The Wrong Number by prerna_lamz
The Wrong Numberby Ana Lamz
*COMPLETED* "Hel-" "JUDY! WHERE THE FUCK ARE YOU RIGHT NOW? I'M DYING HERE!" "Uh..shouldn't you call 911 if you're dying?" *** Where Kenne...
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  • sarcastic
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The secret babies [Completed] by symplyayisha99
The secret babies [Completed]by symply.ayisha
Abigail, the youngest female servant of the Williams household, came with the intention to work for a period of time in order to save up enough money to pay for her moth...
  • secrets
  • lovestory
  • billionaire
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The 12th Kiss [completed] by Enterintomymind
The 12th Kiss [completed]by Tallara
"Cinderella had till midnight, I have twelve kisses to win back my prince's heart," John wants Metilda to end their marriage.He believes...
  • shortstory
  • child
  • wattys2016
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Girl in Pain | ✓ by SOSimons
Girl in Pain | ✓by ✽ Sιѕѕι ✽
Sometimes even the purest soul is full of darkness. And sometimes the past haunts its victims until there's nothing left. Sometimes they even have to fight against their...
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Coffee Shop by floraloceans
Coffee Shopby l i l l y
"Hello, my na-" "I'd like some black coffee to go," the man interrupts. He continues his conversation on the phone and ignores me. Well then. I plac...
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  • shortstory
  • humor
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His Bartender (Completed) by Annie_Sparks
His Bartender (Completed)by ~Heroes don't exist~
Christopher De Rege is a gang leader that has women jumping at him from left and right. He would use them like tissue every night, but the next day he would always have...
  • girl
  • gangs
  • bad
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Slave of a Billionaire by supriyak334
Slave of a Billionaireby Supriya Kumari
I moved to new town with my uncle and bumped into him. We hated each other from the start. When we bumped again it was the worst part of my life, it made me his slave...
  • argue
  • slave
  • romance
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The Billionair's Ex Wife(Completed ✔) by Alpha_Mann
The Billionair's Ex Wife( Imperial Alpha
CAESAR SERIES #1 "My father was right about you all along" He whispered dangerously through the room. "What are you trying to say Sebastian ??" Clare...
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Forevermore by bumblebee0205
Forevermoreby Belladonna
Celeste Jones, once a tomboy, is now a beautiful lady. Ares Levine is an extremely good-looking, kind-hearted man. What happens when these 2 friends meet after 5 years...
  • mature
  • hot
  • steamy
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How To Love A Bad Boy by IziKing
How To Love A Bad Boyby IziKing
"I told you Colton. I don't like bad boys." "All I need is seven days Janey, I can make you fall in love with me in a week." "And if you don't...
  • romance
  • shortstory
  • colton
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Cocaine Kisses (UNEDITED) by UnspeakableThoughts
Cocaine Kisses (UNEDITED)by Nessie Silverton
He leans in a little and coos, "It's cute that you think you have a choice." I pry his hands off me and angrily state, "I do have a choice, asshole."...
  • badboys
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  • drama
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Jock + Nerd [BXB] by SmileOfSketch
Jock + Nerd [BXB]by •[ SmileOfSketch ]•
•Highest Ranking: #18 in Gay• ~ Lucas is new to the town of Lakeville were everyone seems to know each other. But at school was a different story... everyone classifies...
  • nerd
  • teenfiction
  • romance
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Late Night Conversations ✔ [COMPLETED]  by JasminAMiller
Late Night Conversations ✔ [ JasminAMiller
{Highest Ranking: #2 in Short Story} One collision. Two strangers. One unorthodox way to pay off her debt. Three weeks of late night conversations. One Date.
  • strangers
  • phoneconversations
  • younglove
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Nathan by MysteryXX98XX
Nathanby Astronomy nerd
"Everyday he'd show up, and I'd watch from afar; I'd admire his beautiful features or the ring that hugged his bottom lip; the way he'd sit by himself and stare at...
  • relationship
  • cute
  • deep
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It Started With A Converse   by xThePineappleGirlx
It Started With A Converse by Laylaa Khan
|| Highest Rank - #1 in Short Story || "Princess, if you want to take back the offer, you can." he states and leans his face closer to mine, our lips almost to...
  • comedy
  • good
  • teenspiritcampaign
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Arctic Wolf by SuicidalQueenRules
Arctic Wolfby Madness
Jamie, small, fragile, a major nerd. Ross, tall, strong, a major jock. Jamie is a runaway, he ran from the place that tortured him for being different and ended up in a...
  • yaoi
  • gay
  • romantic
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Holding Onto You by UnsinkableShips
Holding Onto Youby sarah douglas
When Helena finds a phone on the night train, she decides to text the first number in the list of contacts in order to figure out who it belongs to. Copyright © 2017 by...
  • text
  • girl
  • relationship
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Brainwashed  by SarahKeltz
Brainwashed by Sarah
(UPDATE ON EVERY MONDAY) Rebecca is kidnapped by guys so that their master can have a little. When their master explains to Rebecca that she's his little, Rebecca becom...
  • lg
  • little
  • teen
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Restricted To Love ➳ J.J.K by its_Jeonnie
Restricted To Love ➳ J.J.Kby Angelineeeee
"I will NEVER love you..." Jungkook said. --- What will happen between this friendship if one loves the other? [Highest Ranking: #19 on short story] Book 2 is...
  • bts
  • seokjin
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