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groupchat by ABIIOR-
groupchatby A
𝗷𝘂𝘀𝘁𝗶𝗻𝗯𝗶𝗲𝗯𝗲𝗿 started a groupchat
  • camilacabello
  • malik
  • harrystyles
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One Shots by tripletriad
One Shotsby tripletriad
Short sex stories.
  • dadxdaughter
  • momxdaughter
  • sisterxsister
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Manila Encounters by trestemeraire
Manila Encountersby tres
#ManilaEncounters either inspiring or just creepy. DISCLAIMER: I do not own anything posted, copyright and credits are posted along with the story.
  • short
  • manila
  • twitter
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PAPER BAGS | VKOOK by jeongguk-san
PAPER BAGS | VKOOKby kookita: 💄
"Lets re-arrange the stars, and make the whole world ours." Taehyung and Jungkook have not seen each other's faces yet, but they meet everynight in the park af...
  • highschool
  • cute
  • gay
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Teen's problems, our problems, my problems  by doronnya
Teen's problems, our problems, Doronnya
If you are a teen, you'll get all of them. School, love, parents, problems, fandoms, teens... All what we are. Hope you'll enjoy it ❤️
  • teen
  • life
  • eating
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Five x Reader One Shots by Xx_Acer_xX
Five x Reader One Shotsby Xx_Acer_xX
A collection of one shots for fans of Five :) I accept requests!
  • umbrellaacademy
  • acer
  • xreader
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The Perfect Date 《#PerfectDate Contest》 by micaelacoetzee3
The Perfect Date 《#PerfectDate Micaela Coetzee
What would it be... Ive never truly had a perfect date... Ironic huh...
  • perfectdate
  • short
  • story
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Homemade Lemonade (A Short Play) by willtran42
Homemade Lemonade (A Short Play)by Wilt
Follow Peter, a recently divorced man with a recently deceased ex-wife, as he attempts to pursue whatever is necessary to avoid her funeral! Please enjoy this hilarious...
  • short
  • shortplay
  • love
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love u 2 much by KookieChip5
love u 2 muchby KookieChip
taehyung finds small letters on his locker everyday from his secret admirer. [intended lowercase] [very short chapters]
  • jungoo
  • highschool
  • boyxboy
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Hollow Knight short comics by X-Soul_Void-X
Hollow Knight short comicsby Hollow Knight
A short comics about Hollow Knight that I found in online, enjoy reading! A/N : all of these comics are not belong to me, these comics are belong to original artist, ple...
  • hollow
  • comics
  • short
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100 Word Fluff by ConfusedGoat
100 Word Fluffby 😐
The title is pretty self-explanatory... this is just a collection of 100-word-or-less fluff stories I've written. I'm making this in order to improve my skills at writin...
  • shortangst
  • shortfluff
  • short
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Short, gay stories. by AnnaValeriee
Short, gay Pringirl .
Short, gay, sexual stories to fill your fantasies
  • short
  • gay
  • teddy
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Silent cries by shoegirl2016
Silent criesby Vianma
A story where a lonely girl finally meets her perfect lover. But nothing is what it seems, is it? IT'S A SHORT STORY (With short I mean a lot of SHORT chapters)
  • snapchat
  • insta
  • funny
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ᵇᵉᵗʳᵃʸᵃˡ. || @ me by kori_minamatl
ᵇᵉᵗʳᵃʸᵃˡ. || @ meby 克里斯。|| 十三
the times i felt betrayed by the people close (or maybe not so close) to me. - [only my bestie can know my secrets, though.]
  • helpme
  • help
  • ọk
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A bit of a book by Imightaswellbeabook
A bit of a bookby BECKAYYY
Here are lots of random short stories I write when I'm bored enjoy these little bursts of randomness!
  • happy
  • idontknow
  • stories
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•Albatrosses by DanaAteerah
•Albatrossesby Dana Ateerah
‏وكان السؤال كل مرة: "هل فعلاً كل الطرق تؤدي إليك، أم أنني لا أعرف سوى طريقك؟" SH.M
  • payne
  • albatrosses
  • short
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trick up your sleeve -hyungwonho by mxdrill_
trick up your sleeve -hyungwonhoby mxdrill
"we're like two negative magnets, one of the same yet we can never be together, we're fated to stay like this„
  • monstax
  • letters
  • boyxboy
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Gombalan Salto by arczre
Gombalan Saltoby Archie Romadhoni
Ini cuma sh*tposting. Berisi tentang gombalan-gombalan dan quote cinta. Jadi untuk ajang have fun aja. Happy reading
  • short
  • puisi
  • quote
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Sadness by DoctorWhoLoverTardis
Sadnessby Scarlet Wolf
Sadness is the first to escape. She has to find her way to B.O.B. in order to fix the world. Can she survive on her own? Short Story Two. The Death Files Series.
  • death
  • sadness
  • short
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Keeping Composure by alkalinebatman
Keeping Composureby ᴛᴀᴍᴀʀᴀ
This is my entry for the 'Weekly Wattpad Contests' #36 -Slice of Life. The simple telling of a busy female doing her seemingly ordinary duties in the small cottage she w...
  • weeklywattpadcontest
  • duties
  • brief
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