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100 Voicemails (#Wattys2015) HSH_DeathStar
2M 125K
Six Word Stories watercolordreams
922K 69.8K
Six Word Stories topazies
261K 21.4K
Accidentally Married determinants
176K 6.8K
Things I Could Never Tell You JasDeroubaix
104K 8.6K
D O L I T A chocfudgeO
64K 3.7K
The Girl He Left Behind TahliePurvis
6.9M 278K
The Girl Who Couldn't Hear [#Wattys2016] Lopez_42
125K 11.4K
Scary Stories cat_bostick
75.1K 2.6K
florilegium nostalgiia
1.4M 71K
Waffle Cones Eve_The_Spy
54.7K 6.8K
for the guy with the grey sweater emilyajh
207K 17.8K
The 12th Kiss [completed] Enterintomymind
883K 45.1K
Six word stories shattered-butterfly
95.8K 5.9K
one missed call HatOfChbosky
1.1M 56.1K
Breakup Helpline savvyinpink
42.9K 4.8K
Just the Highlights tangles-
349K 31.7K
11 Days and 12 Nights chillyswirl
154K 2.7K