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Stay! By My Side by anntsr
Stay! By My Sideby anantasari
As shinichi realize that Haibara is more than a special partner, he feels empty inside because she is now nowhere in this world. They never found her body, so Shinichi s...
Unrequited Feelings [COMPLETED] by YourMaaajesty
Unrequited Feelings [COMPLETED]by EA.
This is a Coai Fanfiction. Conan and Ai shippers and open-minded out there can read this. Happy Sailing!
To Protect You  by ShinShiho003
To Protect You by Gio003
Shinichi doesn't follow Gin and Vodka that night at Tropical Land, unconsciously avoiding shrinking into the body of a seven-year-old kid. The same can't be said for Shi...
The life I've always wanted  by ShinShiho003
The life I've always wanted by Gio003
A journey through the daily life of Conan and Ai as married couple. Disclaimer: DC and its characters belong to Gosho Aoyama.
Unexpected (ShinShi Fanfiction) [HIATUS] by Coai69
Unexpected (ShinShi Fanfiction) [ ShinShi ♥️
"I like someone..." She is shocked hearing his words, but she manage not to be obvious. She tries to be cool. "Really?" "Yeah. You know what? I...
Shinichi Kudo Returns: Confrontation With The Black Organization by DoyleRanpo
Shinichi Kudo Returns: James Rheneas
Japanese title as: 工藤新一の復活! 〜黒の組織との対決(コンフロンティション)〜. My own story adaptation of the second Detective Conan live action special and the novel adaptation of the same name...
Detective Conan: The Fate by Ellysa29
Detective Conan: The Fateby IKami-sama
Detective Conan: The Fate This is just a Fanfic Made by Ellysa29, me. Best Ranking: #1 in Coai |¹²/¹8/¹8| (I know its hard to believe!) Things like Fate are things that...
Dream World (ShinShi Fanfiction) by Coai69
Dream World (ShinShi Fanfiction)by ShinShi ♥️
this story might be ooc and different from the anime series because i like it that way XD I do not own DC Characters. It's all belongs to Gosho Aoyoma :) Pair: Shinichi...
Wines and Flowers by cantperceive
Wines and Flowersby cantperceive
Wines and Flowers (Formerly "Just Realize") Note:Changes in title and chapters are due to the Author getting cringy after re-reading it.😫😂 Also,because of ne...
Almost [HIATUS]  by YourMaaajesty
Almost [HIATUS] by EA.
"This is still not the end." After five years of mourning. Five years of sorrow. Shinichi found himself struggling, still looking for the missing piece that he...
Same Mistake by coai1412
Same Mistakeby 🥶
"Hey, don't worry I went through worse." "Getting shrunk by a drug?" "No, the person I loved and still love flew to Canada without saying anythi...
[ Shortfic - Hoàn] 24h Bên Em by Keolac216
[ Shortfic - Hoàn] 24h Bên Emby Keolac216
Short Fic được phát triển ý tưởng từ chap 817. vol 77. Ai Haibara buộc phải uống thuốc và lớn trở thành Shiho để có thể phá cửa thoát ra ngoài cùng nhóm thám tử nhí. Thờ...
[ON HIATUS] Silent Memories || ReiShi ff by _Secretipity_
[ON HIATUS] Silent Memories || hiatus
_______________________________________________ She's a scientist, an intelligent and an outstanding woman. At her young age, she already knew sort of things that a typi...
(Co-Ai/Shin-Shi) Fanfiction by Keikasa
(Co-Ai/Shin-Shi) Fanfictionby Keikasa
- English is not my mother language, so please considerate with so many grammar or others mistake ^^ - I don't own the picture. If you know who the artist please let me...
[ShinRan] Nàng đạo diễn tinh quái và  chàng diễn viên lạnh lùng by _-Pg-_
[ShinRan] Nàng đạo diễn tinh quá Lang thang phiêu bạt
Ran Mori vốn là một đạo diễn phim nổi tiếng! Thời quá khứ, năm 17 tuổi cô vốn là hoa khôi xinh đẹp có tiếng của Khoa Trung Văn, được vô số chàng trai theo đuổi nhưng cô...
[Rei Furuya x Shiho Miyano][Amuro Tooru x Ai Haibara] - Behind You! by TrnThiV
[Rei Furuya x Shiho Miyano][ Au Ag Diamond
"Behind You!" là thể loại fanfic, nội dung nói về một số cặp mà mình rất yêu thích trong Detective Conan. Truyện này bám sát với nội dung anime, tuy nhiên nhữn...
Ten Years Apart by coai1412
Ten Years Apartby 🥶
Ai creates the antidote but decides to stay in her child form while Shinichi returns back to his old life. The two stop talking for few years after a certain incident. W...
Subaru Okiya x Haibara Ai by shihodekulucy
Subaru Okiya x Haibara Aiby shihodekulucy
A fanfic of detective conan ship Haibara ai(shiho miyano) x Subaru Okiya (Akai Shuichi)
Unrequited Love? ABANDONED by TheListlessWriter
Unrequited Love? ABANDONEDby TheListlessWriter
Ai Habara and Conan Edogawa are both shrunken teens. Cause? APTX 4869. A drug designed to kill people without leaving a trace. Shiho Miyano, tired of being used by the O...
Truly Enough by oikawasmilkbun
Truly Enoughby horny raccoon
How much a person can change? Six years. It has been seven year since she left. How are they right now? Leaving was never easy, but staying can kill her. After all, she'...