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Who Needs Magic in a Fantasy World Anyway? by Vexitus
Who Needs Magic in a Fantasy Kaleb Keeton
Passing away in her sleep after binge-watching anime, Koko finds herself reincarnated in another world filled with magic, monsters and a game-like system where one can b...
  • adventurers
  • humor
  • featured
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The Dragon Emperor and the Fairy Queen (Erza x MaleReader) by Ryuukishi
The Dragon Emperor and the Fairy Code & Ryu
This is the story of (Y / N) the thunder Dragon Slayer, a wizard of the Fairy tail guild
  • fantasy
  • lucy
  • gray
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Boku No Hero Academia, intercambio de clase by Ricardo2249
Boku No Hero Academia, Ricardo2249
izuku midoriya es sorpresivamente elegido para ser enviado a la clase B, pasando momentos divertidos y ocurrentes con los alumnos de esta clase.
  • shonen
  • deku
  • fanfic
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Naruto: The Lost Phoenix by Vexitus
Naruto: The Lost Phoenixby Kaleb Keeton
When Kai Nazaru suddenly finds himself alone in an unfamiliar mountain range and aged back to his seven-year-old self, he's surprised to say the least. But what's even m...
  • demons
  • adventure
  • fanfic
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BL Novel Recommendations 60+ 《Ongoing》 by ShizunLi
BL Novel Recommendations 60+ 《 Shizun
BL Novel Recommendations 《BL = Boys Love = boyxboy & manxman relationship = Shonen ai = Yaoi = Danmei》 《These BL Novels are not available here in Wattpad...
  • reincarnation
  • novel
  • manga
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secret ☆ giorno giovanna x reader by miruwuu
secret ☆ giorno giovanna x readerby bambi ゴ ゴ ゴ ゴ ゴ
"I'd prefer we started off on the right foot. I'm glad you know me as Giovanna... and you, signorina?" "Not so fast, buster. Don't think I'll give you my...
  • jjbaxreader
  • fluff
  • giornoxreader
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Drunk (Souma x Takumi) by _pyromantic
Drunk (Souma x Takumi)by full name
It wasn't rare that Takumi and Isami visited the Polar Star Dorm. In fact, it was like a second home to them. Outsiders might think it strange that they hang out there a...
  • souma
  • gay
  • shonenanime
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The Demon's Doll [Ray x Reader x Norman] #WATTYS2019 by twennyoneffs
The Demon's Doll [Ray x Reader x october
[The Promised Neverland] Demon's Doll - Norman x Reader x Ray Raised in a farm; adopted by the demon Archduke himself. The day of her supposed-to-be shipment, they knew...
  • gracefield
  • demonsdoll
  • emma
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Naruto One-Shots [completed] by saskade
Naruto One-Shots [completed]by k a d e
Some chapters of random Naruto themed one shots to help ya through whatever might be happening today. ♡ ••Started: 9/8/17•• ••Status: Complete•• ••Ended: 1/23/18••
  • shonen
  • shippuden
  • sasuke
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Our lives in Another World( Black Butler Fanfic) by keka246
Our lives in Another World( keka246
Racheal and Sofia are two of the happiest and weeb-est people you'll meet. They've dedicated their lives to their favorite anime, Black Butler, and like everyone else th...
  • otaku
  • cielxoc
  • demons
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Mon shonen écrit pour Aldi by NoahSanLeBG
Mon shonen écrit pour Aldiby OsEfDUptn2non
Je suis l'arrière petit fils d'akira toriyama et je fais un manga pour Aldi.
  • dd
  • audd
  • eco
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One Piece Trash by BleedingSphinx
One Piece Trashby expired_onigiri
A book containing One Piece trash specifically fandom trash, the best kind of trash. Basically a collection of things found on the internet, things about One Piece sur...
  • funfacts
  • anime
  • onepiece
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Easy ||The Promised Neverland|| A Ray Fanfic by TrissyBear18
Easy ||The Promised Neverland|| 🌙Moonah💜
[CONTAINS MAJOR SPOILERS FROM THE MANGA ITSELF] "I guess it was easy falling for her at first sight..." ~Drama, rom-com, love, and some smut ~The trio and th...
  • mamaisabella
  • anime
  • love
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|| Choose Either Death or Betrayal || Ray x Reader x Norman || by lizzbeek
|| Choose Either Death or Kirby💕
(Book cover credit: audreey29) - "(Y/n), your choice is easy. You can Either Choose Death or Betrayal." - The Promised Neverland. Ray x Reader x Norman. - Warn...
  • yakusokunoneverland
  • gracefield
  • manga
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The promised neverland ONE SHOTS (readerxcharacters/imagines)  by Klein_246
The promised neverland ONE SHOTS ( Klein101
Book full of one shots from The Promised Neverland. *disclaimer The Promised Neverland belongs to the owner
  • imagines
  • shonen
  • wattys2019
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A hero no matter what ! (mirio x reader) by Miidori_chan
A hero no matter what ! (mirio x Miidori_chan
A long time ago Y/N met mirio and he changed his opinion of heroes in a moment, she followed his footsteps and enter the UA. Little she knew this will change her life
  • myheroacademy
  • bnha
  • lovestory
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In A Heartbreak by BLarabic
In A Heartbreakby BL بالعربي
ياوي مانجا : أخيرا ، جمع مي جون لي الشجاعة للاعتراف بحبه الأول ، جو هان كيم. ومع ذلك ، فهو رفض بلطف ولكن بلا جدال! مكسور القلب ...
  • shonen
  • ياوي
  • aie
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tutor ♤ narancia ghirga x reader by miruwuu
tutor ♤ narancia ghirga x readerby bambi ゴ ゴ ゴ ゴ ゴ
"um... pardon the intrusion, but... would you like some help?" ♤♤♤ You were at your usual seat in the restaurant when you noticed him. The way he would grimace...
  • jjba
  • fanfiction
  • narancia
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Hinata, NO! by KingSilver47
Hinata, NO!by Alexis S. Silver
Kageyama notices that Hinata has been acting weird. Certain objects has gone "missing". Sometimes there were teeth marks on random objects like paper or pencil...
  • disorder
  • hinatashouyou
  • completed
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nakamoto [Kakashi Hatake Fanfiction] by lexthebackpackkid
nakamoto [Kakashi Hatake save me.
"What are you hiding Jia Nakamoto?" His dark brown- almost black, sloping eyes boring into her narrow deep green ones. Jia boldly took one step closer, creatin...
  • love
  • animeworld
  • nakamoto
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