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The Shinobi Hero: Tobi by M_H_M_E
The Shinobi Hero: Tobiby M_H_M_E
Soo,uhh. This is my first time writing. but imagine our little cinnamon roll with the power of one of my favorite anime characters: Tobi yeah. That's basically it Also I...
The Acrimony Anomaly [Naruto Fanfic] by AnimeKittyKat
The Acrimony Anomaly [Naruto AnimeKittyKat
Madara was dead, deader than dead. Probably the most deadest person ever to make as many mistakes and regrets as he had. And how fate liked to play him. The most powerfu...
Hidden Uchiha (Itachi's daughter// Naruto Fan-fiction) by p3nguin___
Hidden Uchiha (Itachi's p3nguin___
Ikeri Uchiha is the daughter of Itachi Uchiha and Amiki Uchiha. She was born 4 years before the Uchiha Massacre. Her mother, Amiki died during her birth, due to blood lo...
To Fix Many Mistakes by sociopath68
To Fix Many Mistakesby sociopath68
Naruto Travels back in time when Hiruzen is Hokage to fix stuff that don't lead up to the Eye of the Moon Plan The events take place after Second Shinobi War and 2 Yea...
Naruto Uzumaki Hatake by Onade123
Naruto Uzumaki Hatakeby AnimeGuy
Please bear with me in the early chapters. I get better later. What if Kakashi adopted naruto? (a few days after the Kyuubi attack) What if naruto was friends with Itach...
Holy Crap I'm Sasuke! by DrakeMercer
Holy Crap I'm Sasuke!by Styyx Uchiha
What would you do if you woke up to find yourself in the body of Sasuke Uchiha from the anime Naruto? Join me on my adventure as I completely screw with the time line, a...
Reincarnated into the world of Naruto by onetim3 by johanalpas
Reincarnated into the world of johan alpas
Reincarnated into the world of Naruto by onetim3 »Izaya. Karasuma Izaya. I was a spy working for the UN on a top secret mission when someone sold me out. Seriously? I ha...
Obito's Redemption Story (CURRENTLY EDITING FIRST 15 CHAPTERS OR SO.) by yaboyassassin
Obito's Redemption Story ( Obito Uchiha
Starting From Naruto To Explode Weapons by Exalted_Rogue
Starting From Naruto To Explode Rogue_Adz
T/N: Reincarnating into the World of Naruto, and waking up finding yourself participating in the Battle of Kikyo Pass isn't exactly a good experience. Naturally, our MC...
Black clover: UNYILDING EYES  by animepander
Black clover: UNYILDING EYES by animepander
The y/n joins the magic knight's to become the wizard king but there are a lot of people that seem to have a screw lose but with his all seeing SHAINGAN EYES and with h...
Advent Of The Low Key Prodigy  by ClownOfEntropy
Advent Of The Low Key Prodigy by MagicClown
Itami Uchiha, a reincarnated youth originally from the modern world remembering his painful past filled with suffering tries to find his place in the world of naruto The...
True Bonds (Sasuke FanFiction) by Sage4600
True Bonds (Sasuke FanFiction)by Sage-san
Uchiha Sasuke goes on hard missions with his teammates, improving himself as well as learning new jutsu, finding bonds he can cherish along the way. A Sasuke FanFic x Sa...
The Windows to the Soul (Madara Uchiha x Fairy Tail) by Spector45
The Windows to the Soul (Madara Spector45
Madara Uchiha. The Destroyer, the Savior, the Shinobi of Legend.... Fairy Tail. The most chaotic and destructive Guild in Earthland, the greatest Guild in Earthland...
Grace: A Naruto Fanfiction by Qwakexo
Grace: A Naruto Fanfictionby Cakexo
"I'm just the Son of a Hero and Grandson of a God." Just after he was born, he was taken, kidnapped from the village named Konoha. And since then, he was raise...
Naruto Otsutsuki by Khemender
Naruto Otsutsukiby Khemender Rishi
When doctors of konoha tried to kill Naruto Uzumaki but instead gave him something which will give him power to become to powerful than rest of the shinobi world. Let's...
Madara X Date A Live by RyconAX
Madara X Date A Liveby King Rycon
MADARA UCHIHA OF ALL PEOPLE?!?!TRANSPORTED INTO THE DATE A LIVE WORLD NO LESS??? After his death during the fourth great ninja war he was mysteriously sucked to a st...
Slashed: A Naruto Fanfiction by Qwakexo
Slashed: A Naruto Fanfictionby Cakexo
"Funny isn't it, Sasuki? With our backgrounds, our roles could've been easily reversed." They were born into an accursed world full of corpses. As they continu...
Shunshin no Naruto by PreatzalGamer99
Shunshin no Narutoby Preatzal Gamer
Naruto sees a shinobi preform the Shunshin no Jutsu, and then begs the Sandaime to teach it to him. As he's training to master the Shunshin, he meets Shisui. He then get...
God's Blessing On This Wonderful Weeb! (Megumin x reader) by That1DustParticle
God's Blessing On This Wonderful Particle
"I'm not a chuunibyou. I'm just a weeaboo who has fantasies of getting isekai'd. Like, if you got isekai'd with amazing powers, wouldn't you try to act cool?" ...
The Strength of the Weak {A Naruto Fanfiction} by InfernoAeolian
The Strength of the Weak {A InfernoAeolian
The Uchiha clan - a prestigious noble clan of Konohagakure, renowned for their infamous and deadly kekkei genkai, the sharingan. Few have the honor of being born into th...