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HER SHAM LIFE || K.TH ✔ [FEATURED] by Mrskimjeona
"Are you still mad at me? How about I make it up to you tonight..." Taehyung's existence was enough to drown her wildly. And she craved for more and more of...
The Relationship Sham by fromimgland
The Relationship Shamby Nicole
Kent Jackson and Emily Crawford were practically friends back then in Pre-school. They were playmates, lunch buddies, and every thing that friends do. But all of a sudde...
Tape me please [Sero x Reader] by tesco_time
Tape me please [Sero x Reader]by Tesco
Like it says in the title it's a Sero x Reader. I won't put much here because I don't want to give too much away, so have fun!!! This story is dedicated to @shamwash
An accidental glitch. ..(Completed) by arulpirai
An accidental glitch. ..(Completed)by arulpirai
a shraman short story. ..give a chance you'll defenetly love it. .. Cover credit @AdhyaAzad
My Sham Marriage  by Caell26
My Sham Marriage by Caell
Everything was perfect until the long awaited wedding night and then I realised that my entire two years spent with my future spouse was a sham. A properly laid out pla...
Secretariat by RiverPanther
Secretariatby Jane
The greatest racehorse who ever lived was Secretariat. He won the Triple Crown championship on 6 June 1973 by 31 horse-lengths and his victory still hasn't been approach...
My Life With The Aliens by ShamKouli
My Life With The Aliensby Sham Kouli
( Complete👍 ) Hey Guys! Read this story about two aliens landing in a temple which is the house of a boy and a girl who won't get enough of quarreling . Thanks to Miyu...
I moved new to the city by _Ayah_Styles_
I moved new to the cityby Harry's Pikachu
لماذا ياقدري؟؟ فقط أردته هو لما الجميع يريد سلبه مني جورج: ها أنا هنا لقد عدت لماذا عدت؟؟ أنا لدي حبيب الآن جورج: ولكنني عدت هاري: حبيبتي أ نذهب؟؟ جورج: ولك...
Poetry by AubzKabobs13
Poetryby Aubz
Poetry that I have written over the years. I will add on others as I go...
Your life is a joke, mines a sham. by Deelicia
Your life is a joke, mines a Deelicia
The story of my life and ways to get by when your life is a sham.
The Disillusioned Earthbound Human: A Tragedy by RBarron
The Disillusioned Earthbound Robert Barron
This is Part 1 of a multi part explanation as to man's behavior on his floating rock he has cleverly dubbed Earth. This piece dispels many universally accepted theories...
if you read this title you confirm you are over the age of 0 months by big-dick-energy
if you read this title you mood
this book was a sham you've been robbed
ātashè del - am. by 108880
ātashè del - lostsoul
I saw Angel's turning into demons, I have experienced what goes into two worlds, I fed my soul both evil and good, My soul tasted every flavor. I saw universe swirling...
Songs For A Silent Revolution. by DamnedGirl
Songs For A Silent Alex
Everyone has his/her own soundtrack. This is mine. Join my trip to the 60's, 70's, 80's. Sex, Drugs, and Rock 'n' Roll.
Sham Gods by CyclopsTiger
Sham Godsby CyclopsTiger
This isn't a story, or stories with a fixed plot; I use this series as a way of world-building. This does mean that I eventually will create some bigger, planned out st...