You Me & Our Baby - Shivika Tale by failed_cardiac
You Me & Our Baby - Shivika Taleby Diksha
How difficult the circumstances will be that can force a father to think about aborting his own baby Love is always said to be powerful but can it fight against death
  • shivika
  • baby
  • miscarriage
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Yeinkook Imagines by missachi
Yeinkook Imaginesby Missachi
Basically one shots of bangtan x lovelyz, but mainly Jungkook x Yein Please give lots of love!
  • jungkook
  • bts
  • banglyz
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Pornstar |YBNK| by Strokeley
Pornstar |YBNK|by Strokeley
"Its not about being a hoe, it's about getting money."
  • santana
  • short
  • pornstar
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Cuddles [ Forth & Beam ] by minjimonster
Cuddles [ Forth & Beam ]by zena
Forth was tired.. And clingy af..
  • tee
  • short
  • bl
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Stupid One Shots by 5thecatmya
Stupid One Shotsby 5thecatmya
If I'm ever bored and I want to take a break from my other books I'm writing, imma come to this rockin section and write stupid one shots about my favorite shows and stu...
  • mystreet
  • shots
  • cute
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🌻ṧṳℵ🌻 by -sunshinesx
🌻ṧṳℵ🌻by ❀ ❀ ❀
" ive got sunshine, on a cloudy day. "
  • guy
  • yours
  • sunflower
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⭕TENGKU FARIESH⭕ Dingin.Sombong.Wajah tampan.Seorang yang berkerjaya dan sudah pun berkahwin dengan Aira Irdina.Semua perempuan sama.Hanya menginginkan hartanya sahaja.D...
  • melayu
  • short
  • sacrifice
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When I was still in love with you by SmileySavannah
When I was still in love with youby SmileySavannah
This is about a lost girl looking for the right path to move forward. "My emotions lead me to this kind of life, and all the things I can do is accept and be happy...
  • short
  • story
  • watty
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Fallin' In Love With You by TeenSpider
Fallin' In Love With Youby ✌
"Now tell me..." He said and looked me directly in the eyes after avoiding eye contact the whole time while he was speaking. "What was I supposed to do? N...
  • friendship
  • new
  • cool
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BUT I STILL WANT YOU by flawlessglory
BUT I STILL WANT YOUby ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀⠀
o. BUT I STILL WANT YOU . . . ❛❛ he still wants her regardless of what they say ❜❜ ❪ © 2018 | flawlessglory ❫ ❪ started writing | 23rd of july ❫ ❪ published | 24th of j...
  • completed
  • 2018
  • readplease
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Words Forgotten by lacedpink
Words Forgottenby Cami
a collection of one shots, deleted scenes from my books, contest entries, poetry, and just random little things I've written :) Copyright ©️ 2018 lacedpink
  • story
  • words
  • styles
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Το Κελάρισμα by AllexZis
Το Κελάρισμαby Αλέξης Ζησιμόπουλος
"Οτιδήποτε που μπορείς να φανταστείς, είναι πραγματικό"
  • επιστολή
  • επιστολές
  • stories
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So Now What? by crayforyouu
So Now What?by kenzie
She asked as if you held the answer.
  • newbie
  • teenromance
  • teenwriter
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Real or Fake? by xxjustarandomgirl
Real or Fake?by xxjustarandomgirl
Emma en Lisa zijn al jaren vriendinnen, maar plots begint Lisa zich raar te gedragen. Wat is er aan de hand, en is hun vriendschap real or fake?
  • idkatag
  • short
  • story
Escape From Norriswood by inkblotsam
Escape From Norriswoodby Sam
"Naughty girls can make a lot of money," Bobby had said again. Click. "And we're going to make you a lot of money. Enough to pay your way through college...
  • runaway
  • rosalyn
  • story
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was it a dream or something else??(COMPLETE) by MahrukhBazaz
was it a dream or something Mahrukh Bazaz
A dream you dream alone is only a dream not a reality
  • dua
  • reality
  • muslimah
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When - A five part story// Lams by LfApqueens
When - A five part story// Lamsby An Agendered asshole named Lo...
John is broken hearted when he find out that Alex is marrying Jefferson. (It's angsty but sweet just.. wait)
  • lams
  • journey
  • hamilton
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Wrong number // Jimin ff by JiminsSingularity
Wrong number // Jimin ffby JiminsSingularity
What happens when your bias in a famous boy group gets the wrong number and calls you? Btssss fan fiction
  • chatroom
  • bts
  • short
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Weekly Writing Contest by spring1002
Weekly Writing Contestby P.J.
A weekly writing contest looking for writers that want to improve their writing, creative skills and in general want to practice their writing. If your interested regist...
  • historical
  • prizes
  • stories
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live a little [story] by triba1577
live a little [story]by patricia jansons
•warning: this book contains drama, craziness, random things and adventure!• unusual is me, I try to be savage and I have my witty comments but at the end of the day I'm...
  • live
  • drama
  • funny
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