TINY TALES by Tallguyshortstory
Tiny Tales (TT) is the collection of Shortest original stories ever, written by me, It covers all genre and I am maintaining a strict word limit of 50 Most of the stori...
  • love
  • world
  • bookworm
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Gay Oneshots(BxB/MxM) by BANDLOVR
Gay Oneshots(BxB/MxM)by BANDLOVR
BOOK 2 well, as the title says, this is going to be gay one shots OR short stories. NO HOMOPHOBIC COMMENTS if you don't like homosexuality, why are you even here? oh a...
  • oneshots
  • mature
  • bisexual
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lost figments.  by akriones
lost figments. by —
❝ in the end, i realized that i found a masterpiece handcrafted by the gods of our haunted youth and a wilting daisy who would survive the storm within this chaotic worl...
  • gone
  • happiness
  • prose
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Our Cliché Love-Story by La744874
Our Cliché Love-Storyby Marina100
Meet Gia Caser, a highschool sassy, half-geek, funny girl. The only thing which matters to Gia is her friends. She has just one intention for her whole life and that is...
  • badboy
  • heart-break
  • playboy
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Obvious [Kaisaki] by Eldrellin
Obvious [Kaisaki]by Lady Tokura
"T-Then, w-why you help me?!" ~Misaki~ "Isn't it obvious, Tokura?" ~Kai~
  • short-story
  • romance
  • vanguard
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Red Strings / 赤绳 by kurenai86
Red Strings / 赤绳by kurenai86
== Terjemahan == Sebuah cerita pendek tentang kelinci abadi yang mengacaukan benang-benang merah Yue Lao pada dewa lain. Author(s) : Hai Qing Na Tian E / 海青拿天鹅 Year: 201...
  • romance
  • rabbit
  • immortal
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Story Shorties by xXSneakyFangXx
Story Shortiesby Brad Smith
I'll publish random drafts of short stories that'll be a chapter of it's own. Sometimes it'll branch out and become a story itself of it's own but for now, let it rest h...
  • short-story
  • random
  • interactive
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Pumpkin or Threat ? by elisatlfsse
Pumpkin or Threat ?by elisatlfsse
PETITE HISTOIRE ÉCRITE POUR LE PLAISIR. Quand Hally Pumpkin, jeune journaliste de Londres, voit la possibilité de réaliser son rêve - écrire pour la célèbre agence de m...
  • halloween
  • lovestory
  • funstory
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Dearest me, by AanayaLa
Dearest me,by Aanaya La
«Sometimes you don't need someone to take you out from darkness.» A letter written by me not for anyone else but just for myself. For that myself, who fall in love and a...
  • non-fiction
  • heart-break
  • one-shot
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So Far, Yet So Close by Sheriff-Bravado2115
So Far, Yet So Closeby Brycen B.
A short story written by me. Enjoy.
  • fiction
  • peaceful
  • short-story
Short Horror Stories by creepypasta-girl
Short Horror Storiesby creepypasta-girl
Short random horror stories for the bored. Best time to read at night with a bowl of your favorite snack, Oh! and a flashlight. Not recommended for 13 and below (unless...
  • imagination
  • thriller
  • short-story
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A Day Out With the Fixer by Omenai
A Day Out With the Fixerby Omenai
When a twelve year old girl gets the rarest 'fixing of her life' opportunity that gives her the ability to make anything happen or not happen through the power of her mi...
  • short-story
  • adventure
  • mystery
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3 Roses at midnight by niiyadolan
3 Roses at midnightby niiyadolan
This is a story about the poe toaster. Hope you like.
  • poe-toster
  • roses
  • short-story
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Life is Never What it Seems by DeadlyFoxgloves
Life is Never What it Seemsby DeadlyFoxgloves
Follow the main character through this short story of sadness and hope in a strange new world. But mostly sadness. Lots of sadness. It had to be sad for a writing contes...
  • bad-explinations
  • secret-dog
  • cancer
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Undercurrent by gabycabezut
Undercurrentby GabyCabezut
You're inside the ocean and something dangerous is lurking. What is it? Will you survive? Dive in to find out!
  • natgeo
  • wattpadstars
  • ocean
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My Favorite Inspirational Quotes. by LoveRainbowsandBooks
My Favorite Inspirational LoveRainbowsandBooks
This short story is about some of my personal favorite Inspirational quotes.
  • personal-to-author
  • quotes
  • short-story
Strength Isnt Weakness by kitten37789
Strength Isnt Weaknessby Getting My Sh*t Together
Read to find out
  • sad
  • depressing
  • kids
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Kidnapped by JChloeC
Kidnappedby JChloeC
What I thought was going to be a relaxing walk along the waterfront turned into a grab and go. Going from trapped on a boat to almost drowning. Not the way I wanted to...
  • kidnapped
  • short-story
Death is more than a concept by opal000
Death is more than a conceptby ZeroBelow
Death is just a predator much higher on the food chain than we are, and our perception of it is as limited as an ants perception of a child with a magnifying glass.
  • mystery
  • paranormal
  • short-story
Parallel  by NotYourTypicallGirl
Parallel by Angel
The two lines that never meant to meet.
  • math
  • lines
  • maiklingkwento
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