya21
Gaynastic (boyxboy) by B
It's not just a competition, it's their dream, it's their hard work yielding a result. It's the passion maneuvering their movements and the music leading their steps. Bu...
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Fandom One Shots by magpienotaraven
Fandom One Shotsby magpienotaraven
Just some random one shots that I've posted on my Tumblr @magpienotaraven. Enjoy!
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Il cuore non si ferma by IlPasseroSolitario
Il cuore non si fermaby CyriakInLove
Raccolta di poesie e testi ordinati cronologicamente. "Il pollice scivola sulla torcia, L'ombra si allunga ma il dolore s'accorcia"
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Christian Artist One Shots by Joriah4life
Christian Artist One Shotsby Joriah4life
I would love suggestions for different artists! The ones I know best are For king and country, Lauren Daigle, Moriah Peters, Matthew West, Tenth Avenue North, Chris Tom...
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