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due date // s.m by mendessi
due date // s.mby (:
what happens after a one night stand in toronto between two strangers?
  • mendes
  • jackjohnson
  • magcon
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The boy who sneaks in my bedroom window (Shawmila version) by Shawmila98
The boy who sneaks in my bedroom Shawmila
  • shamila
  • shawnmila
  • camilacabello
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S.M.|| Bad Reputation - Shawn Mendes Fanfiction by ShawnsGirl8
S.M.|| Bad Reputation - Shawn MrsMendes
Ihre Vergangenheit ist unbekannt. Ihre Zukunft unsicher und ihr Leben die Hölle. Ihr Ruf ist nicht gerade der Beste. Doch zum Glück beschließt der Neue hinter die Fas...
  • liebe
  • gewalt
  • vergangenheit
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Thank You David Dobrik by lostindobrik
Thank You David Dobrikby 𝙲
Addison Torres is a big time fan of Shawn Mendes. When David Dobrik, Addison's best friend, couldn't get her tickets to a show something better came up. OC with David D...
  • zanehijazi
  • shawnpeterraulmendes
  • singer
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random spanking one-shots by 372372jj
random spanking one-shotsby talija
shawn mendes, peter parker, why don't we and more... :) request your own in the dm's ❤
  • cute
  • fluff
  • punishment
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2 | NUDES. ▹ 𝙃𝘼𝙍𝙍𝙄𝙎𝙊𝙉 𝙊𝙎𝙏𝙀𝙍𝙁𝙄𝙀𝙇𝘿 by steinfeldsoul
2 | NUDES. ▹ 𝙃𝘼𝙍𝙍𝙄𝙎𝙊𝙉 𝙊𝙎 ━━ 𝘼𝙣𝙣(𝙞𝙚)
𝙉𝙐𝘿𝙀𝙎 ━ ❝ all of my friend seen her naked, or so the story goes. mistakes we all make them, but they won't let it go.❞ en donde mia era una buena chica y estaba si...
  • tomholland
  • brookewilliams
  • athenamiller
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Consumed By You  |Shawn Mendes| by beautfulxdamaged_
Consumed By You |Shawn Mendes|by Yvette Marie
**Sequel to Consumed**
  • toronto
  • treatyoubetter
  • shawnpeterraulmendes
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Summer - Camren by cuddlemecamz
Summer - Camrenby Julia
Summer is Camila's favorite time of the year. Everything magical in life happens between the months of June and August. When summer begins, Camila can leave her mediocre...
  • dinahjane
  • shawmila
  • beach
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the beginning; sm by bossmendes
the beginning; smby -P
the sequel to 'one more chance' - in this, you will see how hope garcia and shawn mendes became lover. started on: 23/01/19 Highest rank; - Copyright © 2019 all rights...
  • sm3
  • mendes
  • illuminate
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Short Imagines • Shawn Mendes by inezwennermark
Short Imagines • Shawn Mendesby inezwennermark
Short imagines with Y/n and Shawn Mendes. Some may be sexier, hotter than others, just saying... All of these are up on my Instagram @ Muffin413, where I also post longe...
  • mendesarmy
  • mendes
  • imagine
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you're driving me crazy; sm by bossmendes
you're driving me crazy; smby -P
"you're driving me crazy shawn mendes." she said with a chuckle as he shrugged. he leaned in. "so do you rachel plaras." - a story where a girl moved...
  • boys
  • summermckeen
  • illuminate
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ʜɪᴅᴇᴀᴡᴀʏ ➳ sʜᴀᴡɴ ᴍᴇɴᴅᴇs by emptyaftertaste
ʜɪᴅᴇᴀᴡᴀʏ ➳ sʜᴀᴡɴ ᴍᴇɴᴅᴇsby 𝙑𝙞𝙘
Makeup is an art. But he was pure masterpiece, he was my hide away. ➳Started; 01/27/19 ➳Finished; ➳Highest ranking; #87 in shawnpeterraulmendes #34 in mendes
  • handwritten
  • shawnpeterraulmendes
  • mendesarmy
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Shawn Mendes Pregnancy Series by shawnmendesandthings
Shawn Mendes Pregnancy Seriesby MJ
Well, like it says in the title, this will be a pregnancy series with Shawn Mendes. The way I've written it, he's your husband but you can imagine he's your boyfriend...
  • shawnpeterraulmendes
  • babybump
  • shawnmendes
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Multi Fandom Imagines  by -BLINDEDPLANS-
Multi Fandom Imagines by ;)
ABOUT imagines on any celebrities or anyone else you want. STARTED: 1/20/19 ENDED: N/A
  • love
  • brandonarreaga
  • band
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Celebrity Group Chat 2 by Steinfeldsstyle
Celebrity Group Chat 2by Steinfan♡️
You guys asked for it and I'm going to give you what you want! Not all of the celebs will be in this one, because I sometimes forget who I put in lol.
  • haileybieber
  • haileesteinfeld
  • shawmila
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stranger •  jack gilinsky by heart-strings1
stranger • jack gilinskyby heart-strings1
i never anticipated getting married at the age of 19, and especially to a guy i have never met. he was a STRANGER to me. will karter learn to love the stranger, the str...
  • arranged
  • camerondallas
  • jackgilinskyimagines
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Back to the corner » C.C × You by -HiHoeMie-
Back to the corner » C.C × Youby cabehoe
❝ When your heart starts to wonder where on earth I could be. You will see me waiting for you at the corner of our street. ❞
  • gxg
  • camila
  • ghost
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Divine | Tom Holland [Social Media] by LewisLovesSpidey
Divine | Tom Holland [Social Media]by House_Of_Lord_Tyrell
King and Tom Harleen-Holland have been happily married for nearly a year and continue to stay strong through the filming of the second Spider-Man movie, however, jugglin...
  • angelasher
  • mçu
  • gay
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4 Overprotective Stepbrothers by delaniestewart
4 Overprotective Stepbrothersby delaniestewart
Malibu Johnson is a 17 year old, she is very athletic and smart. She is practically an outsider. There is a group of 4 boys who every girl except Malibu swoon over. The...
  • overprotective
  • shawnmendes
  • stepbrother