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WFFH // prose & poetry by lostucked
WFFH // prose & poetryby nevertheless
A collection of writings carved from experiences, tell-tales, and random thoughts on a dreamy night. ◈•••••◈•••••◈•••••◈•••••◈ I write poems, verses, short stories, jour...
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My Strings of Words by luv2read1444
My Strings of Wordsby Nazziee✨✨
Just what the title says. It'll range from Poems to snippets of short stories to some rants and maybe a getaway for when I have possible "Writers Block". {Wedn...
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Songs of a Turtle Lost in the Real World by PLorrPiLo
Songs of a Turtle Lost in the PLorr PiLo
Pieces I bring back every time I get to visit my own, dark, beautiful world.
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Yesterday, My Husband Came Back From The Dead by justinelovel
Yesterday, My Husband Came Back Justine Lovel
500-word short story! Seven years after her husband is killed in a car accident, a woman sees her husband alive. This short fiction includes a plot twist that is reveale...
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You Don't Know by Zachanariel
You Don't Knowby Zachanariel
[French native, first work in English] You all know Naruto characters. You love them, hate them, maybe you want to f... Okay stop. So yeah, you know them. But do you rea...
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Up Is Down (Short Short Story) by RaymondHolben
Up Is Down (Short Short Story)by raymond
In a world where everything was normal in till a boy that goes by Josh and his friend Zach finds a weird device but what they don't know is that this device will change...
Paranoia  by MortemRaven
Paranoia by Iodine Bismuth
Random short stories to random prompts I find in random places.
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Logophile by Jazzicat25
Logophileby Jazzicat
log·o·phile /ˈlôɡəˌfīl,ˈläɡə-/ noun noun: logophile; plural noun: logophiles a lover of words.
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Today Will Be Different by chuckae
Today Will Be Differentby hiatus
just a few thoughts in just a few words © 2016 justplaincliche
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Short stories and other stuff by snow_dragon123
Short stories and other stuffby snow_dragon123
Hey everyone! So this is where I will be putting my short stories and shorter stories. I hope that you enjoy them!
Random Stories by RachealCE
Random Storiesby RachealCE
Just some short stories I made in grade 7. Most of these aren't finished so be prepared for cliff hangers. These are really bad. I didn't paragraph the stories, so it's...
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Flash Fictions by Aihara189
Flash Fictionsby Angeli
This is a compilation of flash fictions oozing randomly of my head. Enjoy reading! :---)
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Abandonment  by boredin94
Abandonment by Colimary Lens
Just leave, that's what's best.....maybe
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