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Tu hai mere jeene ki vajah by misha_reads
Tu hai mere jeene ki vajahby misha_reads
The story starts when Daksh creates misunderstandings between Annika and Shivaay. He tells shivaay that Annika spent a night with him and asked for 15lacs in return. Thi...
Taken For Granted by dhruma345
Taken For Grantedby ArshiRumyabestcouple
What happens if the girl you like breaks your heart and turns out to be a cheater? What happens if the family that claims to love you, fails to trust you? What happe...
Namesake.. by Gitudh
#3 Gitu S
Shivay and Anika are in namesake relationship peep into story to know why they landed in this situation..
PHAIL GAYA RAITA ✔️ by Meera5oberoi
PHAIL GAYA RAITA ✔️by ❣ मीRa Obeरौय ❣
Shivaay Singh Oberoi, a bad boy and the most popular guy in college. 🤷‍♂ Anika, a nerd who is only concentrated on her studies and hates Shivaay. 💁 What happens when t...
Roommates  by cupcakes6621
Roommates by cupcakes6621
Started: April 8, 2019 Ended: April 16, 2021 Status: Completed Editing: In Process Description: A shivika story.......about 2 people who are complete strangers...
Shivika: Will love blossom again? by vagilikku
Shivika: Will love blossom again?by Likitha
Shivaay Singh Oberoi decides to divorce Anika after he gets black mailed by Mrs. Kapoor. Anika decides to leave his life. An incident completely changes the life of Anik...
MUJHSE JUDAA HOKAR ✔️ by Meera5oberoi
MUJHSE JUDAA HOKAR ✔️by ❣ मीRa Obeरौय ❣
Two people who love each other to the moon and back but they part their ways due to a misunderstanding. One is left with nothing and the other can see a ray of hope in...
ISHQBAAAZ(SHIVIKA KA VANVAAS) #Completed# by Sasha__Sweety
This Story is Related to Shivika leading life away from Family based on ISHQBAAAZ and Will OmRu manage to bring back them to Oberoi Mansion ? Ranked { #49 in Fangirl...
JAISE BANJAARE KO GHAR by PranathiRamachandra1
JAISE BANJAARE KO GHARby Pranathi Ramachandra
The Kapoor sister's blackmailed the GREAT WALL OF SHIVAAY SINGH OBEROI using the fire accident in Kalayani Mills 25 years back, where his Baade Papa was shown guilty. So...
shivika by SuryaThayana
shivikaby Surya
During the vanawas track. this is my first story
✔Hidden Confession✔ by Jazz_5rock
✔Hidden Confession✔by __
Don't want to give description?? so just read it? Cover Credit- Goes to me only?
You and me make WE (A ShivIka FF) ||✔️|| by LunchbirdS
You and me make WE (A ShivIka FF) LunchbirdS
Shivaay and Anika's relationship goes through a rough patch forcing them to part their ways. But this not the end of their story as their paths cross again after 6 years...
Hâlf Wîfê✔✔ by _Asteria_01
Hâlf Wîfê✔✔by AnUsHka🧡
The Pain in her heart crossed limit and She stare aimlessly her figure in the mirror with a blade in her right hand and pressing that in her left wrist cutting her vein...
You Have To Change Someday by Selenator211
You Have To Change Somedayby Selenator211
I am pretty sick of Shivaay's Khoon Khandaan Lectures, so in this Fanfic, there will be abit of change in Shivaay but it will reflect on his dialouge he said the other d...
A Little Crazy ✔ by -Hvibes-
A Little Crazy ✔by -Hvibes-
1st Rank in #shivika (23rd May) Shivaay Singh Oberoi a famous actor. . . . . . . . . To know more read the story.
The unfortunate bride by Venomika
The unfortunate brideby Venomika
this is a major fatejo and minor rikara story This story is about tejo and fateh tejo married fateh when her sister betrayed fateh and didn't want to marry him as he co...
Shivika-the billionaires twins  by anonymous_princesa
Shivika-the billionaires twins by XxChocolatesBaexx
Anika Rajput a simple and decent girl who lives with her 2 brothers and a sister Sahil Dev and gauri She works for her handsome and hot boss Shivaay Singh Oberoi as hi...
Love By Chance by _Lassi_
Love By Chanceby Anni
"No one falls in love by choice, it is by chance." What happens when two individuals are brought together by Chance..? Will they choose to remain like that..? ...
sso ki Zindagi  by ShreyaMathur5
sso ki Zindagi by Shreya Mathur
Everyone says sso is the wall and his life as in zindagi is his family but is it really true ? what or who is the driving force of the great wall of sso ? where is that...
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THE MISSION by ammu_3
THE MISSIONby ammu_3
person 1: Oberois betrayed us. person 2: we will take revenge from them. person 3: we will destroy them in a way, they can never forget ...