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In The Front Seat by Nattblob
In The Front Seatby N Lamptey
There's Michael and there's Yanzy... There's Shannon who finds herself trapped between best friends, and whilst getting the love and affection from Yanzy, she gets scars...
Nicca x Remy Sanders  by lukathewitch24
Nicca x Remy Sanders by Rio and Overhaul
Nicca/Shadow Joy has a crush on Remy Sanders and Remy Sanders has a crush on Nicca and the two will fall in love and will get together and this is a story about Nicca an...
Beneath The Mask by JanieTheCutieee
Beneath The Maskby Jane Aira Berlon
"You have three faces. The first face, you show to the world. The second face, you show to your close friends, and your family. The third face, you never show anyon...
Bus Station by naihnaiah
Bus Stationby Zenaiah💜
Is love at first sight possible? If it is, then it is what Shannie feel when she met Sam at the bus station.
SQUAD 08  by chrissy_xhan14
SQUAD 08 by Xhannitaaaa✨
SQUAD 08 Grupo ng walong magkakaibigan na haharapin lahat ng bagay ng sama-sama. Sila yung tipo na hindi mag-iiwanan at palaging nasa tabi ng isa't-isa. Sila ay may pin...
EMILLY  by BlueGemstone00
EMILLY by BlueGemstone00
Queen star queen of muni sent her daughter,Emilly, to earth to protect Her from the evil Side. Emilly lives With a Normal family here on earth mr. and mrs. Gomez And t...