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Skephalo ~ • 'The Right One' • (COMPLETED) by ElleeReadsFanfics
Skephalo ~ • 'The Right One' • ( YouThoughtItWasMyRealNameDidn...
This story is about how a Minecraft YouTuber Skeppy- Zak, moves in with his most trolled target BadBoyHalo, also known as Darryl. How will their 'tale' go? What will hap...
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|| I'm so sorry.. || ~ || Skephalo || by Speckledfire
|| I'm so sorry.. || ~ || Speckledfire
Zak stared at the railing, his vision blurred as his mind became fuzzy. "Zak?!" Darryl's desperate voice didn't reach his ears. He stood on the railing, arms o...
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The "Other" Agent by UltraLunala189
The "Other" Agentby Woomy, Bitch
Just your daily dose of shitty agent 7 fanfics! Warning; may include yaoi, smut, shitty drama and many more in the future! (Another warning; I only post when I feel like...
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Pumped Up by Gayngstaa
Pumped Upby • Gay Gang •
Gay as fuck. Like my username. If you don't want gay then why tf u here bro
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Carmen Karma[Adopted by MCR] by trash_error
Carmen Karma[Adopted by MCR]by Error
What happens when a young girl, whose parents left unexpectedly runs into her heroes? Follow Carmen on an unexpected journey across the country with her heroes, My Chem...
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50 Shades of Verkwan  by yoongislov
50 Shades of Verkwan by ˗ˏˋ Sky ♡ ˎˊ˗
please don't take this seriously it's just for fun... For now
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Survivors by QueenOfCoffeeQwQ
Survivorsby Depressed Lil' Shit
Characters: Jukha (Sarcastic one) Loruu (Scaridy Cat) Phoebe (Jukha's friend) Arctic (Last survivor) Charcle (Loruu's friend) Carlin (Turns on everyone) Gushi (Calm one)...
The cheese Whiz Fic (Spongebob and ryan Ross) Switched species by emotrinitylieshere
The cheese Whiz Fic (Spongebob Bruh moment
Ryan Ross, Former Panic! at the disco member gains an Unhealthy addiction to cheese whiz after his split from the band. He goes to the Store Everyday and gets Many Judgy...
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Love me Forever,Please. by TeddyBroservelt
Love me Forever, Brit
What would you do with Immorality? The question held a dark meaning and simple answers. "I would find a way to make my pets immortal." "I would make my...
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Nappa and Raditz: a survival story by Phyteisarootword
Nappa and Raditz: a survival storyby Phyteisarootword
Cover stolen from Chotiphut This is the synopsis of a plot I'll be working on for me to refer back to, or if I'm unable to complete the story, it'll be a way to eternali...
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Throw Away by NamelessTheAnon
Throw Awayby NamelessTheAnon
A shitty 3 AM fan fiction including every edgy fandom to ever exist and how every man in said Fandoms fall in love with Ingénue (me, LOL) with appearances from the sQUAD
Lemon starts by GuyThatsHereForAJoke
Lemon startsby GuyThatsHereForAJoke
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THE CARDIGAN FIC by hanthepan
The Cardigan Fic. Remember when Gerard Way and Mark Hoppus ignited the Dad Wars? Well, because I live like 8 hours in front of them, I decided to pull an all-nighter to...
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Priscilla x Alanys drabbles (I guess) by Bredabunbun
Priscilla x Alanys drabbles (I Bredabunbun
I decided to make some random drabbles that people who acatuly ( i think i spelled that wrong ) read my fucked up fanfics welp bye
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Anotha One- Dj Kahlid X Thomas the Tank engine by H20H0E
Anotha One- Dj Kahlid X Thomas H2OHOE
"We the best music" his husky voice rung throughout my head.
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