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Shawn Mendes imagines by shawnmendes-imagines
Shawn Mendes imaginesby shawnmendes-imagines
Number 1 in #shawnmendescute as of 3/19/2019 Number 1 in #shawnmendesblurbs hot as of 3/19/2019 Imagine when you need to escape reality. Shawn Mendes is my inspiration❤️...
𝐈𝐌𝐀𝐆𝐈𝐍𝐄𝐒. shawn mendes by toms-gf
𝐈𝐌𝐀𝐆𝐈𝐍𝐄𝐒. shawn mendesby 𝘬
━ 𝐌𝐄𝐍𝐃𝐄𝐒. 『 imagines of shawn mendes that i got mainly from tumblr or ao3 bcs i'm uncreative lol 』 © tumblr and ao3
Shawn Mendes Cute/Smut Imagines  by perfectlywrongmendes
Shawn Mendes Cute/Smut Imagines by :)
Shawn Mendes cute and smut imagines
Shawn Mendes Imaginesss by daniellemendex
Shawn Mendes Imaginesssby Danielle
It doesn't hurt to imagine, especially when it's about Shawn :*) *requests are open!! (and encouraged)* contains cute, sad, random, and smut imagines :)
Shawn mendes imagines by hiplikemendes
Shawn mendes imaginesby Jordynn?
Imagines. Just imagines about a beautiful canadian boy and you!
Were it begins  by shawnmendes-imagines
Were it begins by shawnmendes-imagines
PROLOGUE: Y/n is 17 and lives in Seattle Washington. She used to live in Toronto for 7 years but then moved to Atlanta Georgia, from there she moved to Seattle because o...
Cute/smut book :-) by yaboimendes
Cute/smut book :-)by yaboimendes
Just a book I decided to make with some smuts and some cute ones :))) hope y'all enjoy. - G ☁️🌻✨
Shawne Mendes dating my best freind by _elio_oliver_
Shawne Mendes dating my best freindby Ella
Sad deep romantic love stories great for reading in the middle of the night
Shawn mendes imagines by tarynallen123
Shawn mendes imaginesby Dolans babe❤️
This is a book mixed with cute, dirty, sad, and happy imagines. If your reading this I want you to message me and tell me what imagine idea you want please!! I love you...
wont let go - shawn mendes by wigmendes
wont let go - shawn mendesby popshawn
The story of a girl who's been in a torn apart relationship for two years with a man who made her feel useless. Her best friend Shawn helps her get out it, eventually s...
Inspiration [S.M] by 1998muffinshawn
Inspiration [S.M]by Shawnmendesmuffin
In which a normal girl falls in love with a Canadian Singer. She didn't even know that he was famous. But is their love strong enough to keep it? Or is the pressure to m...
It all started at Calvin by yaboimendes
It all started at Calvinby yaboimendes
"I'm into you Shawn" "But.. Ava." "Sorry I.. just pretend I didn't say anything" ^^^^ there's a little teaser ;)
The Text by mendesbean98
The Textby Mendesbean
20 year old Marley Maxwell thought she was texting the random boy she met last night. But maybe this could end up being even better. Marley lost both of her parents bef...
Dream by shawnmendes-imagines
Dreamby shawnmendes-imagines
17 year old y/n moves to Toronto because of her dads job she finds it hard being in a new town. She plays guitar and piano, and loves writing books. When she meets her i...