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Undeniably Yours by GINgoldstein
Undeniably Yoursby GINgoldstein
Set after the defeat of the black organization, Haibara works herself out to finish the antidote. What will become of her relationship with Conan? What will happen when...
  • shinichi
  • aicon
  • haibaraai
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|| CLAIRVOYANT || The Promised Neverland Norman x Reader by SweetKisserDreamer
|| CLAIRVOYANT || The Promised Mikkidea💮
[CONTAINS SPOILED PLOTS & CURRENTLY REVISING] "I just only want to see everyone tomorrow with those big warmth smiles on their face. " -(Y/N) :(Your desired tw...
  • anime
  • xreader
  • yakusokunoneverland
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Nerd Threats the Bad Boy by mtfking
Nerd Threats the Bad Boyby ♕
(BOOK #1 of the HS Series) I see him. I see him just across the hallways. Him clutching a poor innocent's shirt raising him up with his back against the lockers. And her...
  • drugs
  • boyxboy
  • ethan
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Supernatural Sherry Diaries (A Supernatural/The Vampire Diaries Crossover) by Cutie576
Supernatural Sherry Diaries (A Sherry
Sherry is a normal 21 year old (or at least everyone thinks she is) until she finds out the truth about her best friend Sam Winchester and his dorky brother Dean when sh...
  • salvatore
  • sherry
  • rebekah
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Comeback (The Karate Kid 2010) Cheng X OC by IhavaNofriends
Comeback (The Karate Kid 2010) IhavaNofriends
Haruhi Aida, a 14 year old girl moves back to Beijing, China with her family for her families company. There she meets a certain boy, her pass bully.... Read to find out...
  • xiao
  • violin
  • sherry
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Confused Feelings (CoAi Story) by SieHan
Confused Feelings (CoAi Story)by Sie
Previously Number 1 On These Tags -Shinichi -Shiho -Kaito -Heiji Yes, basically my main characters LMAO. Haibara Ai and Edogawa Conan or Shiho/Sherry and Shinichi's Fan...
  • kaitoxakako
  • heiji
  • detective
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The Promise Of A Lifetime ☆彡 The Promised Neverland x Reader 彡 ☆ by KuroNeko_Hime
The Promise Of A Lifetime ☆彡 The Reader 👌
Description coming soon cause I'm lazy :/ Disclaimer! I do not own The Promised Neverland, it's written by Kaiu Shirai and illustrated by Posuka Demizu! This is only a f...
  • tpn
  • don
  • readerinsert
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Lyon X OC/Reader. by ashdarkangel
Lyon X OC/ ashdarkangel
Yuki Sakura, a mysterious girl of Lamia Scale has caught the eyes of Lyon and his team. She's silent. Keeps her distance. And powerful. Yuki Sakura is incredibly powerfu...
  • emotions
  • lyonxoc
  • ooba
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short story: kuch iss tarah by overthinking019
short story: kuch iss tarahby krishna
"I'm sorry, I can't marry with you, tumne mujhe time diya tha, tumhe haan bolne ke liye, aur maine tumhe haan kaha tha, tab mujhe nahi pata tha, last moment par muj...
  • ramkapoor
  • fiction
  • india
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The Perfect Nightmare (A Vampire Diaries and The Originals Crossover) by Cutie576
The Perfect Nightmare (A Vampire Sherry
A fan of the Vampire Diaries and the Originals wakes up as Hayley Marshall pre-TVD but after Elena's parents die. She has Hayley's memories along with her own knowledge...
  • elena
  • elijah
  • originals
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I Know You (A Vampire Diaries Fanfiction) by Cutie576
I Know You (A Vampire Diaries Sherry
Rated #789 in Fanfiction! She is a big fan of the show The Vampire Diaries but the last thing she expects is to become a part of it. That is exactly what happens though...
  • katherine
  • klaus
  • rebekah
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My Resident Evil [CANCELLED!!!] by QuantumDrifter
My Resident Evil [CANCELLED!!!]by Quantum
(Name) (L/N) is just a man who been someplace worst then hell. From wars, to brutal zombie apocalypse. But he would never give up, no matter how strong they hit, he'll...
  • chris
  • redfield
  • jill
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"Losing you..." [Lumine x Kody] Book 2 by Tigerclaw005
"Losing you..." [Lumine x Kody] SHALTY BOIOS :3
If you wanna see book 1 it's in Lumine funny! Also if you wanna vote on the story that would be great! (if you don't :P I will cri T~T jk jk jk jk)
  • lumine
  • kody
  • aiden
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Forever Yours (AiCon) by SieHan
Forever Yours (AiCon)by Sie
The Book 2 of Confused Feelings More drama and revelations to come. Enjoy. I am so not good at story description haha. Previously NUMBER 1 ON THIS/THESE TAGS #Sonoko -Si...
  • love
  • rivalry
  • kaito
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Wendy's Little Sister (Fairy Tail OC Fanfic) *Not Edited* *Complete* by Booknerd26272
Wendy's Little Sister (Fairy Fangirl
Wendy has stories about her big sister right? But what about her little sister?
  • lyon
  • erza
  • eve
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Resident Evil 2 - The 5th Survivor (ON HOLD)  by Blake_Is_Best_Girl
Resident Evil 2 - The 5th ZaNya~su
When a city had fallen and all hope was lost, you just had to be a survivor.
  • zombie
  • residentevil
  • leon
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[Oneshot] Gió lặng by grey_chan
[Oneshot] Gió lặngby Grey chan
Tôi hận. Tôi hận con đường nơi chúng ta lần đầu tiên gặp mặt. Tôi hận em đã bước vào trái tim tôi. Tôi hận em đã bỏ lại nó hoang liêu cô độc. Rất hận... Sherry... Nhưng...
  • shiho
  • chris
  • vermouth
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Altering Life by TheWriterButMuslim
Altering Lifeby Hania Muthabakr
Kinza's life is a disaster since she can remember. She has always been a toy for her parents- for her mother to blow up on. Her father was different very different. For...
  • girl
  • sorrow
  • kinza
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Monsters Do Exist | A Lumine Fanfiction [Komine] by Topase
Monsters Do Exist | A Lumine Tabitha
[REWRITTEN BECAUSE THE ONE ON MY OLD ACCOUNT SUCKED] When Lumine has a dream in which his is eaten by the kraken, he is set on edge. It is only furthered as they head on...
  • lumine
  • campingtrip
  • kody
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Black and White >[A Lumine x Reader fanfiction]< by Kameko_Kirimiyu
Black and White >[A Lumine x Kameko_Kirimiyu
"I need to tell you guys something."I say while looking down at my feet, not wanting to face them. I don't know if it's the right time or if I should tell them...
  • catto
  • clumsy
  • doggo
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