Letters......Anika  by chahak2003
Letters......Anika by chahak2003
#8 in short stories on 22/02/2018 A story of regret. A story of tears. A story of grave loss. Read to know what Anika left for the family before leaving Shivaay. What wa...
  • rudra
  • omkara
  • shivaay
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ᴄᴏʟᴅ; changlix by -changbin
ᴄᴏʟᴅ; changlixby -changbin
"i'm sorry that the only thing i can make you feel is pure fucking hatred," ↳ #20 short story 20/02/2018 ~☆* ↳ bhuwxkul ~☆* ↳ 2018 ~☆*
  • changbin
  • seochangbin
  • changlix
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One piece one shots by cringe-fanfics4lyfe
One piece one shotsby cringe-fanfics4lyfe
This is gonna be a one shot book where people can make requests for one piece couples also I won't write stuff like Sanji x nami cause that just messes with my OTPs. Any...
  • requeststuff
  • book
  • lemons
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Noli Me Tangere by VjhaySandiego
Noli Me Tangereby VjhaySandiego
Sa katunayan, ang titulo ng librong ito na Noli Me Tangere ay kastilang wika na ang ibig sabihin ay Wag Mo Akong Salingin o kaya naman ay Touch Me Not. Ito ay tumutukoy...
  • vjhaysandiego
AvNeil SS : "Dus Din Ladki In.!" by docritu99
AvNeil SS : "Dus Din Ladki In.!"by docritu99
Highest Rank #22 in short story What happens when U discover U have A Secret Admirer.? Someone Is There for You, Silently Looking for You, Pampering all throughout. How...
  • avneil
  • romance
  • secret
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Noodle Boy by nyctoi
Noodle Boyby nyctoi
"Hey, what flower combination says 'I'm single and ready to mingle?'" "Are you serious?" A self-proclaimed bad boy meets the new, edgy employee of th...
  • nyctoi
  • violence
  • funny
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Colours Of Life by lala_lugnut
Colours Of Lifeby lala_lugnut
"Never forget to indulge yourself in the colours of life." This one part short story follows a young couple, Sierra and Michael(Mike) Randall, as they begin th...
  • red
  • meaningful
  • sad
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Sugar Lips by acentrix
Sugar Lipsby acentrix
"How do you feel knowing I'm all yours?" "Are you really, though?" ☆ ☆ ☆ Holly thought that Soraya Blakely would be the first girl she could finally...
  • shortstory
  • drama
  • badgirls
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Wednesday Vibes by allwesinners
Wednesday Vibesby allwesinners
When Wednesday's best friend, Kinsey, leaves for a school exchange program- the only thing she leaves behind for Wednesday is a to-do list. On it, thirteen Kinsey-inspir...
  • romance
  • adventure
  • love
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In the Middle of Nowhere ✔️ by _sprxnkles_
In the Middle of Nowhere ✔️by _sprxnkles_
"Sometimes you find yourself in the middle of nowhere, and sometimes in the middle of nowhere, you find yourself." WINNER OF CHICKLIT PROMPT 8! (CC) Attrib. N...
  • chicklit
  • wklyprompt
The Other Side To The Story | ✅ by CherryIsOn
The Other Side To The Story | ✅by CherryIsOn
A sad story about the wrong side if the story. How we always look away from the ones who do everything. Not even knowing how fake they are and what's happening in their...
  • girl
  • thepeopleofsociety
  • popular
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ยักษ์กินยักษ์ by BnPtrp
ยักษ์กินยักษ์by BnPtrp
รวมshort fic ยักษ์กินยักษ์นะคะ สนองneedเช่นเคย ไม่สามารถแต่งเรื่องยาวได้ อาจจะได้แค่ฟิคละ2-3ตอนแค่นั้น เวลาว่างน้อยม๊าก;w;
  • 9ศาสตรา
  • ยักษ์กินยักษ์
I'm Jealous Of The Rain [Complite] by xunicornpink
I'm Jealous Of The Rain [Complite]by xunicornpink
[4/4] "Jangan pergi," pintaku. "Tak akan," jawabmu sembari jatuh cinta pada lain hati. • • Copyright© 2018, oleh Feby Anggreyani
  • sad
  • truestory
  • fiksiremaja
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instagram ❣ yang jeongin by cherishjeongin
instagram ❣ yang jeonginby cherishjeongin
❝oH CAN YOU JUST SHUT THE FUCK UP.❞ when jeongin accidentally sent a message to one of famous girl ulzzangs,kim dasom. ㅡ STRAY KIDS JEONGIN ENGLISH EPISTOLARY ㅡ CHERISH...
  • jeongin
  • minho
  • kimnahee
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Letters From Unknown (Zarry Stylik) by odett123
Letters From Unknown (Zarry Stylik)by odett123
Harry receives a few letters. He doesn't know from whom they are. But he soon finds out. [Short Story] [Highest Rank Yet : #135 in short story]
  • styles
  • malik
  • bxb
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Keith ✔ by contemporary0kid
Keith ✔by contemporary0kid
Keith was your ordinary nerd next door, until his parents die from a tragic accident. With their aunt Gina not being able to take care of them. He and his socialist bror...
  • adoption
  • sad
  • eliahgreenwood
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Let Me Love You by choiheeeyoung
Let Me Love Youby choiheeeyoung
3 different perspectives of people wanting to love and be loved || Book 1 of 3 Characters: Min Yoongi, Kang Seulgi, Kim Taehyung A collaboration fanfiction by 959697 (pa...
  • bts
  • btsvelvet
  • seulgi
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