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Random Stories of March 2020 by Alastabdk
Random Stories of March 2020by Brandy Kirby
These will be my monthly challenges . Each will be titled random stories of "month and year" so you call can enjoy my daily challenges. I haven't decided wheth...
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The Accidental Photograph (Short story) by Phoenix_Quake
The Accidental Photograph (Short Phoenix Quake
What happens when you see something you are not supposed to? Join Ajit in his journey to discover something phenomenal, Something magical. Will he succeed? Or will the s...
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Fake World (Short-story)  by A_LadyCute
Fake World (Short-story) by Kireina Hatakeシ
Ginawa ko ito para sa mga katulad Kong mga rp'er. Sunday, 8 March. (COMPLETED)
Daily Detailed Development Documentation - More by TheoMarzona
Daily Detailed Development Theo Marzona
D4-E Is a continuation of Daily Detailed Development Documentation which has now reached 800 parts. Read D4 : Read D4-C : https://www.w...
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The Damned Proposal by BlueBelle777
The Damned Proposalby BlueBelle777
At Camp Half-Blood, a new "prophecy" is foreseen... this time solely for Annabeth. What will she uncover? Read on to find out...
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Brother  by AlexanderHamilton06
Brother by It’s_Padfoot_Pidges
I stumbled into someone walking away from my brothers room. "Oh! I'm sorry!" The guy apologized. "That's my brothers room," I nodded to the hospita...
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I Am A Cat by MangleWontBite86
I Am A Catby Iyzzick
A short poem about cats.
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The Vanity by WildeHeartsCantBreak
The Vanityby Sarah Wilde
It was supposed to be a celebration for her girlfriend's thirtieth birthday. Rachel Scott planned a paranormal themed trip to the heart of America's haunted cities, Sav...
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Entropy by srarizona321
Entropyby arizona
A short story about the greater forces of life and some elves.
The Cerberus Confederation by Eliralla
The Cerberus Confederationby Eliralla
Eden, a human who does not remember her past, takes shelter at a mysterious military compound when creatures try to attack her one night. With the help of The Cerberus C...
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10 Days with a jerk by Pula_is_Red
10 Days with a jerkby iAmYaaaaaass
Ten days, one story to tell.
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The Homestay Murder (Completed) by avyukthinna
The Homestay Murder (Completed)by Avyukth
Indian novelist, Viraat Nair, meets with an accident in the hilly regions of Munnar. He finds his way to a Homestay for help, but little does he know what that place has...
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The Story Of An Agel⚈้̤͡ꇴ⚈้̤͡ ॢ♡   by Aquelia-Fang
The Story Of An Agel⚈้̤͡ꇴ⚈้̤͡ ॢ♡ by Aquelia-Fang
Autor:被自己纯洁到的東爺 Sauce- Weibo
~Nicarry Art and other stuff~ by Apple-Zebra123
~Nicarry Art and other stuff~by Rosie_Abigale
Nica x Larry.....The Oc x canon ship ....I made....on quotev.... If I'm suffering, my Followers will suffer with me ~Larry and other characters from Eddsworld that wil...
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Smile of Reassurance by Mosqueda777
Smile of Reassuranceby Mosqueda777
Following the experience of his father's death, Vladimir Ivanovitch (Vasya) confronts the falsehoods of upper-class society and its pompous representatives. With the ass...
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