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Demise!Sans x Reader by FloofyFluffyHoodie
Demise!Sans x Readerby SmallKitty
(Y/N) was a young girl who moved into town with her family, but one day she gets lost in a forest and meets a skeleton named Demise. But what happens when the cranky and...
Undertale AU's ship children/Kids stuff by BeauBunnii
Undertale AU's ship children/ BeauBunnii
yeah its mostly cringe shit and i neither change their age or gender and all of them are human versions so yeah. pj:(Male/Female) gradient: (Male) Palette: (Female) blue...
mi peor pesadilla es estar lejos de ti by Saourikawaii2009
mi peor pesadilla es estar lejos Fujoshissophis
Radier sans, el hijo mayor del rey de las pesadillas y del destructor de universos, conoce en un campo a una esqueleto llamada shino, estos empiezan se hacen amigos, pe...
Ask or dare Goth,Raven and Shino(afterdeath family) by blueberry_sans_girl
Ask or dare Goth,Raven and Shino( Elsa Centeno
goth is 16 years old(older brother but he short people think he younger brother look like he 13 but not) raven is 15 years old(younger brother but he tall people think h...
My Sanscest OCS (+oneshots) by GamerGecko
My Sanscest OCS (+oneshots)by GamerGecko
a book to get to know my ocs and their families! you guys can ask any questions you have about them as well! ~Ships~ Afterdeath drink poth killermare