Αυτοτελής ιστορίες αγάπης-πάθους by bereal_writer
Αυτοτελής ιστορίες αγάπης-πάθουςby Bereal_writer
Αυτοτελής ιστορίες!
  • couples
  • greek
  • έρωτας
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Countryhumans Oneshots/Short Stories by Piraedunth
Countryhumans Oneshots/Short Kaivrunth
  • countryhumans
  • gay
  • short
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billie eilish by scftstarz
billie eilishby scftstarz
- imagines, sMuT, gxg achieved #7 under billieeilish achieved #22 under billie achieved #21 under females achieved #12 under femalexfemale
  • shortchapters
  • fancic
  • gxg
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In Twenty And Five Days by LeeleeKez
In Twenty And Five Daysby Lily Orevba
In twenty five days, Mike Stacks will walk over to a bridge and hurl his devastated, broken, grieving self off of it. It will be quick, easy, and it will especially put...
  • romance
  • fiction
  • christmas
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BoyxBoy Writing Contest? by Xxlil_miss_emoxX
BoyxBoy Writing Contest?by Syn Miller
Hey guys, it's Syn! I'm thinking of doing a writing contest, but I need your help! What would the prizes be and what would it be a writing contest of? If I get an idea...
  • writingcontest
  • joining
  • writer
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BLOOM (girlxgirl) by danielleizzard
BLOOM (girlxgirl)by d.i.
a very short story of a very extraordinary love
  • short
  • cute
  • girls
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CHEATER;[Jikook AU] by jikooktrash_help
CHEATER;[Jikook AU]by ⍀1997x1995⌿
  • funny
  • socialmedia
  • yaoi
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The Doctor's Son |Completed| by Satan_Is_Me_
The Doctor's Son |Completed|by Satan Is Me
Insanity could be deadly. Some may know they are insane, and some may not get the concept at all. Lucy sadly is guilty of being insane, and there are two reasons why... ...
  • short
  • fairytail
  • nalu
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Are you a writer hoping to get noticed and do you think you've got what it takes to win in this contest. Then hop in and enter the competition. May the best writer win🤞...
  • humor
  • werewolf
  • casson24
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Anorexic// Justin Bieber by RecoveryMccann
Anorexic// Justin Bieberby Pink💕
"Your underweight" he looked at me with a mixture of hurt and confusion, "I thought you could talk to me, we're friends" The look in his eyes made me...
  • story
  • justin
  • mentalhealthawarness
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Bangtan Short Story by heitsmehari
Bangtan Short Storyby hy
A short story that randomly came through my mind.
  • stroy
  • yoongi
  • suga
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Fake love [Park Jimin] MGL by Yuki_kth
Fake love [Park Jimin] MGLby 🌙
Намайг хайрлаач. Пак Жимин! 3. 《2018.11.14》 Author-🌙Юүки
  • бтс
  • short
  • shortstory
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Tom Hardy Gif Imagines by nigarrmtvseries
Tom Hardy Gif Imaginesby Nigar
(Tom x you) I don't own any actors or actresses you may see here. I don't give anyone permission to copy, change, translate any of these imagines. ▪2018
  • angst
  • taboo
  • imagines
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Kitokios Kalėdos (trumpa Drarry istorija) by PerkunoLaume
Kitokios Kalėdos (trumpa Drarry Raganystes
Trumpa Drarry istorija apie vieną Kalėdų vakarą :) Veiksmas vyksta prabėgus ketveriems su puse metų po karo. O apie ką ji - mielai kviečiu pasižiūrėti (Nieko dirty nebu...
  • drakas
  • smirdžius
  • istorija
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All Might x Reader Soulmate AU by Lollipopninjaprince
All Might x Reader Soulmate AUby Lollipopninjaprince
First words soulmate AU **We own nothing**
  • fluff
  • myheroacademia
  • myhero
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Time by dancinglimbo
Timeby The Dark One
One shots, short stories.
  • stark
  • story
  • jonsnow
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YOU HUGE DORK! (Xander x reader)  by trixiethegamer
YOU HUGE DORK! (Xander x reader) by Xander the meme god
This is a story if Xander x reader, (Y/N) was a childhood friend of Valt and Shu but there was this redhead who was almost the opposite from the girl they never were to...
  • lazy
  • cute
  • beigoma
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Unicorns Asunder by OverlordPony
Unicorns Asunderby Overlord Pony
An eclectic collection of short stories.
  • short
  • story
•soft• by InvisibleSasquatch
•soft•by lotus
the pure side of love, I hope
  • eee
  • original
  • aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
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