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A different type of ninja by DarkSlytherin35
A different type of ninjaby Tabitha Nara
Naruto didn't use his 'bloodline' often, but when he did he was nearly impossible to get stop. I mean it is one of Newton's Laws, a body in motion tends to stay in motio...
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The Great Medic [A Naruto Fanfiction] by DeathByShyKid
The Great Medic [A Naruto [ON HIATUS?]
"However, for those who master medical ninjutsu, these people are praised in the shinobi ranks for saving lives." No one could've known that those words that I...
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Minato's revenge by Hawkina
Minato's revengeby Hawkina
*this was a bad idea to make my son a junchiriki*
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Ñårü Ûzumaki Ñamikaze  by SasuNaru555
Ñårü Ûzumaki Ñamikaze by Connected Sounds
What if Naruto wasn't as dumb as he seemed to be What if he was Nara smart What if he was actually stronger than what he seemed to be What if HE was a SHE What if these...
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Trust || Narushika by HoonIsSoonold
Trust || Narushikaby HoonIsSoonold
With a target on his back, Naruto hid himself under the cover of an obnoxious, happy child. He never had any friends since all the children followed in suit of their par...
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Rewind Rewind by cvkagaminerinlen
Rewind Rewindby Kristia
The future takes a turn for the worst. The enemy has been slain and yet no one was alive to celebrate. Naruto, being the only man alive, decides to leap back through tim...
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Loving the Nara.  by Amiyah198
Loving the Nara. by Amiyah198
I don't own Naruto or its characters. If I did, Naruto would be a Yaoi Harem. This is my OTP ShikaNaru. Naruto and Hinata OOC. Side pairing KankKiba This is a Shika...
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What happend ? (naruto fanfic / time travel) by larinico
What happend ? (naruto fanfic / Tsuki no hikari
HEY GUYS this story is about naruto and shikamaru time travel in time because naruto was going to die kurama make a jutsu . Kurama was thought that naruto was the only...
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🍥Naruto's A Slut🍥 by _Naruto_1
🍥Naruto's A Slut🍥by Naruto~Kun
After Sasuke left the village and left Naruto sad to himself he started going around the village fucking any guy. Eventually Sasuke comes back and things get complicated.
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𝐄𝐗 𝐌𝐀𝐋𝐄 by pINK_sinon
She's 𝘕𝘢𝘳𝘶𝘵𝘰, well she was, but moving on, her name is Naruko Namikaze, yes, not Uzumaki "Hey, Shika, let me tell you a secret." "Hm?" "I'...
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Being Blonde! (Naruto Fanfic/ShikaNaru) by DarkWolf991
Being Blonde! (Naruto Fanfic/ Lily
When there's a rumor going around Konoha that Shikamaru has a thing for blondes, Temari and Ino started arguing which blonde it is. When they don't know is that everyone...
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Troublesome blonde by riley123baines
Troublesome blondeby Riley Baines
An incident occurs, to which Shikamaru stumbles across our favourite blonde, but not the one the Nara thought he knew. This Naruto has been hidden from the world. Hiding...
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The Angel Anbu (A Naruto Fanfiction) by ArtyFart
The Angel Anbu (A Naruto ArtyFart
Naruto is beaten on his 4th birthday and discovers something about himself, he has large white angel wings. He trains himself using experimentation and later on jutsu sc...
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You're Why I'm Back. by TheBlackSwordsMan707
You're Why I'm Dudette
When Sasuke decided that he was going to leave Konaha and train with Orochimaru, he was walking by the gates when Sakura yelled to him to come back. He didn't care in th...
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Hidden Love by UzumakiLegacy
Hidden Loveby UzumakiLegacy
Little encounters. It's satisfying enough - you can see the one you love, see how they're doing, you can comfort them if they're sad. Just friends - it's better than not...
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The Genius's Observant Crush by kjstarrett
The Genius's Observant Crushby koalajmama
AU from tumblr: "Naruto, my entire clan's been turned into deer! Stop laughing!"
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Your weakness is my strength  by checkmate0_0
Your weakness is my strength by checkmate0_0
You know just you're typical smart Naruto story Its a shikanaru of course and I would enjoy it if you check it out
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A week's time by rahzel03
A week's timeby Rahzel
Naruto was absent for a week. He seemed different after he came back from his week's absence. He was silent. He was smart. He thought before he acted. Why was he so diff...
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Not As Happy As He Looks by Vongola_Decimo_Tsuna
Not As Happy As He Looksby Tsunayoshi Sawada
After witnessing what the villagers do to Naruto his class vows to make the Kitsune feel more welcome in his birth village.....will Naruto finally find love in his peers...
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The Calm Before The Storm by LadyMunchQueen
The Calm Before The Stormby LadyMunchQueen
Shikamaru is tired of his mom's constant nagging and wants a bit more privacy so he decides to move out. The problem is ninjas don't actually make that much money so he...
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