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The Only Way || She-Ra by Small_Raging_Turtles
The Only Way || She-Raby Tadd the Turtle
Light Hope needed She-Ra and her sword to activate the Heart of Etheria. Adora wasn't going to let her have either. --- Glimmer and Catra are imprisoned on Horde Prime...
she-ra and the princesses of power › preferences and imagines by solivagvnt
she-ra and the princesses of ƚᴎvǫɒvi|oꙅ
these preferences and imagines for she-ra will include: ~ catra ~ adora ~ glimmer ~ bow ~ mermista ~ scorpia ~ perfuma ~ seahawk ~ entrapta ~ double drouble ~ kyle ~ lo...
I won't say I'm in love-CatrAdora by catradorable
I won't say I'm in love-CatrAdoraby 🐢Marisol🐢
Ahh just have this *chucks* Most impressive rankings: #6 in bow #24 in side #2 in she-ra #45 in kyle #1 in mermista #39 in lesbianfiction #7 in shera #1 in Frosta #8 in...
Don't You Get it? (Catra x Reader) by Elegantly_Sad
Don't You Get it? (Catra x Reader)by Elegantly_Sad
After being taken from your village (no you are not a princess) you are held captive by the Horde. When you wake up you meet Catra. She seems to hate you at first but, a...
Nothing Cliché ~ Catradora by Ash-Did-A-Thing
Nothing Cliché ~ Catradoraby Ash :)
Post Season 5 After Horde Prime was defeated, life resumes as it should have done a long time ago. But scars take time to fade. As the Best Friend Squad navigate a new...
After The War by MattieG246
After The Warby MattieG
We know how She-ra and the princesses defeated Prime and took victory, but what happened that night after they took victory? This is an old fanfic i wrote earlier this y...
Sty Fr Th Ftr; Catradora High School Au by pebble_life
Sty Fr Th Ftr; Catradora High ur moms favorite
COVER ART IS NOT MINE Ms Weavers foster home has never been a place for happy memories. Only that didn't matter because as long as Catra and Adora stuck together, nothi...
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My Thoughts on She-Ra 2018 by JoyeEverett715
My Thoughts on She-Ra 2018by Joye Everett
Welcome, fandom nerd. I've now taken the plunge on more obscure fandoms and this time I'm back with a book about my thoughts on the Netflix 2018 version of She-Ra.
Brightmoon High (a catradora fanfic) by Hollow_Widow13
Brightmoon High (a catradora Hollow_Widow13
This is a fan fiction of catradora in high school, Adora is transferred from Greyskull High, and Catra is from Horde High (also there's a bit of smut in this)
Walking Disaster by little_red1458
Walking Disasterby Little Red ★
"Catra... what have you done... why'd you do this to yourself?!" I kept looking down at the ground, not because I wanted to hide the fact that there were tears...
It's finally over, but what now?~a She Ra fanfiction by DumbassJockGF
It's finally over, but what now? less depressed cause she ra
This takes place right after the end of S5. Catra and Adora have just started their romantic relationship, the heart of Etheria has been destroyed and the magic restore...
Glimbow by adrienette_tlagg
Glimbowby Connverse weeb
1.i have not completely finished the full series I have to finish season 5 so don't hate if I don't have some stuff 100% correct ok ok
She ra oneshots and Headcanons  by DumbassJockGF
She ra oneshots and Headcanons by less depressed cause she ra
ONESHOTS AND HEADCANONS!!! Requests are very welcome I won't write smut tho rn (might change) and yeahhh have fun reading :D
her~ glimmer + reader (gender neutral) by fa1ryev1e
her~ glimmer + reader (gender evie <3
cute love story between you and glimmer along with all your friends in brightmoon you, glimmer, adora, bow and all the others are friends, you go on missions and you slo...
Hey Adora~ by stillmadatvoltron
Hey Adora~by robin
catradora one shots because I love these two disaster lesbians. Catra X Adora
🎀🐁//SHE RA ONESHOTS by hwoodieboy
🎀🐁//SHE RA ONESHOTSby %♡︎-💊♡︎!? M0TH !?♡💊-♡︎%
hihi ! what i write : <3 - literally anything that comes to mind. - any ships in she-ra...ANY! - fluff n angst, you've come to the right place. - a bunch of mumbo jum...
She-Ra & the pop | catra x adora by preppyphsych
She-Ra & the pop | catra x adoraby ✧felicity✧
entrapta falls for catra, and reaches out to catra's ex best friend for advice. adora, seemingly moved on agrees, but once she's sucked back into catra's loop, she reali...