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treat you better ⇢ lashton✓ by CRazyMofo137
treat you better ⇢ lashton✓by 𝐛𝐨𝐭𝐭𝐨𝐦!𝐚𝐬𝐡™
[complete] "i know that i can treat you better than he can." where ashton is in a abusive relationship and luke thinks he can treat ashton better [luke!19 | as...
  • shortstory
  • ashtonirwin
  • shawnmendez
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Shawn Mendes// sex slave  by xxxkeeksxxx
Shawn Mendes// sex slave by xxxkeeksxxx
Kiara was an ordinary girl who lived a simple life until one day her life changed forever and got turned up side down.
  • mendez
  • shawn
  • shawnmendez
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Let's be parents ( a fifth harmony kidfic) by ElizabehDanvers
Let's be parents ( a fifth ElizabehDanvers
Au Camila never left the group until they all went their own way, but they are BFFs. They all took on acting. This story will follow there life's as celebrity parents. O...
  • vally
  • larry
  • norminah
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Me, You And Us(#flowers2018) by vickixcx
Me, You And Us(#flowers2018)by Lakpah Victoria
Warning mature content. 18 and above. Read at your own risk "You left me Chris and I hate you" "You can't hate me, you're the cheating whore Andrea "...
  • hot
  • flowers2018
  • sweetdreamer33
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If I can't have you by Luna_Gold_Night
If I can't have youby Lovely_Besson
-In which a girl is best friends with a guy but was not clearly sure where they stood OR -In which a guy fell in love but isn't sure if t...
  • shawnpeterraulmendez
  • karlacamilacabelloestrabao
  • sprm
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Easy Challenge  by gendeleon100
Easy Challenge by Genydl
Hrvy tries the new girl since he's always gotten all the girls but who know if he can get this girl.
  • shawnmendez
  • keriseavey
  • zachherron
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Adopted by Shawn Mendes by Selene794
Adopted by Shawn Mendesby Selene794
A teenage girl that has been in a orphanage for several years is being lonely and more without making friends and having goals of traveling all around the world... Well...
  • selenagomez
  • romance
  • dylanobrien
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Trouble | Shawn Mendes by rxsewolf
Trouble | Shawn Mendesby rxsewolf🥀
Katie, a 19 year old scholarship girl falls in love with the most popular boy in school, Shawn Mendes. She's no match for him, but will he love her back?
  • fuckboy
  • collage
  • collagestories
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Falling for you in this World (Cameron Dallas/Zombie Apocalypse) by MasonGurrl
Falling for you in this World ( Mason
I haven't seen many stories with the Magcon boys in a zombie apocalypse so I decided to write one. Might be cool right?Please Check it Out!!!! Thanks! ~This is a complet...
  • camerondallas
  • teenfiction
  • romance
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~ Latin Sass: A Shawmila Fanfic  ~ (discontinued) by 5harequeens
~ Latin Sass: A Shawmila Fanfic 5hAreQueens
Camila cabello and her besties all move to canada to attend the same college, Camila and Dinah being a year younger then the rest of the girls are still minors and there...
  • humor
  • cabello
  • college
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Magcon sexslave by camisbaeasf
Magcon sexslaveby Camerondallaisbæ
  • camerondallas
  • shawnmendez
  • hayesgrier
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 Old Friend///Daniel Seavey by Immariamatias
Old Friend///Daniel Seaveyby Maria Seavey
Lillian Mendes grew up with Daniel , they were best friends, they grew feelings for each other. What happens when Daniel left to follow his dreams. Will ya meet again? W...
  • danielseavey
  • whydontwefanfictions
  • maddieziegler
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magcon gc and me by tillierosa
magcon gc and meby papi 💸💸
unknown added you to the chat! unknown: gray's number ended in 24 right? unknown: right? unknown: i added the wrong number guys 🤦🏽‍♂️
  • nashgrier
  • jackandjack
  • magcon
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Amnesia (Book #1 in the Shallison Series)-Completed by muffinmendes15
Amnesia (Book #1 in the MuffinsforShawn✌
A Shawn Mendes Fanfic (COMPLETED). Allison and Shawn are best friends. They are walking in the park one day when something tragic happens. Allison is in a coma. When sh...
  • shawnmendesfanfiction
  • shawnmendesshortstory
  • shawnlovesmuffins
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Song lyrics by kelan_03
Song lyricsby kelan_03
You will find alot of types, for example: anime, pop, and others xD. And they will have the names so you can find it in youtube. Soo, have a good day! They will all be m...
  • shawnmendez
  • singers
  • harrystyles
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A Prayer for Shawn Mendes by livelove_books_4ever
A Prayer for Shawn Mendesby Waffles
Follow this riveting tale of faith and belief as beloved singer, Shawn Mendes, learns to live after being attacked by a Canadian gang, the Gold Dagger. Shawn must overco...
  • shawnmendez
  • zendayaxshawn
  • danger
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when to say goodbye by tautstrings
when to say goodbyeby i r i d e r e m i a
shawn mendes is suffering through a big time memory loss and couldn't recall anything - his best friends, his character, how to play ice hockey or his incredibly hot and...
  • victoriajustice
  • memory
  • shawnmendez
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Living my life with Shawn Mendez  by MelxSoft
Living my life with Shawn Mendez by MelxSoft
This is a story about you, y/n. Living with the star Shawn Mendez.
  • fanfiction
  • lovestory
  • shawnmendez
Please Daddy ( Shawn Mendez fanfic) by alexia_mc1
Please Daddy ( Shawn Mendez fanfic)by alexia_mc1
  • fanfic
  • shawnmendez
  • daddy
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Cytaty z piosenek i nie tylko... by black_love09
Cytaty z piosenek i nie Bożena
  • smutnecytaty
  • justinbiber
  • demilovato
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