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Azur Lane: Lost Brother by AkiraIsokana_01
Azur Lane: Lost Brotherby AkiraIsokana
(this is my third series of Azur Lane Fanfiction and Note: I am just doing it for fun as a hobby, so It was I learn and you learn scenario.) The battle between the Azur...
Create a Country in Another World with My Friends (ENG) (REWRITING) by Tiger_AusfE
Create a Country in Another Panzerkampfwagen VI Tiger Aus...
Anto Rizaldi is an Indonesian teenager who dreams of becoming a president, along with his friends, German nationality Albert Fonzel and Hoshimura Yanagi, went to another...
Azur Lane:The Lost Bismarck Class by shadowgamer254
Azur Lane:The Lost Bismarck Classby Shadowgamer
There were 4 factions,united to fight against an evil that came from another world,The Sirens a unknown force that came from another world,bent on destroying humanity an...
One Ship NAVY (Loli MC x Azur Lane)​ by Harbour_Hime
One Ship NAVY (Loli MC x Azur Harbour Hime
Do i have to explain this? Really? *inhale*......... *long sigh* She'll have a gamer system based around World of Warships, the ships will be the rigging like the usual...
The British Iowa(Male Battleship x Azur Lane) by Jerzeyboy95
The British Iowa(Male Battleship The Great Black Dragon
BB-66. Does that hull number mean anything to you? In our world It belonged to the uncompleted ship of the USS Kentucky. Used as a spare parts hulk for his sisterships a...
Battleship: Orochi by DragonLord39
Battleship: Orochiby DragonLord39
As you all know, ships are mainly referred to as girls. What would happen if one of those ships... was a male? Striker stars as the only male Battleship as he is sent in...
Stray Ship From Another world by matthew98bil
Stray Ship From Another worldby matthew98bil
this is the story of an alternative world where Enterprise and Takao lost everything sisters, comrades, and the world.. because of that, they have one thing in their mi...
The Arrival of CVN-65 by TheLuckyYandereE
The Arrival of CVN-65by TheLuckyYandereE
CVN-65, a ship that is about to be scrapped, sits waiting in her dock. Suddenly, an enormous whirlpool opens up near it, sucking CVN-65 inside. CVN-65 finds herself sitt...
Azur Lane:A Bunny's Brother by shadowgamer254
Azur Lane:A Bunny's Brotherby Shadowgamer
The world is in peril from the appearance of the sirens,a race from a different dimension,to counter the threat,humanity constructed the shipgirls with the help of the w...
Azur Lane:The 3rd Nagato Class by shadowgamer254
Azur Lane:The 3rd Nagato Classby Shadowgamer
The world is at war,the race known as the sirens have come from the unknown and have destroyed cities and killed many people,to counter such a threat,humanity created Az...
Memories of Iron (On Hold) by Phantomope
Memories of Iron (On Hold)by Phantomope
Male Bismarck x Hood Two mighty ships resting at the bottom of the sea, It seemed to the rest of the people that this will be their final resting place but life has a wa...
Glory For All:Azur Lane X Male Reader by Shima_Hayha
Glory For All:Azur Lane X Male Shima Hayha
War never change regardless what era you are in........... They say history repeat it's self but humanity is the one to do it. Will he be able to reunite all nations? Or...
Daily Dose Of Roon by DeathRattle03
Daily Dose Of Roonby DeathRattle03
A Roon pic every day (hopefully)
Promise Rings: A Yandere Azur Lane Fanfiction Parody by Darkoreahhhh
Promise Rings: A Yandere Azur Dark
"A wedding ring won't save anyone.."-Salty_Kirumi The Blue-Haired Boy from JRPG "Persona 3", Minato Arisato, discovers a game that his friend "J...
Carrier Of Pride And Fear by Af-san-san-san
Carrier Of Pride And Fearby YourLocalPoliceCar
What if the Avro Vulcan was never put out of service? After the adaptation in which lay off the sisters, the UK government built a ship with the abilities to carry the V...
King Edward VIII (Azur Lane: The Rising King) Main Story by JohnnyFire117
King Edward VIII (Azur Lane: The JohnnyFire 117 or 17
(Azur Lane: the Rising King is a fanfic that is from a different series and heavily views on the Royal Navy side) The battle between the Azur Lane and Crimson Axis stil...
Azur Lane:The Royal Knight by shadowgamer254
Azur Lane:The Royal Knightby Shadowgamer
(this had 3 votes so this wins) XD humanity was threatened over a war with a race far beyond them,a race from another place,the Sirens,a race who sought the destruction...
The Commander of Vengeance ( Betrayed Reader X Azur lane X OC Shipgirls ) by Aleekillzzz
The Commander of Vengeance ( Aleekillzzz
Betrayed.......Shot in the heart by a gun.........Abandon and betrayed by the people you trusted.........why would you still have hope? Because soon.......... you'll hav...
Unseen Future by Af-san-san-san
Unseen Futureby YourLocalPoliceCar
After a string of unfortunate accidents, Yn is now forced to join one of the world most advanced creations of war, and be its commander.
Symbol Of A Nation ( FemReader X Azur Lane) by ShadowBuster56
Symbol Of A Nation ( FemReader X Kendrick Coons-Wise
First story please don't hate me and please give me tips on how to improve You are a normal kid who loves to play the game Azur Lane so what happens when you become part...