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Company (Shaylivia) by PepperoniPlayboi
Company (Shaylivia)by PepperoniPlayboi
Shayne and Olivia get drunk at the Smosh party and sleep with each other. They spend time trying to figure out if it was a mistake or the beginning of something. Finishe...
Shaylivia | Instagram by PepperoniPlayboi
Shaylivia | Instagramby PepperoniPlayboi
Shayne, Olivia and others Instagram revolving around Shaylivia. Inspired by @shaliviaa
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Just Friends? | Shaylivia by PepperoniPlayboi
Just Friends? | Shayliviaby PepperoniPlayboi
To the squad and the rest of Smosh, Shayne and Olivia just seem like friends. Their increased interactions and secrets make them start to wonder though. Are Shayne and O...
Shaylivia -- One Shots by PepperoniPlayboi
Shaylivia -- One Shotsby PepperoniPlayboi
One shots based on Shayne and Olivia.
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San Diego (Shaylivia) by PepperoniPlayboi
San Diego (Shaylivia)by PepperoniPlayboi
A new neighbor moves in next door to Shayne and his daughter.
Wild Thoughts (Shaylivia) by PepperoniPlayboi
Wild Thoughts (Shaylivia)by PepperoniPlayboi
Olivia starts to develop feelings for Shayne, before learning that Courtney also likes him. They end up competing against each other to gain his affection. Meanwhile Sha...
shaylivia one shots (s.t. / o.s.) by olivia_topp
shaylivia one shots (s.t. / o.s.)by baps mckenzie + his broccoli...
just a bunch of lil drabbles of my favourite parents! i respect both shayne and olivia and the relationships they're in; however - i think they'd be better together ;)
Shayne x Olivia (Smosh) by miss_moonwalker
Shayne x Olivia (Smosh)by ❤️❤️
I just have always found them so cute together for some reason <3 please enjoy!
high school sweethearts |  olivia sui & shayne topp by brooklinsfanfics
high school sweethearts | brooklinsfanfics
"spin the bottle is for freshmen!" i complained. but she wouldn't stop pushing. "fine!" i finally broke. i rotated the cold bottle on the wooden f...
Your's Truly - Shayne, Olivia, Courtney by karlatheloud
Your's Truly - Shayne, Olivia, karla .
This story is about Shayne and Courtney being aware of the ship, Shartney, Courtney thinks that the fans are right about Shayne and she started to get closer and hang ou...
Deadly Attraction | Smosh by PepperoniPlayboi
Deadly Attraction | Smoshby PepperoniPlayboi
Agent Topp and Agent Sui are rival spies with one mission, kill the other. (continuation of a oneshot)
Vegas! (Shaylivia) by PepperoniPlayboi
Vegas! (Shaylivia)by PepperoniPlayboi
The Smosh Squad takes a trip to Las Vegas only for things to go terribly wrong. The morning after is one full of suprise.
Christmas Vacation (Shaylivia) by PepperoniPlayboi
Christmas Vacation (Shaylivia)by PepperoniPlayboi
The Smosh family stays in a cabin in the snowy mountains for Christmas. During the vacation feelings arise and secrets are revealed.
If Only You Were Mine | Shaylivia/Shayoli Fanfic | End? by TheHawtPotatoo
If Only You Were Mine | TheHawtPotatoo
At first I only saw you as a friend, but once I got to know you, You really had caught my eyes. If only you weren't with someone else, we could've been just fine. So I k...
Soulmates | Shaylivia by PepperoniPlayboi
Soulmates | Shayliviaby PepperoniPlayboi
(Sequel to More than friends) Picking up where we left off. Olivia drops that bombshell announcement after Shayne asks for her hand in marriage. What will happen next?
Irresistible | Shaylivia by PepperoniPlayboi
Irresistible | Shayliviaby PepperoniPlayboi
Shayne Topp the town's most eligible bachelor is now the richest man in town after his father passed away. While attending the ceremony he meets Olivia a suburban woman...
More Than Friends | Shaylivia by PepperoniPlayboi
More Than Friends | Shayliviaby PepperoniPlayboi
(Sequel to Just Friends?) Now that the secret is out, Shayne and Olivia finally embrace being out as a couple. They deal with the ups and downs of relationships and much...
Holiday Spirit  by PepperoniPlayboi
Holiday Spirit by PepperoniPlayboi
A Late Christmas Present to Shaylivia
Not Over You by smoshloverrrr
Not Over Youby smoshloverrrr
Shayne and Olivia have been best friends for forever. When one suddenly starts to catch feelings for the other, will their whole relationship change?
The Saint by PepperoniPlayboi
The Saintby PepperoniPlayboi
Olivia Sui is an accomplished murderer who is only known by her alias The Saint. This name was bestowed on her by the media because the only people that have been murder...