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A Good Different  (Naruto Various x reader) by B_Nara
A Good Different (Naruto Bre-chan
I do not own Naruto or the characters I only own Kai and a couple more credit goes to MASASHI KISHIMOTO!!! UNDER HEAVY UPDATING (bc of school) #1 in #narutovariousxread...
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Toddler itachi by DJ360X
Toddler itachiby DJ360X
[Currently rewriting the story] As one last chance of redemption there is no other option the only way to rid himself of his deeds he will have to die.
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The One Who Ran Away 3 by KingTatem
The One Who Ran Away 3by King Tatem
The third book of the one who ran away verse It takes place 13 years after the third season of my 2 book I can't spoil the villains but here's a hint go to the very fir...
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Kabuto's Little Imouto (A Naruto Love Story) by Noe-chan
Kabuto's Little Imouto (A Naruto Noelani Tuga
Nao was raised in an orphanage, without knowing who her parents are she grew close with a young boy a few years older than her, and without fail he became a brother figu...
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Sakuto's Story    Book 2 from Thoughts Kakashi X Reader by windonline8
Sakuto's Story Book 2 from windonline8
I am Sakuto Hatake. You may know my parents story, but you do not know mine. I have the Ketsuryugan and Sharigan. I was born with special abilities, but I am not letti...
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The Tale Of Naruto Uskmaki Sennin by puddintang54321
The Tale Of Naruto Uskmaki Senninby puddintang54321
The shigami saw greatness in naruto so he put the sage Madara hashirama minito Kami kushina And suboku hatake in him and gave him the legendary binju keys
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Naruto hermano de sasuke uchija by Mommmmmmmmmmm
Naruto hermano de sasuke uchijaby Carlos Villanueva Berros
Naruto es hermano de sasuke uchija y unicos supervivientes de la masacre uchija. Juntos vengaran a su clan ( los dos se aliaran con orochimaru y no os preocupeis por sak...
99 Problems by kawaiilaylay
99 Problemsby L E M I A H
This Naruto Fanfiction this is a Naruto Revenge fanfictiom with a little turn!! *Warning* I update slower than most so yeah!
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Hidden secrets by itsokAy33
Hidden secretsby A
Saito was once part of the proud Uchiha clan until a certain massacre. With a sudden change of plans Saito ends up having to kill the very people he would die for. When...
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Keep Dreaming by SammiNeko
Keep Dreamingby Sammi
Konan is accidentally written into Obito and Madara's new world plan. In this world, Konan is now a jinchuriki. How will this affect the original plan? (Wattpad likes to...
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Eternal Darkness: Clan Origins by xXRedCloudClanXx
Eternal Darkness: Clan Originsby xXRedCloudClanXx
origin stories of the Red Cloud Clan wolf pack memberz.... WARNING MAJOR SADNESS!!!!
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The Final Uchiha by The_Uchiha_Shisui
The Final Uchihaby Shisui Uchiha
The pain... This throbbing pain. I've never felt anything like it... It feels so similar to something I have felt before...yet so unfamiliar at the same time. I try and...
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The Way He Looks At Me by Foxfelt
The Way He Looks At Meby Flame Fox
Naruto has had a crush on Sasuke for a very long time but he feels like Sasuke hates him. Sasuke too likes Naruto and one fateful night they show each other just how muc...
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