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So It Ended Up Like This, Huh? (A Damien Haas x Reader Fan Fiction) by _-ori17-_
So It Ended Up Like This, Huh? ( ♛ ❀ ᴉ ɹ o ❀ ♛
Starting out with just a meet and greet at Vidcon, ended up getting a chance of working for Smosh. Not to mention, a chance getting to hang out with your favorite member...
The Three Laws of Motion [Damien Haas, Shayne Topp, Ian Hecox] by GeneralEyes
The Three Laws of Motion [Damien Amy ✨
First: an object in motion stays in motion and an object at rest stays at rest unless acted upon by an unbalanced force. Damien Haas had to learn that lesson the hard wa...
hold my hand~ by fredperez28
hold my hand~by fredperez28
basically strangers to one another aside from their unknown feelings, two boys get assigned to one another during a partner project for a photography class, and capture...
See You at Seven [Shayne Topp] by GeneralEyes
See You at Seven [Shayne Topp]by Amy ✨
Shayne Robert Topp: psychology graduate, a hilariously loving member of the Smosh family, and at the top of his game. At 28, there was so much to life that he held in hi...