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Transparent Smile - A Fruits Basket Fanfiction by CapricornSiren
Transparent Smile - A Fruits Kim
Emi Honda is Tohru Honda's younger sister by two years. Following her sister wherever she went after their mother's death, she gets sucked into the world of the Sohma fa...
  • kyosohma
  • chinesezodiac
  • momijisohma
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The Guardian | Fruits Basket by JHCSEOK
The Guardian | Fruits Basketby s.k
She fiddled with the band of beads adorning her wrist as her eyes flashed dangerously, "you may believe being the guardian is all fun and games, but out of all peop...
  • anime
  • kyosohma
  • shiguresohma
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If Only You Knew (Fruits Basket) by sincerely-yours
If Only You Knew (Fruits Basket)by sincerely-yours
Two best friends were watching their favorite anime show, Fruits Basket. They started to fall asleep, as they both mumbled at the same time," I wish I lived in the...
  • fantasy
  • romance
  • tohrusohma
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Spread My Wings (Fruits Basket) by ChidoriQueen
Spread My Wings (Fruits Basket)by allie
After a catastrophic car accident tore the simple complacency of her childhood apart, Sukochi Fujikawa, now age sixteen, is anything but elated when her stepfather's new...
  • hatorisohma
  • fruitsbasketfanfic
  • fujikawa
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To Love's End | Shigure Sohma by LyraUlric
To Love's End | Shigure Sohmaby Lyra Ulric
Tohru finds a photo of a young woman in Shigure's office. Clearly she's very important because even Yuki and Kyo stop fighting when they see her. Tohru wishes to find ou...
  • sohma
  • love
  • romance
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Fruits basket x reader by natashafortier03
Fruits basket x readerby Natasha Fortier
You don't remember anything but your name and your age. This man found you and started a fun and confusing life! Which Fruits basket character will you end up with in t...
  • fruitsbasket
  • kyosohma
  • momijisohma
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Shigure Sohma X Reader by shounen-ai
Shigure Sohma X Readerby Nori 🌱
(I need more creative titles) Remember that old anime called Fruits Basket? The one where there's no fruits or baskets. That one. I like it, I love Shigure Shigure isN'T...
  • shiguresohma
  • shigure
  • fruitsbasket
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Kyo sohma x reader when the cat finds love by pansexualdemon1
Kyo sohma x reader when the cat Pansexual Demon
What happenes when a girl from school starts living with the Sohmas and a new girl comes to class? read to find out
  • momijisohma
  • kyosohma
  • wattys2018
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The Boy And The Ox by bratrat
The Boy And The Oxby ♡
☁︎ Fruits Basket ☁︎ ♥︎ Hatsuharu x Male OC ♥︎
  • yukisohma
  • tohruhonda
  • ốc
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hot headed - kyo sohma by -jenbabe
hot headed - kyo sohmaby -jenbabe
kyo sohma, known for his bad temper and feline friends has recently found out that one of his old friends is living in his new housing arrangement. how will he react whe...
  • kyosohma
  • fruitsbasketimagines
  • fruitsbasketfanfic
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Fruits Basket by HeartofVengeance
Fruits Basketby HeartofVengeance
Kasumi and Tohru Honda are 16-year-old orphans who start living with Yuki Sohma after a landslide destroys their home and soon discover that the Sohma family are cursed.
  • rinsohma
  • ayamesohma
  • tohruhonda
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Truth or dare Fruit basket by ANNEYblood
Truth or dare Fruit basketby ANNEYblood
This is a fruit basket Truth or Dare story, you can send any dare you want and I will pick the dares I like the most depending if this gets popular, Until then I will pu...
  • kyosohma
  • drama
  • anime
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Cheap Thrills ▷ Shigure Sohma by AmeliaMikaelhey
Cheap Thrills ▷ Shigure Sohmaby AmeliaMikaelhey
A one shot based in the amazing world of Fruits Basket. Reader X Shigure Sohma. ©2016-2019 Amelia Mikaelhey. All Rights Reserved
  • sohma
  • kyosohma
  • basket
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The Unknown Sohma by YumiSohma
The Unknown Sohmaby 草摩由美
When a mysterious girl of about seventeen suddenly shows up at Shigure Sohma's house, the entire Sohma family may be at risk. Until that is, they learn the secret that t...
  • tohruhonda
  • dragon
  • akitosohma
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A Fruits Basket story by Kaylee03diamond
A Fruits Basket storyby Kameron Diamond
Tohru Honda has a little sister named Rin Honda. She is just like her older sister but then again completely different. This will be a story in Rins perspective and how...
  • yuki
  • tohru
  • tohruhonda
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Keep Holding On ||Fruits Basket|| by Rocklee_Toshiro1993
Keep Holding On ||Fruits Basket||by Lee-san/Shiro-chan
Hana Sohma is the sister of Ayame Sohma and Yuki Sohma; she is also the only one in the Sohma family who was able to reject the vengeful spirit of one of the animals fro...
  • momijisohma
  • ocxoc
  • kagurasohma
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Fruits Basket episodes! (Fruits Basket) by DarkZexal3676
Fruits Basket episodes! (Fruits #96ShadowMist
Actual Episodes with English version from this famous Fruits Basket series that Fruits Basket fans in the World loves. Enjoy your favorite Episodes in it with funny part...
  • kyosohma
  • fb
  • japan
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Of Fairies and Hosts, Demons and Spirits by Iliketowatchanime
Of Fairies and Hosts, Demons and BrownEyedBambie
Hoshi Sohma is a girl that nobody in the guild really knows a lot about, including her surname and magic, she's secretive, more so than Mystogan himself, including the f...
  • thunderlegion
  • lucyheartfilia
  • fruitsbasket
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Fruits Basket Boyfriend Scenarios  by Honda-senpai
Fruits Basket Boyfriend Scenarios by Honda-senpai^^
First fruits basket book I'm doing. I hope you like it.
  • fruitsbasket
  • momijisohma
  • manga
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