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Shivika: Its Our Love Story by vagilikku
Shivika: Its Our Love Storyby Likitha
What happens when once childhood besties meet after a long gap and fall into love. Join the story of Shivaay Singh Oberoi and Anika Vadhera who are destined to fall in l...
Will They Be One Again? by krisha_creates
Will They Be One Again?by Krisha🧡
Shivaay Singh Oberoi and Annika Alwaani Singh Oberoi, a happily married couple, were living a beautiful life together until one day they discover a shocking news. He div...
CIRCLE OF LOVE Never ends ☑️ by Meera_Oberoi
CIRCLE OF LOVE Never ends ☑️by • मीRA OBEरौय •
This book continues when Shivaay forced Anika to marry him. Peep in to know more. HIGHEST RANKINGS- #24 - Shivika ( out of 3.24k books)
Regret  by whomoonchild
Regret by whomoonchild
4 shots ff (THANK YOU FOR 2.66K READS)
Dil Kheta Hai Chal Unse Mil.. by Gitudh
Dil Kheta Hai Chal Unse Gitu S
Story about a girl who secretly love a boy during her college but could never express it however due to unfortunate event, she had to leave college and as well city peep...
CHOICE & CONSEQUENCE by Chahatjindal
Life is a matter of choices and every choice makes you. SHIVAAY:- CHOICE TO DISAPPEAR. ANIKA:- CHOICE TO FOLLOW . OM:- CHOICE TO RUN AWAY. GAURI:- CHOICE TO SUBMISSION...
Namesake.. by Gitudh
#7 Gitu S
Shivay and Anika are in namesake relationship peep into story to know why they landed in this situation..
Cover Credit- @SwathiV2 Story Credit- @iam_aheli_98 Writers- @VHM1123 @Nilanjana07 "Just go away" Shivay cried as Anika patted his shoulder. "Shi..vv..Shi...
Tu muskuraye har jagah by misha_reads
Tu muskuraye har jagahby misha_reads
Shivaay Singh Oberoi, a very successful and famous business tycoon, had a bad experience because of which he does not believe in marriage or romance. The only people he...
Eternal Souls ||✔️ by shivnika
Eternal Souls ||✔️by Shambhavi Panchwagh
Shivay Singh Oberoi a cricketer meet Anika Mathew a gynaecologist. Both meet up unexpectedly in a Starbucks in england. She came here for world doctor's summit and he ca...
Ishq /love✔ by Annna_malik
Ishq /love✔by Offline
The love story of ASP Shivaay Singh Oberoi and Annika Vardan Trivedi.How he made her fall in his love after marriage!
Shivika SS : The Ties that Bind by zaniamorph7
Shivika SS : The Ties that Bindby Anisa
Shivika are in Goa, and Veer imposes like a bad omen in their lives. Shivika are thrown into a horrible situation when Shivaay loses his memories in the worst moment pos...
Do pal ki thi ye dilon ki Dastaan by Pjcutee
Do pal ki thi ye dilon ki Dastaanby Prabhjot kaur
A story of separation and longing for love. Shivika, got married after facing many troubles because of his mother Pinky Singh Oberoi. But his one mistake, of doing a dra...
Ishqbaazi by Jamilaa199806
Its all about the love stories of shivika, rikara, all tackles all problems that comes in their life. The main one is Shivika but slight changes in this...
FOR THE HIDDEN WORDS [✔] by storyshaheer
FOR THE HIDDEN WORDS [✔]by storyshaheer
What if Shivika consummated their marriage before the separation and story took a leap of 7 years and in these 7 years Shivaay became hard hearted version of SSO, Anika...
Family... (An Ishqbaaz FF) ||✔|| by LunchbirdS
Family... (An Ishqbaaz FF) ||✔||by LunchbirdS
Three months have passed since ShivIka separated. Shivaay and Anika hadn't seen each other all this while. But when destiny brings Anika back to Oberoi Mansion, storms s...
Snapshots - Oberoi Family Edition by LunchbirdS
Snapshots - Oberoi Family Editionby LunchbirdS
Tales of Oberoi Family set after the mystery of Kalyani Mills was solved. What would Oberoi Family be doing when they are not fighting supervillains and uncovering myste...
The Maze by swagersss
The Mazeby Dreams
He always choose his family when things come between his wife and family But what happen when he have to choose between his childs and his family.. Whom he will choose...
ShivOmRu : A Bond Beyond Brotherhood  by Vsgcrocks07
ShivOmRu : A Bond Beyond Shivani D.
ShivOmRu : Shivaay Singh Oberoi, Omkara Singh Oberoi, Rudra Singh Oberoi. These 3 brothers belonged to a Rich family. Something went wrong and the family wasn't famous a...