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The new guy and the boss (Shigadabi!) by shiggytomurashiga
The new guy and the boss ( Shigaraki_Tomura
Hey guys! This is my first ever story so it might not be the best!
We Meet Again (Shigadabi) by Ava_Girl8
We Meet Again (Shigadabi)by I Am A Secret
None Of The Art In The Story Is Mine (No idea for a description) It's about some of the LOV going to rehab That's it, I know it's bad, but I'll update it when I get more...
Shigaraki x Dabi {} Trigger Warning {} very gay  by Cyberproxykitty
Shigaraki x Dabi {} Trigger I ate your grandma
Shigarakis mind is an abyss of insanity and pain. His touched starved self constantly blocking himself off from everybody, his emotions festering inside, clawing their w...
Out Of All People. (ShigaDabi) by y0ur_p3t_rat
Out Of All People. (ShigaDabi)by ???
So this is actually my first story! I really hope you like it, I don't have much to say if I'm being completely honest, but thank you to my amazing friend for encouragin...
Villan Deku's Hot Prize by TheRedRaven02
Villan Deku's Hot Prizeby TheRedRaven02
Deku breaks mentally after Bakugo bullies him so much. He decides to turn to his villianous side as he starts causing trouble. Instead of making the world pay there is o...
Touch Starved [ COMPLETED ] by b00ts_with_the_fur
Touch Starved [ COMPLETED ]by —
MHA FanFic Shigaraki is the the leader of the League of Villains, and is now also the leader of the Paranormal Liberation Front as well. He's got a lot on his plate, he'...
The Villains Child by BlackLivesMatter321
The Villains Childby StereoSystem
Inko welcomed a child into the world, naming him Izuku. Despite her love for him, she struggled with disappointment when the doctor revealed he would be born without a q...
just random oneshot smut scenarios of my favorite villains from mha. art I do not own nor the characters. horikoshi owns these characters.
Mha Shorts (Will Not Be Continued) by KilljoySimp
Mha Shorts (Will Not Be Continued)by Killjoy Simp
Contains -Smut -Angst -Comfort -Fluff Usually will be mlm, since I myself am a gay guy so it's just easier to write Ships Most Likely To Be Seen - Aizawa x All Might - A...
Till Death Do We Part by KingCremation
Till Death Do We Partby I write stuff
Shigaraki is being sent off by his sensei to marry some stranger from the Fire Kingdom. He is supposed to marry Touya Todoroki or as he calls himself Dabi. The marriage...
Shigadabi Oneshots by KingCremation
Shigadabi Oneshotsby I write stuff
A bunch of oneshots I wrote for my favorite ship Shigadabi. Updates: Monday and Friday #1 in Shigaraki x Dabi 10/31/21
✨ShigaDabi✨Little shigarki by Littlespaceanime
✨ShigaDabi✨Little shigarkiby Sfw storys
Shigaraki is a little but no one knows,Till one day dabi walked in his room after both him and Dabi had a big argument.They usually bad arguments so what was so differen...
Villain rehab katsuki bakugou⚠️dekubaku/bakudeku⚠️ by -YourLocal_Freak-
Villain rehab katsuki bakugou⚠️ -YourLocal_Freak-
"Go take a swan dive off the roof pf the building and pray for a quirk in your next life..." Katsuki deeply regretted those words, it was mainly because izuku...
Just Classmates......  by Blake-Chan123
Just Classmates...... by BlakeorWhite123 Yıldırım
This will be in a AU where they all go to a villain school like the opposite UA....... both Dabi and Chisaki have feelings for tomura and will fight for it Warnings; -Ma...
The Last Shimura (A Shigadabi Story) by Biscuit_Chan
The Last Shimura (A Shigadabi COOKIES R NICE
{Please Read~} QUIRKS DONT EXIST IN THIS AU The world was divided into 3 Kingdoms, each one having their own Royal Family. The 3 kingdoms all have a clan that went with...
Do It For Her |Rewrite| Dabi x Daughter Reader by MidnightStars7
Do It For Her |Rewrite| Dabi x B
"Lee put the flame thrower down!" "Sir this is a bakery not a bar" - - - Disowned by his father, left to raise his daughter on his own with the help...
The Mortal Touch (ShigaDabi family) by Korasan_
The Mortal Touch (ShigaDabi family)by Korasan_
"Listen, I have already told you at least a thousand times. I can control myself, okay? I have been living with this quirk since I was six. I know how to avoid touc...
Legacies by Tanashillie
Legaciesby Wen Ke Xig
𝒟𝑒𝓈𝒸𝓇𝒾𝓅𝓉𝒾𝑜𝓃✨ • Shigadabi fluff🖤 • « Angst implied» A canon divergence, when the Lov's only visible boss was All for One He got caught before the League kidn...