She's My One And Only Sex Slave by insanus_author
She's My One And Only Sex Slaveby insanus_author
SPG#1 Si Tiara Mendez ay isang Napakaganda at mabait na Anak pero may pagkamakapal ngalang.Binenta sya ng kanyang Ama bilang isang SLAVE kay John Clein Perez isang mayam...
  • parkboyoung
  • spg
  • funny
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popular | kim jungwoo by ducksummoner
popular | kim jungwooby ducksummoner
"of course everyone loves him, he's popular." in which the outcast of the school is envious of the popular kid HIGHEST RANK: #41 in short story date started: 8...
  • 루가스
  • 엔씨티
  • nct
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I Didn't Want This Pitiful Life! by Xerrui
I Didn't Want This Pitiful Life!by Xerrui
Soume Mitsuki, a thirteen years old prodigy, was well known as a beautiful princess at school. As always, beautiful people always have their flaws. Like many others, Mit...
  • fantasy
  • magic
  • lolitaprotagonist
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FANART //JIKOOK  by ChaitanyaChinky
FANART //JIKOOK by ChaitanyaChinky
° A story where Jimin is a fanboy of actor Jeon Jungkook.Jimin makes fanart of himself with his idol. What happens when the star himself discovers the cute fanarts and...
  • jungkook
  • bottomjimin
  • sweet
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My Baby Girl [C.XK] by iloveecandyy
My Baby Girl [C.XK]by iloveecandyy
"what can I do? I want you so bad baby girl. I will have you by myself, just wait and see." A story of a guy who will do everything just to get the girl he wan...
  • wangziyi
  • ludinghao
  • yumingjun
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Two Hearts As One 🔓 ♡BxB♡ by IzzySaysHaii
Two Hearts As One 🔓 ♡BxB♡by IzzySaysHaii
Where two people from different backgrounds, but similar situations find a way to lose their hearts and themselves through a few text messages sent. #114 in Short Story...
  • love
  • lgbt
  • understanding
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Sal Fisher x Reader Oneshots by Twintaileddragon
Sal Fisher x Reader Oneshotsby Twintaileddragon
Just a collection of Oneshots I will write. I love this precious cinnamon roll. Feel free to request if you'd like.
  • fisher
  • face
  • sally
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carnations (seungjin) by BLUESIDE-
carnations (seungjin)by BLUESIDE-
"if i had a flower for every time i thought of you i could walk in my garden forever." --- in which hyunjin falls for the boy who works at the corner flower sh...
  • hwanghyunjin
  • hyunjin
  • fluff
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'Childhood' -ft. NCT Lucas by BEMASKFIRE917
'Childhood' -ft. NCT Lucasby BEMASKFIRE917
Please read my other ff forgotten. It's been years since I've seen him. How many years? It's been 9 years. You've achieved your dream, without me. You left me, in a bli...
  • childhoodsweethearts
  • romance
  • lucas
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Daily Short Shorts or My Brain Has Diarrhea by JWCMaher
Daily Short Shorts or My Brain JWCMaher
One year, 365 day personal challenge. A daily short story, purged from my empty little skull, under one thousand words. Just enough for a bus ride. Or a distracted driv...
  • humour
  • dark
  • flashfiction
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Main Rahoon Ya Na Rahoon... by Ishi-10
Main Rahoon Ya Na Ishi-10
Khushboo Bankar Teri Saanso Mein Sama Jayenge, Sukun Bankar Tere Dil Mein Utar Jayenge, Mehsus Karne Ki Koshish To Kijiye, Dur Rahte Hue Bhi Pass Najar Aayenge. So, I am...
  • ishra
  • secretlove
  • love
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The Shameless Little Lies #2   by moonchildnessa
The Shameless Little Lies #2 by moonchildnessa
[Sequel to The Merciless Black List Of Highland High] Secrets and lies. The very flesh and bone of the infamous Shameless Foursome guys. Collin Adamms, the supposed c...
  • badass
  • projectbadboy
  • romance
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SWAP IDEA  3 by NPC2301
Ketika penulis-penulis kami kembali bertukar ide, dunia seperti apa yang mereka bawakan? Cover manis dari @ariski
  • ceritapendek
  • npc
  • shortstory
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winter ➳ lai guanlin  by baejinswifeu
winter ➳ lai guanlin by baejinswifeu
❝ hi miss, single ka ba? pahinging digits .❞ ❅ produce101 s2 series ♔ wanna one series ♡ #23 on ss 18.03.23 © baejinswifeu started: 17.03.11 ended:
  • guanlin
  • leedaehwi
  • epistolary
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bestfriend - nct by kanqeuigeon
bestfriend - nctby kanqeuigeon
❝i was waiting for the time that someday i will tell you how much i love you so.❞ nct's jisung | short story written in english form 180313 ; ? ongoing © kanqeuigeon all...
  • nctu
  • nct
  • jisung
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Forever ~ Shivin SS by Riya_Sachan
Forever ~ Shivin SSby Riya_Sachan
Marriage is not a alliance. It's a bond which connects two bodies till the eternity. Their love was pure, is pure and will always be. They complete each other. But how...
  • momo
  • shivin
  • vivaah
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ROSE🌹 by ChloeBallard
ROSE🌹by ChloeBallard
Rose Santana is the daughter of a notorious drug lord. After 16 long years her granny and mom can't deal with all the drama that comes with Rose. Rose is also mute. Nobo...
  • miami
  • thuglife
  • death
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kidnapped |•l.jh | by sachimeimai
kidnapped |•l.jh |by sachimeimai
"kidnapper sheytttt tulong!" In which Lee Jihoon gets kidnapped by Kwon Soonyoung Sachi's Seventeen FF short story series no.1
  • joshua
  • hoshi
  • scoups
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