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Shikajin: Fix my heart by Imecoarjona
Shikajin: Fix my heartby Imeco Arjona
Shikadai sees that his mother has been acting strange for a few weeks. He asks her what happens to her multiple times but she says that everything is ok. One day Temari...
  • inojin
  • sai
  • ino
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Hello ( Oc X Shikamaru) by justyazjaz
Hello ( Oc X Shikamaru)by Yasmin Hernandez
Kai Sane has a mission that she doesn't even know she has and somehow ends up at the Village hidden in the Leaf. As the third hokage sees the potential within her , he a...
  • fanfiction
  • chojiakamichi
  • shikamaruxreader
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Shikadai's moments by DakotaSmallwood
Shikadai's momentsby Dakota Smallwood
Sorry it has been a while! I've been busy with school...I'll try to finish this as time goes on. I've had this sort of avatar/naruto crossover idea for years. I'll try t...
  • shikatema
  • temari
  • naruto
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Lethargic  by 11Ava11
Lethargic by 11Ava11
The night was silent. It was cold and it froze the exposed skin that anyone dared to bare for the night sky. The village was asleep, peace reining over the village. It...
  • adventure
  • shikadai
  • comfort
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THE UCHIHA'S SECRET || Boruto x 🌹JN ᴡɪᴛʜ ʟᴜᴠ🌹
This is a story of (Y/n) Uchiha who for many years has been waiting for meeting his father because she know that she have one but she doesn't knows who is. This is one o...
  • mistery
  • ninja
  • xreader
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Back To The Future by murasaki_violet
Back To The Futureby Bu Miye
How does it feel to be back in time? The time where your parents were sixteen... Scared? Surprise? Shocked? Or all of the above? Will you stay in the past? Or find a way...
  • inojin
  • himawari
  • shikadai
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Shikamaru And Temari  [ LEMONS ] by xclusive_ss
Shikamaru And Temari [ LEMONS ]by xclusive_ss
This is Rated;M For obvious reasons. If you can't handle this things plz do not read then. Also this just came out. First Started: August 19, 2018 ...
  • temari
  • lemon
  • naruto
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Naruto Daughter scenarios by King_Lynx
Naruto Daughter scenariosby Kingsly
This scenario/story will be taking place in the Boruto time line. The original kids are still there such as Boruto, Shikadai, Sarada etc. Art cover does not belong to me...
  • naruhina
  • sarada
  • shikadai
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Heart pains🔪💖 (A Borusara FF) by idk_izuuu
Heart pains🔪💖 (A Borusara FF)by Thats_so_izu
It's Boruto and Sarada against the cruel harsh world, Envious people, overpowered enemies and untruthful people. What can they do about it? Is they're love strong enough...
  • inojin
  • hinata
  • sumire
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Flash Forward: Naruto Edition  by gregorybryce9
Flash Forward: Naruto Edition by Gregory
A day after the teams are selected, Naruto and his fellow graduates are summoned by the Third Hokage. Reaching there, they meet new faces which will prove to be helpful...
  • rookie9
  • seeing
  • gaiden
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Only Time Can Tell by AkineHimekawa
Only Time Can Tellby Akine Himekawa
"I didn't get to have my dad." Sarada said angrily. "My dad missed out on all of my childhood. Your dad is there, and every attempt he makes to be with yo...
  • inojin
  • saino
  • ino
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A Mission With The Hokage ( A Naruto Fanfic) by SiegrainKruez
A Mission With The Hokage ( A Siegrain
Uzumaki Naruto, the seventh hokage has suggested an absurd idea. He would bring the kids along on a field trip including his kids, Boruto and Himawari as well as Sarada...
  • orochimaru
  • konoha
  • boruto
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Who is my light [Borusara] by suyaine
Who is my light [Borusara]by Byulshii
Boruto left the village to train with sasuke. When he returned everyone were shocked to see what they saw. Highest Rank: #1 in Borusara (June 2018) #1 in Sumire (May 201...
  • hate
  • boruto
  • inohima
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The Nara Twins by PalmitoAereJ
The Nara Twinsby PalmitoAereJ
Shikamaru have a twin sister.Read the story and find out the bond she shares with her twin brother Her name is Nara Shikazen. Disclaimer:I don't own any of the Naruto ch...
  • akamichi
  • twin
  • konohagakure
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Anime lemons/Oneshots by LluviaLockser1
Anime lemons/Oneshotsby LluviaLockser1
I can accept requests This should Satisfy Hormones Escaping reality
  • love
  • jellal
  • boruto
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BoruSara: Protector by youmeanborutosdad
BoruSara: Protectorby youmeanborutosdad
It had been so long since Boruto returned to the hidden leaf village. He would've stayed and continued his journey and training with Sasuke , but now he has one sole pur...
  • narutocharacters
  • mitsuki
  • borusara
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naruto scenarios: daddy • daughters  by plaggzz
naruto scenarios: daddy • eclipsaaa
discontinued! completed: may 23, 2019
  • sasuke
  • temari
  • nara
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A peek into the future Naruto fanfic (On Hiatus) by Ukiyot
A peek into the future Naruto Glokage
The gang are all at Lee's house where they see a orb that sees into the future. I'm bad at descriptions I know. DISCLAIMER:I do not own Naruto is I did I would not be w...
  • sai
  • sasuke
  • inojin
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Under the mask || Mitsuki x Reader by arenarrah
Under the mask || Mitsuki x Readerby arenarrah
[Under-Editing] (Y/N) was feared by her village at such a young age for having an exceptional power. She was forced to join an unknown foundation that is led by rouge n...
  • fictionalcharacters
  • naruto
  • nextgeneration
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Her Twin || Boruto [Hiatus] by Eclipsery
Her Twin || Boruto [Hiatus]by Eclipsery
In Orichimaru's hideout, twins were born. Two beautiful girls named Sarada and Sarena Uchiha was separated from birth by their parents in order to balance out the parent...
  • sarada
  • ninja
  • sasuke
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