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Ice Age: The Story Continues.  by anthropophobia__
Ice Age: The Story Continues. by Fanfictionkindofgirl
This is going to be about the herd after defeating Gutt and his crew and Shira joined the herd. They face challenges, throughout the story and meet some new animals. Ple...
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Ice Age: A Second Chance by anthropophobia__
Ice Age: A Second Chanceby Fanfictionkindofgirl
It's been four years since the continental drift. Shira joined the herd, and is married to Diego. They want to have their own kids, but soon discover, that kids are afra...
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Le Tigre du Gondor - Tome II : La Promesse Brisée by yayajane1310
Le Tigre du Gondor - Tome II : Calamity YayaJane
Smaug a attaqué la petite ville d'Esgaroth. Les habitants sont en fuite, tandis que les nains, menés par Thorin, reprennent le Royaume sous la Montagne. Shira, déchirée...
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I am safe with you by girlmeetscoffee
I am safe with youby fenna
Lorelai and Christopher did get married. Logan and Rory met earlier in life. Rory grew up in Hartford as a Hayden. friendships bloom. questions are asked. hearts flutter...
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Ice Age: Diego and Shira's Pack by Skyy15
Ice Age: Diego and Shira's Packby Skyy💕
Everyone knows about the story of how Manny, Sid, and Diego had all met and became a large herd; now including with Ellie, Crash and Eddie, Peaches, Julian, granny and S...
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Shira X Diego: New Life by BluandJewel
Shira X Diego: New Lifeby Blu x Jewel
This story takes place after Ice Age Collision Course. It's mostly just about Shira and Diego, who will have cubs very soon. Enjoy!
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Everyday In The Ice Age by XxIceAgeFanxX
Everyday In The Ice Ageby Khloe❤️🔥💯
Have you ever wondered what the herd was up to in an everyday life? Well your about to find out about all the drama, excitement, fun, and adventure! This is mainly abou...
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Shira and Diego: Infinite Love by BluandJewel
Shira and Diego: Infinite Loveby Blu x Jewel
Have you ever wondered what life for Shira and Diego would be like on their own? Read to find out!
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ice age continental drift 2 by chubbychip
ice age continental drift 2by chubbychip
We all love Ice Age Continental Drift right? But have you ever thought what would happen if there had been two sabres on Captain Gutt's ship, which one would Diego have...
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Savable by FanFicPlaza
Savableby FFP
A girls who clan was massacred like Sauske's has been in the village for a few years. Her clan even surpassed the Uchiha's.... But the entire clan was massacred by her s...
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Ice age 4 continental drift my version by NatbaShaw
Ice age 4 continental drift my Nathan shaw
Have you ever wondered what would have happened if Shira and Diego had met before the drift well if you have come along on this story as I write some new stuff about the...
Dreams by XxIceAgeFanxX
Dreamsby Khloe❤️🔥💯
An innocent title yet a not-so-innocent fanfiction. What will happen when Khloe ends up in the Ice Age? Will she stay with the herd that welcomed her, or will she find a...
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Ice Age: A Second Chance 2 by anthropophobia__
Ice Age: A Second Chance 2by Fanfictionkindofgirl
This is the sequel to Ice Age: A Second Chance. Read the last book, to find out what's going to happen in this one!! Pls read!! Pls read both of them!! Pls read all of m...
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True Feelings (Vampire Knight Fanfic) by aurorahime
True Feelings (Vampire Knight randompotato
For many years I loved my brother even though I'm not the one his thinking of we exchange blood from each other since our younger sister is way too young and my feelings...
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scaredy cat by Whatdidi
scaredy catby Whatdidi
one shots about diego prepairing to do the unthinkable. ask out shira
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Ice Age - Diego and Shira - Life on the Island by TommyJohansen9
Ice Age - Diego and Shira - Life Tommy JoJo
This story has Diego and Shira as the main characters. Other characters from the films are also included, but I'm sure everyone wants a story about these two lovebirds E...
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The adventure of Jade by ruby12365
The adventure of Jadeby ruby12365
What happens when a young male Saber washes up on shore and is found by Diego and Shira's oldest daughter Jade. You'll have to read to find out.
Random Ice Age Pictures by FredAndGeorgeWeasly
Random Ice Age Picturesby Fred and George Weasley
The Title says it all my Friend
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Shira and Diego by 12Rebecca34
Shira and Diegoby Becky
Shira is hiding something from Deigo that will effect both of there lives together
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Kitty |Diego and Shira| by lovingiceage
Kitty |Diego and Shira|by :)
"dont call me kitty." I say pinning him and growling. "okay i wont," he jumps up, now pinning me, "kitty." he says smirking. ...
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