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Biker Boy. ✔Completed. by The_Amateur_Writer20
Biker Boy. ✔ Aliey
Ariana Jane Sanders aka AJ, had it all, that is until she realized everything isn't as it seems. Sometimes the truth is there, in big bold letters but we're just to blin...
  • shithappens
  • wattys2018
  • sweet
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Nothing to Loose by jenniferhackney
Nothing to Looseby Jennifer Hackney
Grayson's family isn't normal, they're wolves. They try and hide the secret from everyone but they also want to live normal lives. When Hallie moves to New Jersey she ge...
  • wolves
  • sistersquad
  • emmachamberlain
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Yandere Simulator rp by MarshmalloAuthor
Yandere Simulator rpby Nurse(Marshmello)
Welcome to the part 2 of the role playing thing I've seen and made ^3^
  • wtfamidoing
  • yanderesimulator
  • shithappens
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SLOW DANCING IN THE DARK ϟ Spam by thegaycan
❝You should be with him, I can't compete.❞
  • gay
  • shithappens
  • life
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Other Half by CaitlinTheSurvivor
Other Halfby Caitlin Alex Smith
- read preface for desciption - - twdg fanfic - - Louis x Oc - - not every small detail is accurate, but it's mostly the same - - will follow season 4 and what happens a...
  • violet
  • killers
  • twdgseason4
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The making of all things holy. by Jackiplier2
The making of all things Jackiplier2
It's the begging of Mark and Jack's relationship. A follow up to the flashback in "The Accident". This is kind of a prequel but then again kind of isn't...
  • septiplier
  • fanfiction
  • iputmyselfinthis
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When life goes down by Iningukitto
When life goes downby Iningukitto
What can happen in 50 days?
  • diary
  • relatable
  • deadfamily
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App Trap  by LaneyBeatrixWolfe
App Trap by Laney_Beatrix_Wolfe
*Three author-chan's who get the chance to test out a new beta app, but little did they know they would be sent to the Diabolik Lovers universe. would they find love or...
  • subaru
  • ruki
  • yuma
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Protectors of the Spiritworld by PoohandKermit
Protectors of the Spiritworldby PoohandKermit
Lukas's world was turned upside down when one of his best friends was murdered by the spirit of war and chaos, just to catch his attention. He was soon to find out he's...
  • spirits
  • reincarnation
  • academy
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The adventures of mr. Nubs and blondie by littlesmisscurls
The adventures of mr. Nubs and Marco demitri Jones!
Davekat and gamkat bitches! You choose who gets Karkat! And watch as secrets are revealed and characters make their mysterious entrances!
  • dave
  • karkat
  • probablylemon
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random stuffs  by sea633
random stuffs by damb
  • random
  • ugh
  • huh
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Frisks Tummy ache by UndertaleUndergound
Frisks Tummy acheby UndertaleUndergound
Poor Frisk just happens to be suck in the Underground...with a bad tummy ache...with no toilets in sight. Uh oh...
  • frisk
  • papyrus
  • poop
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Shit happens II. / BXB by SleepyTommo
Shit happens II. / BXBby El❤
Deel twee van Shit Happens. Hoe gat het inmiddels met Jack sinds dat Oliver hem verliet.
  • happens
  • shithappens
Cherry Blossom: Heartless and Souless by Sakurablossom_cat
Cherry Blossom: Heartless and Sakurablossom_cat
A Sakura story Shit happens, real messed up shit, like a lot of messed up shit goes down Like a LOT OF FUCKING SHIT happens That's all I probably won't ship her with...
  • sakuraharuno
  • sakura
  • sadstory
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A wolfs desire by Queen8726
A wolfs desireby SkullKandi
I will be making this into a book and I want to see what you guys think. Thank you guys!!
  • wolves
  • whathappensnext
  • romance-drama
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August & July by pastorbun
August & Julyby pastorbun
[Based On A True Story] Long distance relationships never last, And breaking up over text doesn't count. July acts too much like an adult. Relationships don't last long...
  • gemstone
  • hate
  • teenagers
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My interpretation  by JustYourTypicalFreak
My interpretation by Just Olivia but you can call...
Hi, my plan for this book is for it to be more of a blog. Well not really, just a place where I share some of my personal experiences. Much love, Olivia.
  • life
  • reallife
  • shithappens
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No title.  by RockyCliffton
No title. by RockyCliffton
This is just some stuff to get off my chest. If anyone actually reads this then feed back is cool. Was going for some poetry.
  • life
  • feedback
  • reallife
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MELANIN MAGIC 👑🍫 by haileyshanice
MELANIN MAGIC 👑🍫by haileyshanice
Low self-esteem can help you grow or tear you down. Money can make or break you Every thorn bush has a rose
  • whataboutyourfriends
  • queen
  • shithappens
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Unfortunate by xotrilogytwod
Unfortunateby xotrilogytwod
A girl moves from Atlanta to Toronto...either her life will be better or worse. but which one is it?
  • unfortunate
  • badluck
  • love
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