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Can You Mend My Heart.  by ilovereadingstoriess
Can You Mend My Heart. by ShamaKhuvahish.
~Its not a Fan fiction. Its my fiction story. And not a fan fiction. ---------------- "I am sorry." He said and left the room. Sound of the door closing echoed...
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Parinay (by Basanti) by Ipkknd-FanFictions
Parinay (by Basanti)by Ipkknd Arshi
She wasn't sure how she was supposed to feel or behave tonight or for that matter in the coming days. At the age of twenty one, she had absolutely no plans of getting ma...
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Heart Wants What It Wants - SANDHIR current shot ❤️ by AntaraSharma
Heart Wants What It Wants - AntaraSharma
Backdrop : Randhir Singh Shekhawat and Sanyukta Agarwal fell in love back in college! They stuck through each other during the hardest of times and literally went throug...
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Can You Mend My Heart~English Translated Version (On Hold)... by ilovereadingstoriess
Can You Mend My Heart~English ShamaKhuvahish.
~Its not a Fan fiction. Its my fiction story. -------------- "I am sorry." He said and left the room. Sound of the door closing echoed in the silent room. &qu...
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Abhi Shanaya's Love❤️SOTY by MimiSaysni01
Abhi Shanaya's Love❤️SOTYby Mimi Sarkar
in this 10 Year what happened to Abhi Sanaya love Story how they get married how they expresse there love . what they can show on film because Abhi Shanaya connection wa...
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hate💔 you👆BFF💙 by sonampandeyhere
hate💔 you👆BFF💙by goldengirl 🥀
..u know what shanaya ... i hate you... u snatched my bestfreind away from me....she cried ... but randhir loves u .. and i love him more then myself and i can give up a...
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Mine Forever✔️ by Doraemon_creations
Mine Forever✔️by Liveityourway
Karan(huskily) : Be Mine Forever.. Preeta looked at him. Both share an eyelock.
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You're made for me by menaka92
You're made for meby menaka92
Shayam Mathur A billionaire business man. Kind at heart but cold towards the one who messes with him. He shows them no mercy. But something unusual happens when a rando...
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All Ab♡ut L♡ve by -peacefulness-
All Ab♡ut L♡veby NamZa
After Sudo's outburst, everyone went on their own paths. No one had contact with anyone. But Shanaya was in search for her love of life, Abhimanyu. She had taken a break...
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KISMAT KONNECTION by monu-unique
Neither friends... Nor enemies ... Just two strangers with loads of memories ...... BUT DOES destiny ever help them ..MEET SIDDHARTH.. Oops.. Siddharth
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Kaisi Yeh Yaariaan ( KYY Series #1)  by Sumaitasomething
Kaisi Yeh Yaariaan ( KYY Series Sumaitasomething
This story has gone to #Wattys2019 This is my 2nd story on wattpad. It's about " a journey of love " and also about " a journey of friendship. "This...
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VarShra SS: We Are Meant To Be Together.....[Editing] by Zaina_Falak
VarShra SS: We Are Meant To Be Zaina
VarShra SS Cast: Varun Dhawan as Rohan Singhania. Shraddha Kapoor as Rhea Sharma. Siddharth Malhotra as Abhimanyu Mehra Alia Bhat as Shanaya Kapoor.
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Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge [COMPLETED] by dezertroze
Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge [ dezertroze
#123 Bollywood 14/5/18 Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge...The brave hearted will take the bride... "20th October 1995...History was created...Story refined love...for ge...
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Dreamland Of SaJan [Sam & Gunjan One Shots]. by ZuZu_028
Dreamland Of SaJan [Sam & Gunjan Cute Vampire🤣
Heya guys!! This book is made Specially SaJan Fans that is Samrat and Gunjan of Miley jab Hum Tum die heart fans. One shots on SaJan Will be posted here. Though MJHT e...
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Happily ever after by AQ2393
Happily ever afterby Ayla Aq
Basically this is a story about two lovers who fell in love with each other. but during this periods alot of hurdle came in their way and how they got rid from it you w...
HIS LOVE (COMPLETED) by Thepeaceful_soul
HIS LOVE (COMPLETED)by Thepeaceful_soul
just a fanfiction story about all my favourite characters.
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Single by riaangs
Singleby Anonymous
In the language of poetry,where every word is weighed,nothing usual or normal. Not a single stone and not a single could above it. Not a single day and not a single nigh...
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Love sayings by sonaligomez
Love sayingsby sonaligomez
Love has no limits
Bangtan Jokes by lavarinosophia
Bangtan Jokesby Sophia Rose Pama Lavarino
Compilation of Joke's (Halata naman!) Joke Onleh!
Its a Love story.Of Randhir and Sanyukta which together name SANDHIR!!! Randhir is arrogant boy nobody is allow to enter his heart and Sanyukta started loving him.Will s...
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