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Drabbles ✓ by Priya_siva
Drabbles ✓by Priya
Cover credit: Sujzwriter❤️ #1 in Drabbles for months. #1 in Arshi. Alphabetical drabble series on our beloved arshi❤️ ➡️SERIES 1: Arnav POV on Khushi {COMPLETED} ➡️SERIE...
  • khushi
  • arnav
  • arshi
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Emergence No. 7 by kourtnienet
Emergence No. 7by Kourtnie McKenzie
E'Ruin, our sister planet, is trying to contact Earth before our worlds collide. In-progress story, to be resumed February 19. #2 Wormholes | October 18 #429 Sci-fi | Oc...
  • college
  • ongoing
  • magic
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Short Stories - Love, Funny, Joke by DhaliaxRose
Short Stories - Love, Funny, Jokeby DhaliaxRose
For your entertainment when you're bored! Have you ever read a certain scene, or part of a book that you absolutely love? Well, this is just that. This book is filled w...
  • short
  • random
  • video
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Shawn Mendes Imagines                                        *ACCEPTING REQUESTS by ellesdmd
Shawn Mendes Elle
This is a collection of moments and scenes to be imagined with Shawn Mendes. Trying to reach 1000 parts!
  • shawnmendesimagines
  • wish
  • dating
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Short Fanfictions - All Fandoms by ReynaHylla
Short Fanfictions - All Fandomsby Books Are ForAlways
Whenever I have an idea for a short-ish scene/headcanon about characters from one of my book fandoms, I will write it here. The scenes/headcanons will not be related to...
  • shortscenes
  • percyjacksonandtheolympians
  • themortalinstruments
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Short parts and pieces of scenes , randomly written in class out of bordum . All are different from the next and each has its own story and set of characters . And may...
  • romantic
  • humor
  • sad
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Imagines [He x Reader] by sasi_1212
Imagines [He x Reader]by Saskia
This book contains some short scenes and imagines with no names in it. y/n stands for your name h/n stands for his name I'm sorry I only do he x reader thingies in this...
  • fanfiction
  • random
  • shortscenes
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Scratches On The Wall by Meerkat25
Scratches On The Wallby Meerkat25
A series of (mostly) unconnected drabbles, each exactly a hundred words long, not including the headlines. Reviews are very welcome.
  • brainchildren
  • vagueconnections
  • imaginewhathappenedyourself
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Moments by may_sang25
Momentsby Maya Sangeeth
The title says it all. It's just a collection of special moments between two people written in short paragraphs.
  • thoughts
  • moments
  • random
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Raising an Angel - Short Scenes by SpartaBlaze99
Raising an Angel - Short Scenesby Rebecca Newton
This is just going to be short pieces of the novel I'm working on right now, Raising an Angel. The simplest way to put it is a demon hunter, a fallen angel, and a police...
  • heavenlybattles
  • prologue
  • raisinganangel
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Cut Scenes by CloudWeaver08
Cut Scenesby Inactive
Do you wanna read about Daisy who died and boarded the white bus? Or about Noah who accidentally entered a girl's room? What about a group of friends in an old library w...
  • random
  • notebook
  • alongwalkhome
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Short Scenarios. by Chanchh21
Short Chanchal Gupta
Just writing short scenes on anything and everything. And,I try to keep them as real as possible.
  • dreams
  • love
  • cousins
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Short Stories Book by LWayneLawliet
Short Stories Bookby Orion Jay Cain
Just a few short stories and scenes I enjoyed writing. I might make some full stories from some of these so please vote or comment for those you want to see me try 'my h...
  • mulitplestories
  • vampire
  • werewolf
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Character Ideas by WaywardHeart16
Character Ideasby Evan Moore
FEEL FREE TO USE MY CHARACTERS FOR YOUR STORIES. Seriously I want my characters to have their own lives outside of my mental movie of them. Write for them or about them...
  • prompt
  • ideas
  • prompts
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Random Short Stories by StoriesbyIrish
Random Short Storiesby Irish
Just a bunch of random shorts that I've put together. Raw. First Draft. Only editing was done to fix spelling errors mostly. Somethings you guys might see in here ar...
  • shortstories
  • randomstories
  • shortscenes
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Kpop Short Stories by SooHailey
Kpop Short Storiesby Lili 💜
A compilation of short/long oneshot scenes of kpop idols, all written by me. If you want to see a certain genre/idol, you can request a base plot for me to write, eithe...
  • scenes
  • romantic
  • oneshots
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One by One by boxesofmischief
One by Oneby Madi
Short s ends I've written some times or another maybe to expand on one day or maybe to never touch it again. The point is, this is my dumping place for written things. N...
  • drabblethings
  • dumpingplace
  • shortscenes
boredom by __azure__
boredomby __azure__
A collection of short little blurbs I write when I get bored.
  • blurb
  • cliffhangers
  • ocean
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