Black Magic: Pretty Love (COMPLETED) by iamyourlovelywriter
Black Magic: Pretty Love ( iamyourlovelywriter
"Love comes to those who patiently wait." A/N: Merry Christmas Babies! This is my Christmas gift for you, short story muna. Hindi ito heavy story, pampa-good v...
  • black
  • romance
  • iamyourlovelywriter
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haechan┃markhyuck by chogiwanese
haechan┃markhyuckby bogsie
╹let's talk about haechan, let mark talk about haechan, yeah mark is talking about haechan╻ ❀ markhyuck ❀ chogiwanese
  • donghyuck
  • shortstory
  • nct2018
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dare┃markhyuck by chogiwanese
dare┃markhyuckby bogsie
╻donghyuck chose dare╹ ❀ markhyuck ❀ chogiwanese
  • minhyung
  • shortstory
  • nctdream
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Blame It On Russia: Blame Game #1 by Autumn_Breeze
Blame It On Russia: Blame Game #1by Autumn Breeze
• this can be read as a stand-alone novel • Emerson Marshall was in love or almost in any case. Misha Kuznetsov was the perfect woman. Only, she wasn't really a woman...
  • diversity
  • humor
  • boyxboy
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"Standring's Christmas Wish", by Gratiana Lovelace, 2018 by GratianaLovelace
"Standring's Christmas Wish", by Gratiana Lovelace
Ralph John Standring is trying to make a new home and a new life for himself after being jilted at the altar. He has lost the ability to trust, since his trust was brok...
  • romance
  • fanfiction
  • richardarmitage
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Love on the Ice ✔ by MomoCatt
Love on the Ice ✔by MomoCatt
The only thing Kai wanted to be when he grew up was a figure skater. When he learned that he had an uncurable illness at the tender age of eleven, he knew his dreams of...
  • figureskating
  • shortstory
  • bl
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Savior  by -lonelynights
Savior by ༅ ♡ ༅
Tony was Olivia's savior. He was like Superman to her with his protective hugs and watchful eyes. Even then, sometimes he wasn't enough.
  • relationship
  • badboy
  • possessive
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BRIDE  by crazy_n_puh
BRIDE by Crazy And Puh
**Title says it all**oky so this was first posted in my new account @crazy_n_puh2 , but whole story ll be posted here Peep in to know more.
  • pani
  • fanfiction
  • manik
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The Undefined Story  by crazy_n_puh2
The Undefined Story by CrazyAndPuh
Relations are made by God, the day we are born - none can change them. it's called destiny. Join me in the journey of a mysterious ride of arnav khushi nandini and M...
  • nandini
  • khushi
  • arshi
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Open Novella Contest II by Fantasy
Open Novella Contest IIby Fantasy
It's back! The second installment of this highly anticipated writing event brings your favorite Ambassador profiles together to host a contest of truly epic proportions.
  • shortstory
  • fantasy
  • contest
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Love Shot | Jennie x Kai  by redvelvetwings_
Love Shot | Jennie x Kai by jennie's
❦ #JENKAIFTW ❦ three chapters only ❦kpop fanfic
  • loveshot
  • shortstory
  • nanananan
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Ethma: a fan fic  by efanf1cs
Ethma: a fan fic by E💬
Emma Chamberlain and Ethan Dolan are best friends and Youtubers in Los Angeles. When a drunken kiss is shared on a late summer night it complicates everything and makes...
  • ethma
  • ethandolan
  • relationship
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dormroom mayhem | kim taehyung ✓ by luhanwrites
dormroom mayhem | kim taehyung ✓by i love you tae
a short story in which kim taehyung likes (y/n) but somehow she ends up getting drugged, spending the night in his dormroom which he shares with min yoongi. © luhanwrite...
  • suga
  • love
  • kumamon
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Manan - Temporary Girlfriend by shining_polestar
Manan - Temporary Girlfriendby shining_polestar
Nandini is an orphan. She is working in Mumbai and lives in an apartment. Her boss, Arya is also a good friend of hers. Nandini may be short in size, but she has a very...
  • nandini
  • shortstory
  • manan
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if we ever happen by NotShort_FunSize
if we ever happenby Quinn
"Each love story is special in it's own way, but ours is truly a one of a kind" He look at me, blinking a few times "Are you fucking high?"
  • teenlove
  • werewolf
  • shortstory
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Samaina SS : Delhi Diaries by TurquoiseWav
Samaina SS : Delhi Diariesby TurquoiseWav
Get the scoreboard ready as Naina is all set to take revenge against Sameer's biggest enemy - Dadi, the reason for all the problems and trauma Sameer had to go through...
  • 1990s
  • yehundinonkibaathai
  • love
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Saving Her ✔ by itssanjh
Saving Her ✔by Sanjh
A typical short story. A girl and a boy and they meet. But... But she wanted to die, he wanted to save her. She wanted to cry, he wanted her to laugh... For him it was...
  • shravan
  • lifelessons
  • suman
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The Train Station - [KimCop] ✔ by starrytown
The Train Station - [KimCop] ✔by 𝐬𝐭𝐚𝐫𝐫𝐲
❝I've helplessly fallen in love with a stranger and I don't know what to do.❞ ♡ A short story where Copter realises that he's in love with a man whom he always sees at t...
  • kimcop
  • shortstory
  • strangers
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The Things We Lost by sarah3534
The Things We Lostby sarah3534
When college drop out Aiden Beckett meets Emma for the first time he knows he won't be able to walk away from her, even though he should. As their romance deepens it's o...
  • romance
  • book-boyfriend
  • shortstory
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Nothing Like That by Nangianni
Nothing Like Thatby ✨🌹
Life, that's the funny thing about it. We always wanted things to go the way that we imagined it too, but of course plans just always have to change. What if we could'v...
  • love
  • daveeast
  • kingkeraun
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