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شظايا by iisher_lot
شظايا by iisher_lo
هو يحبُّ امتلاكَ جسده يحبُّ رؤية تدرجات الألوان فوقه يحبُّ الوخزات التي تصيبهُ لدى ملامسته للازرقاق فيه يحبُّ ذاكَ الخيط الذي يفصلُ بين وعيهِ و اللا اهتمام لكن أكثر ما ي...
Miss Delivery Girl by jaguahrt
Miss Delivery Girl by jaguahr
❝Hello---❞ ❝Yo, where are the condoms I ordered the other day? If I'm not getting those goods, I want my money back!❞ ❝What?❞ ❝Wait, why do you sound like a girl...
Dian Rafaella by erin_niellt
Dian Rafaella by erin_niell
START PUBLISH :: 27 | 11 | 2016 - Short Story - Advanture Story - Action story - Romance Story - Mature Story - Horror Story [ NO SIPNOSIS ] ~ merapu / merepek...
OTORNIM || JiCheol by jicheolationt
OTORNIM || JiCheol by jicheolation
OTORNIM "In which Jihoon fell in love with a Wattpad author with the username @CyScoups." #JiCheolWalangTitibag
Winter's Spell: Fantasy Anthology by DistantDreamert
Winter's Spell: Fantasy Anthology by DistantDreamer
Snow. Magic. Romance. Curl up by the fire and read winter-themed short stories from both popular and new Wattpad writers all December long.
The Four Bad Boys And The Four Good Girls by kristelespinat
The Four Bad Boys And The Four Goo... by kristelespina
Meet Krisha Mendoza,Jane Lopez,Stacey Gonzalez,and Sammie Lim mga nerd sila walang nakikipagkaibigan kaya sila lang..paano kaya kung makilala nila ang F4 ang gwapo,mayay...
ek duje ke vaaste 2  by zainabrzeent
ek duje ke vaaste 2 by zainabrzeen
So hi guys this is the continuation of ek duje ke vaaste which was abruptly being shut down. This is just my imagination hope you guys like it!!!
BTS fanart story ••Arabic Sub••  by mytae98t
BTS fanart story ••Arabic Sub•• by mytae98
حبيت احول فكرة الفان آرت'ز الى قصص قصيرة ° و اكيد لكوبلات بانقتان بس اكثر شي تكون لليونمين ° إستمتعوا بقرائتها ؛-؛ ° ✨ °
Confessions Helpline [#3 of the Helpline Trilogy] by savvyinpinkt
Confessions Helpline [#3 of the He... by savvyinpink
[ the helpline trilogy, sequel to breakup helpline and teen helpline ] ❝Hello, welcome to Confessions Helpline! We come from a franchise of helplines, dedicated to maki...
28 Days || Larry Stylinson AU by GiuliaSincet
28 Days || Larry Stylinson AU by GiuliaSince
Harry e Louis condividono attimi, passioni momentanee, segreti e qualche ora sotto le lenzuola. Nessuno dei due vuole di più: Harry ha una figlia, un lavoro in una pres...
Sfida natalizia Al&Da by ravenbluext
Sfida natalizia Al&Da by ravenbluex
Tutti conosciamo la figura di Babbo Natale. Ma... qualcuno si è mai chiesto chi è il vecchio vestito di rosso che ogni anno porta i regali ai bambini buoni, secondo la...
Small Talk #1 ✓  by aaprilshowerst
Small Talk #1 ✓ by aaprilshowers
This is a story in which a boy phones a girl... 'Hello welcome to Lonely Line, Adelaide speaking. How may I be of your assistance?' 'I have a very important question...
The Cupid Helpline | ongoing by ellipsianst
The Cupid Helpline | ongoing by ellipsians
it started out as a dare- tahlie calling up- trying to waste their time, but add in a very pushy best friend, a lot of over-the-phone arguments, a potentially cheating b...
Leo and the Imaginary Friendzone by _StarsInTheDaylight_t
Leo and the Imaginary Friendzone by _StarsInTheDaylight_
Scarlet had an imaginary friend. Much like most children, when she was eight years old she outgrew him, but they were best friends while it lasted. Fast forward eight y...
Scary Stories by Candy_B_FredPottert
Scary Stories by Candy_B_FredPotter
I'll update every few days, I've found stories from all corners of the Internet to share with you! I've found the best scary stories to creep you out! *NOT MINE, SOME...
A Winter Miracle (Short Story) Completed by Stephalantet
A Winter Miracle (Short Story) Com... by Stephalante
It's the winter season and all is fun and joy for everyone but Madison. This was the season her parents died in a car accident. Her so called friends pretended they didn...
Oakland's Christmas Angel by vibrantwrites-t
Oakland's Christmas Angel by vibrantwrites-
Starting her new life in California with her children, Noelle Woods felt lost as she braced her favorite season with one less family member. But soon enough she found ou...
Santa's Secret Bakery by NazMel258t
Santa's Secret Bakery by NazMel258
a p p l y f ic o p e n d e a d l i n e: 2 5 / 1 2 / 1 6 [ Where's Santa's Secret Bakery? ] [ s l o t : 7 / 7 ] b t s & g o t 7 Christmas Fan-Fic