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Titans Gone Vampire (Seraph of the End/ Attack on Titan Crossover) by _Rainy_Melody
Titans Gone Vampire (Seraph of ~Rainy~
The vampires and humans are nearing the end of their last battle. Things look dire for the humans, even with Mikaela fighting by their side on behalf of Yuichiro. The...
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Woes of a Prince by bot446
Woes of a Princeby tor^
Prince Yuuichiro Amane is known for his extraordinary beauty, and is notorious for it all across the joined Kingdoms of Japan, but his parents keep him locked up tight...
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Owari No Seraph X Reader [Requests Closed!] by Hoshi_Stars
Owari No Seraph X Reader [ Xin
Just something random XD I writing Female or Male Readers since there is female characters in the anime. You can requests anything~ Either through PM or just comments. ...
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✔️ || Half-Vampire  by FairyTailHime
✔️ || Half-Vampire by Yin Hime
Mika Fanfic || Owari no Seraph (Y/N) (L/N) is an innocent young girl who was captured by the vampires when she was seven and was trapped inside Sanguinem as livestock to...
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Rare Soldier [OC X Guren] Owari No Seraph by Shadow3213
Rare Soldier [OC X Guren] Owari Yuliy= Cinnamon Roll
This story is assumed to be updated way more than my other stories, that I don't even update no more. 2 words to describe the main character, 'Five Demons.' Enjoy!
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Ferid Bathory x reader by _luna_nightmare_
Ferid Bathory x readerby Luna
When vampires attacked your family was killed by the virus But there is something you can't forget... A man who let you escape... No oder that fe...
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The Fifth Gem || Mikayuu Royal AU by YuiAnimeLover
The Fifth Gem || Mikayuu Royal AUby ONE-eyed-KING
A Mika X yuu royalty AU Yuuichiro has always been kept a secret from the public and while fulfilling his duties as a prince he is not allowed to go outside the castle a...
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Black rabbit by black-wing-king
Black rabbitby black-wing-king
There is a vigilante called the black rabbit, he is agile and strong, a frightening combination. Not much is know about him, only his gender and that he had green hair
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Owari no Seraph X Reader (One-shots!) [Request Closed!] by SnowHashira
Owari no Seraph X Reader ( Xhiune
Just you, only you, just you.
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Possession - MikaYuu by ale_gallegos
Possession - MikaYuuby ♡YuuMikaYuu♡
"Don't you love me anymore, Yuu-chan?" Basically Yuu is 20 years old. A lot has changed but he only thinks about what he could have done back then. Vampires tu...
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Angel's Sacrifice (Owari No Seraph Various! X Reader) by natalie12899
Angel's Sacrifice (Owari No Natalie Plate
It was an average day for Y/N L/N. Watching anime, school, video games, oh, and more anime. She was just living an average Otaku life with her best friend. Until she and...
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Love exists (mikayuu) by Lion_Kat
Love exists (mikayuu)by Katarina
Mika was adopted and had to leave his orphanage when he was young but he is 16 now and one person is still in his mind someone named Yuu. (By the way Yuu acts like a lit...
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This Isn't Love at First Sight! - MikaYuu College AU by WeezyInk
This Isn't Love at First mfing king
It's Yuichiro Hyakuya's first time in college, and he just so happens to run into a certain blond in his dorm area, and Yuu totally isn't falling for them! With a littl...
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Raised in Sanguinem |Owari no Seraph| MikaelaXOc by avaron_hiroyuki
Raised in Sanguinem |Owari no Avaron Hiroyuki
Nariko Tanizaki. A human girl Raised in Sanguinem from since she was an infant. But she wasn't raised as livestock, more like a princess trapped in a tower. Her dragon t...
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Owari no seraph:The Half Humans  by Zoey_a_714
Owari no seraph:The Half Humans by Funnyanimegirl
What if there were survivors who became there own army like The Moon Demon Company. They had demons as well but stronger. They have better technology. And they hid from...
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Is This Love? | Mikayuu ♤  by YourLocallMilkDealer
Is This Love? | Mikayuu ♤ by 𝓟𝓸𝓬𝓴𝓮𝓽 𝓡𝓪𝓽
Love. A feeling I've only had once, only to be shattered into pieces, until I met him. It is him that has brought me this feeling once more. I didn't want to let go of h...
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Royal Blood: Mikayuu by flxrxsxj
Royal Blood: Mikayuuby hyakuya♡
The queen and king of the vampire kingdom have arranged a marriage for Mikaela Hyakuya, the vampire prince, to marry Yuichiro Ichinose, the prince of the humans. They ho...
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Seraph of the end x Reader [One shots] by lavitaffy
Seraph of the end x Reader [One ♡ ♡ ♡
I don't own Owari no Seraph Just the ideas I come up with- ^~^
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seraph of the end crack by specterlure
seraph of the end crackby specter
honestly this show is my life Please save me from MikaYuu hell
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MikaNoa (ShinoaxMikaela) Owari No Seraph | Semi-hiatus by Shirobooks
MikaNoa (ShinoaxMikaela) Owari ŚHÏRÒ♠️
MikaNoa :)) No haters please :33 I decided to write a MikaNoa fanfic because I can't find many. :)
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