Lipograms, by Olan L. Smith by CottonJones
Lipograms, by Olan L. Smithby Olan Smith
This is the collection of my lipogram constraint poems, perhaps one of the hardest constraints to write using the English language. In a lipogram you omit at least one l...
  • sonnet
  • poetry
  • short-story
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The Ghost I see by RenIsAWeirdo
The Ghost I seeby 🌹Cliqµe|-/
Sam is just a boy living a life but after a ghost came into is life he changed he became friends with this ghost, but what he didn't know that he was someones ghost. He...
  • short-story
  • tylertheghost
  • tøp
Wild Flower by averageFanatic
Wild Flowerby Dragon Ink
" I can't deny that I want to take care of you and be happy." " Then let me be your flower." Kim Taehyung X Reader FF
  • romance
  • jhope
  • minyoongi
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Short Stories by Ralder
Short Storiesby Ral
a collected version of short scenes some are finished, some are not, but they are all short. Your thought and critics are appreciated. expect prose and poems alike. sinc...
  • conversation
  • sadstories
  • random
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Creative Writing Short Stories by Not_a_demon
Creative Writing Short Storiesby Shelby 🐅 Tiger
Short stories that I wrote in creative writing last semester. Have fun
  • short-story
Recognition Awards - OPEN by AwardOfRecognition
Recognition Awards - OPENby Recognition Awards
Are you a writer who thinks that you don't get the recognition you deserve? Well, then you've come to exactly the right place! Welcome To The Recognition Awards! Where w...
  • short-story
  • humor
  • awardofrecognition
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Goodbye Letters by louparadise
Goodbye Lettersby L. Paradise
letters on why she's leaving
  • love
  • letters
  • goodbyes
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Si jamais tu lis ça by soumaescritora
Si jamais tu lis çaby soumaescritora
Si jamais tu lis ça, j'aimerais que tu saches que c'est pour toi.
  • amour
  • lettre
  • short-story
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Imperfect by Geminifever
Imperfectby KIARA
❝For everyone Mira's life was perfect but little did they knew her life was far from- perfect. ❞ This is the story of Mira's life in snippets.
  • fake
  • girl
  • short
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mareyla kita merasai pengalaman yang kepada sesiapa mempunyai KERASH!!! SAKIT? HAPPY? KECEWA? Hurm.. nak tau.. maila baca FUCKTARS MEMPUNYAI CRUSH ni.. -Sincerely~JoeWai...
  • on-going
  • short-story
  • crush
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The hunt by Lucy1moo
The huntby Lucy Watson
In the deep jungle Hari angers men, causing a dangerous game of cat and mouse, as she desperately tries escape the hunt to the death.
  • fighttothedeath
  • danger
  • manhunt
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It's Sort Of Love?  by Shefalimysticals16
It's Sort Of Love? by Shefalimysticals16
A married couple and one of them wants to escape from this relationship. Is it Abhi or Pragya?
  • zee-tv
  • cute
  • fun
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Escape from Stupid U by ScottyFelker
Escape from Stupid Uby ScottyFelker
Jake Hamilton was great at athletics but sucked at academics. As a result of his abysmal grade, he never graduated high school. Because of that, he could never get into...
  • university
  • stupid-u
  • humour
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The tear of a child by linkthunderix
The tear of a childby Nobody
I'm sad and I'm alone. You've never been on the phone. Leaving me with just a little note. So here's a short that I've wrote.
  • one-shot
  • wattpride
  • short-story
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Sunday Brunch by CresentOwl
Sunday Brunchby Monisha Mukherjee
Katherine was looking forward to a nice relaxing Sunday. Her family had other plans.
  • comedy
  • short-story
  • reveal
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Melody Series by XiuXue
Melody Seriesby 秀 雪
A song can be smoothing, raging, sad, or even mind blowing. However, a song is a story and life by itself. Thus, the emotions when we feel are either real or our imagina...
  • bl
  • series
  • music
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Naivety by linkthunderix
Naivetyby Nobody
It is a one-short story that I've made during my boredom.
  • one-shot
  • random
  • short-story
My Completely Normal Day by Zodiacle_Rose
My Completely Normal Dayby The Original Rose
Ruby's just like any teenage girl. Really, she is.
  • short-story
  • homeless
  • one-shot
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The little red dragon. by Jeffdakiller677
The little red Jeff caldwell
A short story of the life of this little red dragon. (cover art by: Ketsou [])
  • lesson
  • socialanxiety
  • overcoming
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Tim à la plume d'argent by user19243366
Tim à la plume d'argentby Holmes78
Une short-story d'un jeune garçon racontant l'histoire d'amour entre deux hommes.
  • sentiment
  • suspense
  • short-story
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