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Never Be Enough by Em_Pie
Never Be Enoughby Emily
A shy girl branches out and apparently so does her brother's best friend, who is dating the "popular" girl. Balancing work, family, and drama at school, will s...
  • brother
  • sean
  • bestfriend
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The Death List  by GabriellaConde7
The Death List by Gabriella Conde
group of 5 girl chosen by fellow classmates to be on the hot list also called wish list little did they know it wasn't going to end well
  • killer
  • mystery
  • shocker
Tuesday by ellewashington
Tuesdayby Elle
Short story about sexuality and where I stand. I've been waiting so long to confirm my sexuality and it being pride month, I feel like I can do it.
  • bisexuality
  • heart-warming
  • free
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Devin.  by Burtmen
Devin. by Burtmen
The short story of a young boy moving on.
  • depressing
  • hell
  • thriller
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The Incredible Spider-Man by CameronWinkler
The Incredible Spider-Manby Amazing Spider-Man
Meet Cameron Winkler, a sophomore at Xavier High in New York city. He was like every other kid, but one day, after being bitten by a genetically altered Spider, he was n...
  • shocker
  • superhero
  • drama
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When Series Extras by reewashere
When Series Extrasby Sabrina Varsov
Includes a whole lot of #WhenSeries never before seen scenes! A lot of 'em, love! > Zach's POV (the fake date) > Lindsey and Spen's bonus chapter in her POV > S...
  • peek
  • love
  • random
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In Paris (P.P. + M.J.) by elmwitch17
In Paris (P.P. + M.J.)by elmwitch17
IN PARIS | "it's the city of love" Peter Parker. Michelle Jones. Two seemingly different people are actually alike in many ways. [DISCLAIMER] I wrote this book...
  • nedleeds
  • spideychelle
  • michellejones
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Protect them (Abused!Neglected!Spider-Man!Male Reader x RWBY) by DevilmanRWBYLHEENE9
Protect them (Abused!Neglected! DevilmanRWBYLHEENE9
(F/N) (L/N) was abused by his family, he can't bring himself to hate them because they're family.
  • venom
  • friendlyneighborhoodspiderman
  • rwbyfanfic
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Behind Closed Doors by DakotaMadison7
Behind Closed Doorsby Dakota
This is what life after death looks like, a whole lot of nothing. At least, it is when you get murdered and no one seems to know who did it. When something like this hap...
  • chilling
  • hangout
  • death
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The Happiest Girl. by GirlyBookwormXxx
The Happiest Anushree Karmakar
Serena Dane is the happiest girl you'll ever meet. If you ever get to meet her, that is. Love, Serena.
  • shocker
  • forest
  • nature
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The Dark Rose by Bacon_beech_girl
The Dark Roseby Annabelle Loyd
Harper begins to go out with a boy named Damon but someone doesn't seem to like that. Sabatoge? What will happen with Harper and Damon?
  • love
  • romance
  • shocker
Physco by RosesandRosy
Physcoby RosesandRosy
My name's Trinity and I made a horrible mistake and regret it more than anything else in the world. The mistake I made was killing the most valuable person to me.
  • shocker
  • skit
  • weird
A love so beautiful by listenwhenwetalk
A love so beautifulby BigPlans💭
A former seventh grader who regrets her decision later on in eighth grade on her true love since day one. Zachary was told he was rejected but in reality she was too str...
  • betrayal
  • decisions
  • middleschool
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Experimental Kamen Rider | (RWBY x Kamen Rider Ichigou) by Kiryu_The_Kirin
Experimental Kamen Rider | (RWBY Kiryu_The_Kirin
A man can be seen walking through the haze of the summer sun as it sets. He is clearly wounded with blood dripping down his arm and leg. He runs into a girl in red whils...
  • ichigou
  • rwby
  • crossover
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bitter souls by dannylame
bitter soulsby danny. lame
Danny is a kid that goes to a school with regular people and leads a pretty normal life but not for long on his 15th birthday his imaginary friend reveals secrets unimag...
  • magicalkid
  • shocker
  • sad
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SEQUEL Ezria: a pregnancy story by HannahVanWunnik
SEQUEL Ezria: a pregnancy storyby Hannah Van Wunnik
Sequel to: Ezra A pregnancy story. This is book 2/2 of the series
  • shocker
  • prettylittleliars
  • triplets
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Eddsworld:"Carrot Boy" AU part 2️⃣ Tord x Reader 🔫🥊❤️ by Squishystarcon
Eddsworld:"Carrot Boy" AU part 2️⃣ Squishystarcon
(CAUTION:Make sure to read Carrot Boy book 1 before this part so you can know what's going on in this book! C:) *none of the art here is mine* You're happy with moving i...
  • matt
  • edd
  • shocker
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Alas by 16mutlunilufer
Alasby space_oddity
(ON HOLD) In the country Volant, there is a divide, the wall that stretches from the west to the east is the only thing keeping the normal away from the others. The wing...
  • wings
  • feathers
  • divide
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Rule Number 3... The Final Part by AJ97622
Rule Number 3... The Final Partby Adam James
The cliffhanger left Abby and Noah lying still and as good as dead at the bottom of the stairs, Kyle and Evie were falling from the roof of a building and Lauren was bro...
  • death
  • thriller
  • original
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fuck you over | g.d  by lovelustdolan
fuck you over | g.d by ❁
"Im so fucking sorry gia" "it's too late now to say sorry." highest rating !! - #1 in shocker and #2 in played and #3 in omg
  • shocker
  • played
  • action
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