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Fragments by Dr-Cokebottles
Fragmentsby Dr-Cokebottles
This will be a collection of random Meteor Garden oneshots to soothe my heart now that the series has ended; I cannot let go of these characters! The oneshots will mostl...
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4 Seconds to Shanghai by coexistantLilli
4 Seconds to Shanghaiby lilli
Dong Shancai is a poor commoner girl living away from her family in the suburbs of Shanghai. She's always loved to sing, but she loves her family more. And now, after Sh...
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ENTWINE :  Snippets! by sherlolly29
ENTWINE : Snippets!by Belle C
A collection of one-shots requested by readers and by yours truly. This would be stories after the Entwine timeline. ^^ Enjoy! Feel free to send in your prompts! Jiayou!
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Who cares about who? by Myhappyending95
Who cares about who?by Lucrezia
Despite the high fever, Yue decides not to take a break from the filming of Meteor Garden and faints on set. Fortunately, a great nurse takes care of her ...
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The Heart Knows- DIYUE One shots by Hsienhui1978
The Heart Knows- DIYUE One shotsby HsienHui Chin
Hi everyone! I m a first time writer here. DIYUE are the first couple I shipped after such a long time being away from watching dramas. I am inspired by the Meteor Heave...
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Prompt Me by JVH624
Prompt Meby jvh624
A space where I respond to prompts from @Dr-Cokebottles and @monicacantwrite. Also now playing are @Meggyhashope, @Zazounette86, @Daphnecs8, @rainingmeteors, @evfabrican...
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The Lost Moon [COMPLETE] by aaxbbxx
The Lost Moon [COMPLETE]by aaxbbxx
The Moon was lost, and it's up to him to guide her way back home.
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From Reel to Real  by Hsienhui1978
From Reel to Real by HsienHui Chin
100% Diyue/ Dyshen fiction. A short story. Dylan, the famous actor in China. Shen Yue, the reluctant fangirl. Will they find love in each other unexpectedly?
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Perilunes by lunarilee
Perilunesby Luna Lee
Where he is the satellite and she is the moon and these stories are the perilune. 💜💛 Plethora of brain farts I started doing over on twitter. The needed courage to mak...
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Meteor Garden Imagines by DreamPerson04
Meteor Garden Imaginesby DreamyVanessa
Meteor Garden Imagines. This can be F4 Imagines. This can be Shancai Imagines. Or others
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He Was Art 《Huaze Lei》 by chandriakun
He Was Art 《Huaze Lei》by ✍︎𝐀𝐋𝐋𝐘𝐒𝐒𝐀✍︎
"Lei, you're an art You also stole my heart But I knew it from the start We'll still be apart" Y/N was an art major student in Mingde University. She doesn't h...
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Fashion Killa by melonsrainycloudz
Fashion Killaby melon 🥰
[DiYue AU] It all started when the most handsome sophomore Dylan Wang asks out the most popular senior Shen Yue. But Shen Yue isn't your typical popular girl. She's the...
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Training Mr Right  by Hsienhui1978
Training Mr Right by HsienHui Chin
100% DYSHEN/ DIYUE short fiction. When Shen Yue, the "coach from hell" aka "Ice Queen" trains sunshine boy, supermodel of the year, Wang He Di, wha...
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Glimpses by rainingmeteors
Glimpsesby rainingmeteors
For the love of Meteor Garden 2018. Short stories initially written for the #MeteorGardenFanFicFestival on the Instagram account of @everyoutfitonmeteorgarden2018. Glimp...
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Buddy Language by mystic_gal101
Buddy Languageby mystic_gal101
This is a collection of short stories inspired by Dylan and Yue. *Confessions of a Buddy Dylan and Yue just wrapped up the filming for Meteor Garden in London. They were...
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Love and Pineapple (English) by Zazounette86
Love and Pineapple (English)by Zazounette
A collection of Meteor Garden 2018 one shots.
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A Prompt by Daphnecs8
A Promptby Daphnecs8
Jealousy (Fvcking Romance see extra folder) Perfect Babysitting Angst + a 5line angst Friends Respect Magic Spicy Cuddles Linger (1) Loyalty (2) Regret (3) Laughter (4)...
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  ▶ Meteor Garden by senpai_kiki
𝐒𝐇𝐀𝐓𝐓𝐄𝐑 𝐌𝐄 ▶ Meteor senpai
打碎了我 ❝ sometimes for something to be truly reborn, it needs to be destroyed first. ❞
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Imagine if... by evfabricando
Imagine evfabricando
Here's where I'll be adding one-shots of MG scene redo's or extending scenes, as well as drabbles and ficlets to give us a deeper story/understanding. Some will be mult...
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One More Girl [Huaze Lei] by HanHan_Hyeri
One More Girl [Huaze Lei]by Xiao Ling
In which there is Shanchai played by Shenyue as the main character but also one more person that ends up with Huaze Lei.
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