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The Confrontation (Marie X Stein Oneshot) by mJP_works
The Confrontation (Marie X Stein Mayura
The Confrontation – After the intense battle on the moon and the death of the Kishin, how is Stein going to face the new chapter of his life? Marie is pregnant and he’s...
[Nous Sommes Pareil] by MoonDahKitsu
[Nous Sommes Pareil]by KimiKitsu :3
Mery Kuronimo jeune fille de noble et meister rencontre Sanoara Saokima une fille qui arme qui vis dans un village en plein milieu de la forêt ou elle a grandit, elle em...
Soul Eater Not! The Story of Caleb by SoulEaterFanfics
Soul Eater Not! The Story of Calebby SoulEaterFanfics
Caleb Swearingen is just an average kid, likes videogames, sports and other normal things. Well maybe he isn't that normal. He has weapon blood Flowing through hi...
Soul of a hero (BnHAxOCxSoul Eater) by Anniethepainter
Soul of a hero (BnHAxOCxSoul Eater)by Anniethepainter
"Where am I?" She asked. "We're in U.A. academy, why do you ask?" The mouse responded. "Uh, yeah, Principal Nedzu it appears there's a mistake...
Soul Eater Host Club by Athena3721
Soul Eater Host Clubby Athena3721
Students from Shibusen (DWMA) go undercover to Ouran Academy to find a witch who's been stirring up some trouble. Narrowing down the search to an abandoned music room th...
Bread theif,  soul eater by lucifercupcake
Bread theif, soul eaterby lucifercupcake
Blackstar falls in love with a fellow thief who rivals the abilities of DTK and Sid I do not own soul eater ^_^
The perfect symmetrical love (Death the kid love story) by Lscutestrawberrycake
The perfect symmetrical love ( Lscutestrawberrycake
This is a story about a Shinigami girl. Her father is Satan a god of death and her mother was his weapon. Her name was Angel and she is god's daughter and a god of life...
I Hate You - Death The Kid X Reader by AmneziaGhoul
I Hate You - Death The Kid X Readerby AmneziaGhoul
I hate you. I love you. I hate that I want you. I don't want to, but there is no one else but you. You annoy me. You agitate me. You disgust me..But.. You make me feel h...
Soul Eater Requests: 1 (Death The Kid) by LuffyChanX
Soul Eater Requests: 1 (Death LuffyChanX
A series of requests about Soul Eater characters. Enjoy ^^
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Minus (Soul Eater Fanfic) by ECRiEN
Minus (Soul Eater Fanfic)by PAT ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Aside from the EAT and the NOT section, there's the MINUS Section, where flawed Weapons and awry Meisters are stuck without a suitable counterpart. They are made to stay...
Philophobia: Fear of Love (Death The Kid Fanfiction) by KiSHiNKiLLeR
Philophobia: Fear of Love (Death Grace
When a new student with a harsh childhood recives affection from Death The Kid, she does not think she can accept it without getting hurt. Can Kid show her that he is di...
A Death The Kid One Shot by LuffyChanX
A Death The Kid One Shotby LuffyChanX
A small collection of one shots including the insane antics of one symmetry obsessed guy and the poor gal at the receiving end.
Flames of Desire (A Soul Eater Fanfiction) by dragongirl03
Flames of Desire (A Soul Eater Dragongirl03
Flames enveloped the young girl's home. The orange tongues were merciless. They devoured the entire building, and her parents. The fire was an accident, they said. The s...
My Summer Lover~(Female! Crona x Kid(republished!)) by aurorabluez12
My Summer Lover~(Female! Crona x aurorabluez123
Okay you may find this story at another wattpad account but hey that's my first account so don't @ me or yell at me. I'm just redoing this story on this account cause I...