How we met ( Adrian X Ryu) by KiraHanae457
How we met ( Adrian X Ryu)by Gacha
{Completed} How Adrian And Ryu met. This story happened around December ___ No spoilersssssssssss~, Anyways. is tired, imma go to sleep. uwu forever.
  • adrianxryu
  • short-story
  • uwu
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The Fish Tank by Mitromney
The Fish Tankby Mitromney
In Hawaii, it is not uncommon to find varieties of fish, both oceanic and fresh-water. But can Kamal find a natural habitat for Poo, who was found as an infant? Or must...
  • adventure
  • jellyfish
  • oceanography
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Things about by KiraHanae457
Things about Mis.erby Gacha is me, and in this short-story type, imma explain things about me! I'm clearly lazy so just a few chapters uwu.
  • mist
  • short-story
  • uwu
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Noona's Not Mine || jjk ff COMPLETED ✔️ by jcookiey
Noona's Not Mine || jjk ff jcookiey
"Noona, you're not mine" short story 🙌 jjk x reader
  • bangtan
  • jungkook
  • jk
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The Night is Cold by Neeko-Hiratomishai
The Night is Coldby Karla Clark
The Night is Cold is a short story based on a simple, touching love story between Miyuki and a lost lover.
  • realistic
  • touching
  • simplistic
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Skyrim by VincentRitter
Skyrimby Snowy
Things I find on Skyrim XP
  • game
  • short-story
  • skyrim
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Tread quietly upon the tracks - Complete by lashywrites
Tread quietly upon the tracks - Lashy
'A phone?' Help? From someone he didn't know? That would be a first - seeing how he was the kind of man who'd never lost a pen or misplaced a pair of shades so far. Tha...
  • short-story
  • fate
  • chance-encounter
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For A Storm Without Gods by GemJacksonAuthor
For A Storm Without Godsby GemJacksonAuthor
"The fighting did come closer. It came at night. It came in the form of dragons and fire." Everyone knows the gods bicker and everone knows they fight. In a wo...
  • conflict
  • high-fantasy
  • fantasy
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Fair but Cruel World by Afadls123
Fair but Cruel Worldby Afadls123
Sam, diminutive of Samson, moved into the neighbourhood when he was just 4 years old. At the time it was saddening because his parents had to migrate over from England d...
  • unfair
  • nigeria
  • short-story
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Short Story 1 : Blake's Anxiety by Dreamturtlegirl316
Short Story 1 : Blake's Anxietyby Dreamturtlegirl316
This is another short story I created for my Fiction Writing. We were learning about Modes and this is exercise for it. I had to pick a character from another assignmen...
  • college-student
  • university-student
  • university-college
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•Valley Denied• by BriannaZAdeline1
•Valley Denied•by BriannaZAdeline1
{NOT COMPLETED} A Story about one of my oc's (Tamia,Cameron,Sharon etc.) One Winter Night Tamia's Dream Comes True!. What was the dream? what will happen? who knows? An...
  • alittlelong
  • short-story
  • gacha
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Short Story 2: A man in a Trench Coat by Dreamturtlegirl316
Short Story 2: A man in a Trench Dreamturtlegirl316
This is another assignment I had to due for my Fiction Writing Online College Course. I had to create a Flash Fiction based off a trigger. I will also put videos from yo...
  • men
  • fiction
  • man
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Seperti ini Kisahnya by naiheni
Seperti ini Kisahnyaby naiheni
Ada banyak kisah di luar sana. Terkadang hanya kisah yang sederhana tetapi ada yang sulit dan memilukan. Beberapa dari mereka nyata tetapi ada dari mereka yang berbohong...
  • teen-fiction
  • wattpadindo
  • romance
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The Women of the Night by Rainedance92
The Women of the Nightby Sydney Mitchell
When a princess climbs out of her window to escape an arranged marriage with someone she's never met, she is more than surprised to see her prince to be doing the same t...
  • short-story
  • adventure
  • mideival
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Short Story by losernoobs
Short Storyby a e s t h e t i x
so this is just a brief story for you guys to get the point on what my mind comes up with a 2 am.
  • short
  • bad
  • new
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Sing Me a Lullaby by Art3mis-Hunt3r
Sing Me a Lullabyby Art3mis-Hunt3r
It's the soft familiar tune that brings her back
  • sci-fi
  • horror
  • paranormal
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Sorry - A 1960s Short Story by lunarseastars
Sorry - A 1960s Short Storyby jon
A group of groovy 60s teens are living life and enjoying their summer vacation. But, what will happen when their happiness is turned into fear when their dear friend is...
  • 1960s
  • suspense
  • short-story
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Rains and reminiscence by alleyofdreams
Rains and reminiscenceby Aveek Dutta
The simplest events of childhood are like a liquid that flows through the mind when recalled, like the rains that drenched you when you were little, like the rains that...
  • reminiscence
  • short-story
  • idyllic
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The Sonic Encounter by Ace30020
The Sonic Encounterby Acey Christine
A Non-Fiction Short Story described by two friends. The setting is Present modern day at a local Sonic fast food drive in (Referred to as The Blue Hedge Palace). The Mai...
  • encounter
  • crush
  • friends
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