Watch Me Work // Jikook  by ChaitanyaChinky
Watch Me Work // Jikook by ChaitanyaChinky
Park Jimin is a fitness freak and joins a gym run by the Kim brothers to lose the weight he gained in the last 6 months due to his lack of workout. What happens when he...
  • kimseokjin
  • fluff
  • jikook
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I Didn't Want This Pitiful Life! by Xerrui
I Didn't Want This Pitiful Life!by Xerrui
Soume Mitsuki, a thirteen years old prodigy, was well known as a beautiful princess at school. As always, beautiful people always have their flaws. Like many others, Mit...
  • romance
  • magic
  • aristocracy
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haunted ➖ btsvelvet by ctrltzuyu
haunted ➖ btsvelvetby ctrltzuyu
❝is it just me? i saw yeri behind wendy...❞ in which kim yerim haunts and kills her haters. [[ a side fanfic of taecansteponme's goodbye [ read goodbye first before read...
  • redvelvet
  • taehyung
  • jin
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Will You Ever Be Mine???  (Shivika Ss) by Fenil234
Will You Ever Be Mine??? ( Fenil234
What happens when you meet someone unexpectedly when you fall in love with the person when you realize the importance the other one holds in your life when you realize...
  • ishqbaazi
  • friends
  • office
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She's My One And Only Sex Slave by insanus_author
She's My One And Only Sex Slaveby insanus_author
SPG#1 Si Tiara Mendez ay isang Napakaganda at mabait na Anak pero may pagkamakapal ngalang.Binenta sya ng kanyang Ama bilang isang SLAVE kay John Clein Perez isang mayam...
  • romcom
  • kpop
  • spg
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popular | kim jungwoo by ducksummoner
popular | kim jungwooby ducksummoner
"of course everyone loves him, he's popular." in which the outcast of the school is envious of the popular kid HIGHEST RANK: #67 in short story date started: 8...
  • nct2018
  • nct
  • lucaswong
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FANART //JIKOOK  by ChaitanyaChinky
FANART //JIKOOK by ChaitanyaChinky
° A story where Jimin is a fanboy of actor Jeon Jungkook.Jimin makes fanart of himself with his idol. What happens when the star himself discovers the cute fanarts and...
  • jimin
  • cuteboys
  • jikook
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carnations (seungjin) by BLUESIDE-
carnations (seungjin)by BLUESIDE-
"if i had a flower for every time i thought of you i could walk in my garden forever." --- in which hyunjin falls for the boy who works at the corner flower sh...
  • hyunjin
  • hyunmin
  • straykids
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My Baby Girl [C.XK] by iloveecandyy
My Baby Girl [C.XK]by iloveecandyy
"what can I do? I want you so bad baby girl. I will have you by myself, just wait and see." A story of a guy who will do everything just to get the girl he wan...
  • zhouzhengting
  • fanchengcheng
  • huangjustin
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Sal Fisher x Reader Oneshots by Twintaileddragon
Sal Fisher x Reader Oneshotsby Twintaileddragon
Just a collection of Oneshots I will write. I love this precious cinnamon roll. Feel free to request if you'd like.
  • sallyxreader
  • sallyface
  • fisher
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Pizza Delivery ➲ 蔡徐坤 [cai xukun] by pitiful-
Pizza Delivery ➲ 蔡徐坤 [cai xukun]by pitiful-
k n o c k k n o c k ❝ Hi, this is Papa Pete's Pizza delivery! ❞ Their life together began with a simple pizza delivery and continued with many complications. Started: 1...
  • cpop
  • mandopop
  • swin
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winter ➳ lai guanlin  by baejinswifeu
winter ➳ lai guanlin by baejinswifeu
❝ hi miss, single ka ba? pahinging digits .❞ ❅ produce101 s2 series ♔ wanna one series ♡ #28 on ss 18.03.22 © baejinswifeu started: 17.03.11 ended:
  • kimjaehwan
  • parkjihoon
  • guanlin
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'Childhood' -ft. NCT Lucas by BEMASKFIRE917
'Childhood' -ft. NCT Lucasby BEMASKFIRE917
Please read my other ff forgotten. It's been years since I've seen him. How many years? It's been 9 years. You've achieved your dream, without me. You left me, in a bli...
  • childhoodsweethearts
  • kpop
  • action
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Two Hearts As One 🔓 ♡BxB♡ by IzzySaysHaii
Two Hearts As One 🔓 ♡BxB♡by IzzySaysHaii
Where two people from different backgrounds, but similar situations find a way to lose their hearts and themselves through a few text messages sent. #234 in Short Story...
  • olderguy
  • love
  • dialogue
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Daily Short Shorts or My Brain Has Diarrhea by JWCMaher
Daily Short Shorts or My Brain JWCMaher
One year, 365 day personal challenge. A daily short story, purged from my empty little skull, under one thousand words. Just enough for a bus ride. Or a distracted driv...
  • day
  • dark
  • funny
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WHO I AM - A Letter For The World by -TheRealMe-
WHO I AM - A Letter For The Worldby -TheRealMe-
I hope that people will read my entry and be inspired to be themselves without hesitation. My entry for the #lovesimon contest! I am very happy and excited to be enterin...
  • teen
  • gay
  • lovesimon
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The Shameless Little Lies #2   by moonchildnessa
The Shameless Little Lies #2 by moonchildnessa
[Sequel to The Merciless Black List Of Highland High] Secrets and lies. The very flesh and bone of the infamous Shameless Foursome guys. Collin Adamms, the supposed c...
  • short
  • romance
  • revenge
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bestfriend - nct by kanqeuigeon
bestfriend - nctby kanqeuigeon
❝i was waiting for the time that someday i will tell you how much i love you so.❞ nct's jisung | short story written in english form 180313 ; ? ongoing © kanqeuigeon all...
  • jisung
  • nct127
  • nctdream
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